It Turns Out I am a Dao Ancestor Chapter 65 Waste! You Made Us Miserable

Chai Yuanchu looked at Luo Liuyan, forgetting the pain, and laughed. That proud appearance made anyone want to go up and beat the crap of him.

Sure enough.

“Papa…”  A clear and crisp voice sounded. A dark shadow, fleeting, hit his face hard. Chai Yuanchu flew upside down and hit the ground.

“Shout …” 

The remaining black qi in his body was also drawn away. His heart was stabbed, and his hands were shattered. Even so, he could survive by the black qi.

Now, being so drawn by his own people, he was on the verge of collapse. Amidst his doubts, he revealed an aggrieved look, “My…Lord, why are you hitting me?”

The voice of the black shadow leader was cold, “You are trash. If your strength is not good, use your brain instead!

“Waste, you have made us miserable!” Another shadow also stood out.

“What?” Chai Yuanchu didn’t believe it.

“How is this possible? The strength of the four general, let alone them! Even if it is the godly cunning immortal, wouldn’t he still be killed?” Chai Yuanchu said.

“Hmph, what do you know?”

At this point, a black shadow stared at Chen Daoming and said, “Boy, get up, don’t pretend to be dead!”

This was just finished.

“Haha…” Chen Daoming jumped, stood up, and let out a hearty laugh, “As expected of the four puppets generals, indeed has some knowledgeable!”

He caressed a handful of his silver hair, directly took out the hatchet, and slammed it on his shoulder with a full expression. 

The shadow didn’t answer, then she looked at Su Yiling and said, “Don’t pretend, little girl, you can’t be trapped in that prison cage!”

Su Yiling’s mouth raised when she heard this, exposed a look of embarrassment. She held out her finger in no hurry and pressed forward.

“Kacha!” A sound was heard. The prison cage collapsed into dust.

“Oh, acting to catch you guys is really tiring! It’s better to fight directly!” Su Yiling twisted her neck, shook her joints, walked forward slowly, staring at the four dark shadows calmly.

In addition to Luo Liuyan, the three have completely locked them down, and as long as there was a change, the thunder will surely strike.

Chai Yuanchu stared at this scene blankly, looking silly. Everything today was unthinkable and entirely beyond imagination. The cultivators all around also stood there stupidly and couldn’t believe it.

It turned out that everything before was just to catch the corpse puppet clan. How do they know the evil race was coming? How could their strength be so strong?

“Push…” Chai Yuanchu exhaled for a long time, vomiting out all the black breath. He fell to the ground, staring at the sky with wide-open eyes.

The other side.

“I’m a little confused. How did you calculate that we were going to attack the Jade Lake Palace?” A shadow said.

“Haha…” Luo Liuyan smiled slightly, revealing a mysterious smile.

“It is naturally not us who can calculate all this!” Luo Liuyan said.

“Could it be the godly cunning immortal behind you?” Said the shadow.

“Not bad!” Luo Liuyan nodded as soon as this came out.

“PSST …” There was a sound of a cold breath, one after another.

Is there really the godly cunning immortal? That’s terrifying! 

Knowing the other party’s actions in advance, this kind of ability was terrifying! The human race had such a strong and powerful person. No matter how strong the evil race was, there would be no storms.

“Thank you for telling us. We understand!”

“However, thank you for giving us time to escape. Next time we meet, we will never show mercy!” A shadow just finished.

“Shout …” A huge teleportation vortex appeared in front of the four of them. Seeing this scene, the faces of the cultivators changed drastically.

“Quick, kill them!”

“Don’t let them escape!”

However, it was too late. The four shadows instantly drilled into the teleportation vortex and disappeared. Looking at this scene, Luo Liuyan and others had no intention of moving at all.

At that moment when everyone sighed.

“Om …” The teleportation vortex appeared again, and the four black shadows that had just disappeared appeared in their original positions again!

They’re back?!

“This … what’s going on?”

A black shadow voice surprised, quivering. The four of them, back to back, were alert as they looked around.

“Look!” At this moment, an exclamation sounded.

Everyone looked up, their pupils contracted, and their faces were full of shock. They saw that a huge phantom dragon appeared in the sky.

The golden light was extremely dazzling. It was highly sacred, and it made people unable to give birth to the slightest heart of confrontation.

The four black shadows looked towards the sky, and the whole person’s heart was sinking into hell.

“I… my god, that… that’s the space dragon ancestor!”

“What? The ancestor dragon of the space dao? Isn’t it dead? How is this possible?”

“Finished, we are finished!” The four shadows muttered to themselves, and despair was all over their faces.

“Swoosh…” A long rainbow slowly fell. After landing, she turned into a blue-robed woman.

It was Mu Bing.

Luo Liuyan and Mu Bing looked at each other and nodded slightly.

In the sky, “Little girl, you actually know the old man!”

“A little bit knowledgeable! But the old man dislikes guys who hide their heads and show their tails!” As soon as the words were finished. The golden light in the sky, like the nine-day Milky Way, falls straight down.

In an instant, four black shadows were enveloped.

“Shout …” The black qi on their bodies instantly disappeared without a trace. They were four men with sharp mouths and monkey faces, and their faces were cold and pale. They looked very terrible as hell.

“They are not worth the man’s action. I’ll hand them over to you!” The dragon spoke out, his eyes fixed directly, staring at the four corpse puppet generals as if looking down at the ants.


Luo Liuyan finished speaking, and with a wave of his right hand, the four of them moved at the same time. Each of them locked a corpse puppet general and rushed away.

“Big brother, what should I do?”

“There is no way I will definitely die!”

“Big brother, let’s attack the little girl together. She is the weakest! It’s just right to pull her back!”

“That’s a good idea!”

After some discussion, the four puppet generals quickly rushed towards Su Yiling. Seeing this scene, Luo Liuyan’s face changed drastically.

“Not good!”

“Yiling, be careful!” Luo Liuyan resorted to all means and rushed forward frantically. It was just. There was no time. The four corpse puppets have already come to Su Yiling.

Although Su Yiling reached the late Void Transformation realm, the four corpse puppets were all ascendant monsters. In between, there were two great realms of Mahayana and Crossing Calamity. A great realm was one hundred and eight thousand miles. What’s more, there were three great realms now.

Moreover, the four corpse puppets had been famous for a long time.  For Su Yiling, a deliberate sneak attack at this moment meant life or death.

But seeing them coming at her together, there was no worry.


Su Yiling smiled slightly, her shallow dimples revealing the sides of her mouth, very sweet. When the four corpse puppets saw this scene, they couldn’t help but look blank. A wave of anxiety rushed to their heart.

They stared at Su Yiling and did not dare to move, as they saw that Su Yiling took out a picture scroll in no hurry.

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  1. Like how the puppet generals knew they good guys were baiting their side but then fell for the bait of attacking the so called “Weakest” foe like bruh you all shoulda known better 😅

  2. Why do you keep putting shout in quotations?

    No one ever says “SHOUT” when they are shouting, it would be So and so shouted, whatever appeared, whatever attack occured.

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