The Invincible Big Shot Is About To Be Born Chapter 4 He Is Absolutely Mortal

Translator: Aida Hanabi Editor: Mystified

“Young Master Zheng Yue!”

“Princess Tai Yan!” Lu Xiaoyu was surprised.

In the Wuji Dynasty, Zheng Yue of the Zheng family and Princess Tai Yan were famous, but they were not inferior to Xiao Changfeng, known as a little god.

While Lu Peng and Lu Xiaoyu were being nervous, the convoy was approaching them.

Looking at the approaching guards of the Wuji Dynasty and the masters of the Zheng family, Lu Peng and Lu Xiaoyu held their breaths, lowered their heads, and did not dare to breathe. Not to mention them, even if their Shura Sect master were still there, they didn’t dare to be disrespectful toward the Wuji Dynasty and the Zheng family.

Princess Tai Yan and Zheng Yue rode on the beast, talking and laughing. When they passed the bull chariot, Princess Tai Yan was startled.

There were people who used gold to build a chariot? And it was pulled by a bull! This bull was also golden! Seeing the pair of horns of the golden bull, she couldn’t help but wonder.

Zheng Yue noticed the expression on Princess Tai Yan and smiled: “Her Royal Highness likes this golden bull? If you like it, I will let someone buy it.”

Princess Tai Yan shook her head and smiled: “I don’t like it, but I think this golden bull is strange and the pair of horns resemble dragon horns.”

Zheng Yue smiled and said: “There are so many strange beasts in the world. Those horns are indeed like dragon horns, but they just are like dragon horns.” 

Then he glanced at Lu Yiping. He smiled and said: “Mortal man? I don’t know which small family you belong to, but to use gold to make a bull chariot!”

Princess Tai Yan pursed her lips.

For some small families, gold was a rare thing, but gold was common for family sects who had gained the upper hand.

When the convoy finally left, Lu Peng and the family masters around him breathed a sigh of relief. Lu Yiping suddenly asked, “Who is the Lord of Shenwu Continent now?”

Lu Peng was taken aback and then said with a passionate and admiring look: “It’s Lord Wan Wuyi!”

Wan Wuyi? Lu Yiping was stunned, from the Wan family? He remembered a little girl who had entered the sacred forest before Yang Dong. That little girl had the surname Wan.

“Do you know Wan Wuyi?” Lu Yiping asked casually.

Lu Peng was puzzled, and then when he thought that Lu Yiping might be talking about the supreme existence, his face changed wildly, but when he was about to speak, two people suddenly walked out of the crowd next to him.

Lu Peng’s expression changed when he saw the incoming person, his eyes were bitter: “Sun Li!”

Sun Li, the elder of the Thousand Demon Sect! The cold poison he received was given by Sun Li.

Sun Li smiled: “Lu Peng, I didn’t expect you to be alive! Your life is pretty long.” Then he looked at Lu Xiaoyu: “Your daughter, she’s all grown up like this, she’s so pretty.” After finishing talking, he and another elder of the Thousand Demon Sect walked towards Lu Yiping, and at the same time, his aura was completely released.

Only to see heavy golden light surging from Sun Li’s body.

“Golden Core fourth level!” a master exclaimed beside him.

The realm of the Eternal Element plane, from low to high, was the foundation establishment, innate, transcendence, golden core, and purple palace.

The four-level of the Golden Core Realm was definitely a master in some small families. 

Lu Peng’s face was startled. Three years ago, this Sun Li was only at the second level of Golden Core, but now he has broken through to the fourth level of Golden Core!

Although his poisonous wounds had been completely eliminated, his realm has been stopped at First Level Golden Core due to poisonous wounds in the past three years.

Feeling the four-fold aura of the golden core on Sun Li behind him, Zheng Yue, who had already ridden away, couldn’t help feeling strange, so he stopped and turned his head to look over.

“Master, quickly go!” At this moment, Lu Peng said to Lu Yiping anxiously.

“Go?” Sun Li chuckled, “Do you think you can go?” He jumped up with a big knife coming out in his hand, then the blade let out a light burst. It was letting out powerful black cold air.

“It’s Dark Cold Energy!”

“Thousand Demon Sect’s divine ability!”

Lu Peng was shocked. Back then, he was hit by Sun Li’s Dark Cold Energy Palm, and he was deeply aware of the horror of it.

Sun Li broke through the fourth level of the Golden Core, his dark, cold energy was undoubtedly more terrifying than before.

Just before Lu Peng reached the chariot, everyone suddenly heard a roar. The roar of the bull echoed throughout the world.

Everyone felt deafened.

Accompanying the roar of the bull, a shocking golden wave of air swept out and covered the sky.

Terrified, Sun Li was instantly overwhelmed by the golden airwaves.

In an instant, he felt hit by a terrifying force.

The big knife in his hand turned into dust.

And he himself, like a broken kite, was shot backwards and smashed into the Wuji Dynasty convoy that had already gone far away.

The ground shook loudly, and the convoy was in chaos.

Sun Li rolled under the mount of Zheng Yue and Princess Tai Yan, who were sitting on the beast, and was completely motionless.

Lu Peng, Zheng Yue, Princess Tai Yan, and the surrounding family disciples looked at Sun Li’s body, dumbfounded.

Then everyone stared at the Dragon Horned Golden Bull in horror.

The roar of the bull just now was made by the Dragon Horned Golden Bull.

With a roar, a Golden Core fourth level Master was directly shaken to death!

Another Thousand Demon Sect elder, who was with Sun Li, watched Sun Li’s corpse with horror in his eyes. His face was pale and bloodless.

He suddenly turned around and tried to run away.

However, when the elder of the Thousand Demon Sect was about to flee, he suddenly felt that the world turned bright.

He turned his head to look behind him, only to see a terrifying golden wave of Qi blasting him.

Then he lost consciousness. The elder of the Thousand Demon Sect was bombarded by the golden aura and was turned into the blood plasma, which shot all over the ground.

Everyone was silent. No one could see exactly how the Dragon Horned Golden Bull attack just now.

“Let’s go.” Lu Yiping said flatly, without looking at the two corpses.

Dragon Horned Golden Bull lifted its feet and walked slowly forward. Everyone looked at the chariot, leaving with complex expressions.

Princess Tai Yan looked at the chariot leaving, feeling shocked, and asked one of the four members of the Purple Palace Realm: “What do you think? What kind of breed is it?”

The master of the Dynasty was a beastmaster, looking at the departing dragon-horned golden bull, he said in amazement: “When this bull was stuck just now, there were fluctuations of dragon power, it should possess a dragon bloodline!”

But a bull with the blood of the dragon? She had never heard of it before.

Then he said: “As for the strength of this bull, I can’t see through it.” Princess Tai Yan nodded.

Zheng Yu, the Zheng family’s master at the purple palace realm, had a dry throat and said: “He appeared in Snowfall City, wouldn’t he also come to participate in the Thunder Sparrow Sword Sect disciple assessment?”

“I can’t see through the strength of the Golden Bull, but this young man is definitely a mortal”, The fourth-layer master of the Purple Palace of the Imperial Dynasty said with certainty.

Zheng Yue mocked and said: “Maybe his luck is against the sky, and he could really pass the assessment.” When Thunder Sparrow Sword Sect recruited disciples, they did not put a value on the cultivation status, as long as the recruit passed the assessment set by them.

Therefore, every time Thunder Sparrow Sword Sect recruited disciples, “mortals” like Lu Yiping came to participate in the assessment.

However, how easy was it to pass the Thunder Sparrow Sword Sect’s assessment? For so many years, no mortal had successfully passed the Thunder Sparrow Sword Sect’s assessment for recruiting disciples.

Mortal? Princess Tai Yan looked at Lu Yiping’s direction of departure, her beautiful eyes twinkling. A mortal but unexpectedly one who possessed such a sacred bull?

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