I Am An Evil Sword Chapter 100 Don’t Hate Me

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Just as the mountain bandits began to flee to the mountain, another flag city guard led by Wu Guang appeared. They were armed with crossbows, and with a shower of arrows, they shot and killed more than 20 bandits!

“Put down your weapons immediately and stop resisting. I can spare your lives!” Shiqi shouted, “I don’t want to say it a second time!”

Their leader was captured, and they were beaten left and right, but they could not escape. The bandits gave up their resistance for their lives.

In this battle, the city guards won a significant victory; only three men were killed, and eleven were injured. More than forty bandits were killed. As for the caravan guards and mercenaries casualties, Shiqi did not care in the slightest.

After collecting the bandits’ weapons and tying them up one by one, Wu Guang pleaded guilty to Shiqi “My Lord, when we went around the mountain just now, six scouts of the bandits found us, and three of them ran away. The Black Dragon Village may have got the news!”

“Well, it’s okay. Remember this lesson and be careful next time!” Shiqi did not punish Wu Guang.

They had no insider. Who knew where the bandits’ spies were hidden?

He was already delighted with the ability to wipe out most of the Black Dragon Village at once and capture so many people.

Wu Guang gritted his teeth and said, “To attack the Black Dragon village, your subordinates are willing to be the vanguard!”

“Well, well, if necessary, I’ll let you attack them first!”

“You told me you want to take this lady and make me your 37th wife, you scum, you bastard … come on, you can try again!”

Shiqi and Wu Guang turned around, only to see Liang Anyin kick Black Dragon Fiercely, almost all of her toes went straight to the vitals of the other’s lower body!

Wu Guang’s face couldn’t help but twitch, “My lord, that Black Dragon…”

“I have crippled the black dragon’s dantian, and I have broken the bones. He won’t be able to resist; otherwise, I would not dare to throw him casually…you don’t have to worry about that woman!”

“My Lord, I am worried about the Black Dragon. When we attack the Black Dragon Village, he may still be useful!”

“He can’t die; the body of the True Origin Realm master is not that fragile!” Shiqi said slowly, “This task was successful due  to the cooperation of Lu’an Chamber of Commerce since she likes it; let her be happy!”

“Yes, my Lord!” Wu Guang looked away. Seeing the woman kicking between the legs, Wu Guang felt uncomfortable all over!

Shiqi slowly walked to Liang Anyin’s side. Liang Anyin glanced at him, immediately put her feet away, and said hurriedly, “Don’t look at me like that; I just have dirty shoes and want to wipe them on him!”

After she finished speaking, she even deliberately stretched out her embroidered shoes to show them to Shiqi. There were indeed many mud spots on the embroidered shoes. There were also very obvious and bright bloodstains.

Liang Anyin’s expression was flustered. She tried to compose herself and said thoughtfully, “Who asked you to beat him bloody? My shoes were not only not clean but got dirtier the more they were wiped!”

Shiqi did not want to talk nonsense with this woman.

“Today, you are camping here and wait for us to go down the mountain!”

“Are you going to attack the Black Dragon Village?” Liang Anyin pointed to the bound bandits and said, “Kill all those nasty bandits! They are nothing but bad people! “

Liang Anyin, who often does business between Bauhinia City and Molan City, had long hated the Black Dragon Village bandits!

Today, Shiqi viciously took revenge on her behalf, letting her vent her anger. She felt so much better afterward.

Although Black Dragon was at death’s door, she was still reluctant to let the other bandits go.

“I won’t do anything to them now!”

Shiqi didn’t want to talk to this woman anymore.



“I promised to spare their lives! I don’t want to kill more!” After he said that, he turned around and left.

Liang Anyin was left alone in a daze, his words repeatedly echoed in her mind, and she felt like she was going insane!

She scratched her hair crazily, scraping it into a chicken coop, and then said to herself nervously, “The funniest joke I’ve heard in my life, the bloody-handed Chen Pengfei actually said that he didn’t want to kill more. Damn it, he’s playing me!”

Liang Anyin stomped fiercely, then looked at her messy hair. She gave Shiqi a fierce look and fled back to the carriage.

After she dressed up again, she became the beautiful and capable president of the Chamber of Commerce.

She said to Shiqi, “I want to go with you!”

“As long as you don’t get in the way, you can!”

Shiqi brought all the bandits with them to lead the way. It took them two hours to find the Black Dragon Village.

Black Dragon Village was located at the valley entrance built by hard rocks, with a height of more than ten meters. On the high wall of the village, the bandits were waiting.

“They are ready!” Xiong Tingzhi said with a serious face.

“Then let me take someone there!” Wu Guang begged.

“No!” Shiqi waved his hand and said, “There are two masters in the early stage of True Origin Realm in the Black Dragon Village. There are more than one hundred bandits and more than two hundred bandits families. In addition to their homemade crossbows, even if we all attack together, I am afraid we will still not be able to defeat them. It will just increase the number of injured and casualties!”

Wu Guang asked, “What should we do?”

Shiqi frowned, he’d heard of the danger of the Black Dragon Village, but it was only when he saw Black Dragon Village with his own eyes did he really realize how well fortified it was!

He had more than one hundred people under him, but he didn’t want to sacrifice too many.

“We are members of the Bauhinia City Guards. Your leader, the Black Dragon, has been captured by us. He is already willing to surrender. As long as you open the gate, I am willing to spare your life!”

“Go to your fucking city guard, and we won’t surrender!”

“Yes, we will not surrender!”


Shiqi said to the bandits tied up behind him: “You, go and persuade your comrades to surrender!” He did not expect the Black Dragon Village to surrender, and it might be counterproductive.

As a result, the bandits persuaded the others to no avail, but Shiqi noticed that some of those on the wall of Black Dragon Village were the family members of the prisoners behind him!

It was estimated that they captured the majority of young adults in the Black Dragon Village. The Black Dragon Village was not sufficiently guarded, so they mobilized the families of the bandits.

Those family members had the idea of ​​surrendering, but they were all suppressed by the two True Origin Realm masters!

Go to open the door of the Black Dragon Village by himself? Shiqi had some ideas on the matter, but he would try other methods first. Recently, the teachings of Lord Sword Spirit have opened his eyes. He needed more fighting experience. Brute force didn’t mean everything; on the other hand, wisdom could also achieve goals!

He got up and shouted in a cold tone, “Since you Black Dragon Village are unwilling to surrender, then don’t blame me for being ruthless!”

“If you dare, come and attack us!”

“So, you this bunch of court lackeys, If you have the guts come to bite us!”

“Don’t think that if you catch our people, we will surrender!”


The other family and friends of the captured bandits did not speak. In the face of these insults, Shiqi smiled and said to Xiong Tingzhi, “Let those prisoners kneel down and line up one by one!”

“My lord is thinking to…” Wu Guang seemed to understand what Shiqi wanted to do. Shiqi patted him on the shoulder and said, “We can’t let our brothers’ blood flow easily, do as I order!”

In a short time, Wu Guang’s task was completed, and the prisoners were arranged neatly, some of those who refused to obey had their legs broken, and their dantian destroyed!!

Shiqi looked at the neat lineup, very comfortable. He felt that Wu Guang is doing a good job! The captives were aware of something wrong! Unfortunately, it’s too late! 

A bandit cried, “My Lord, didn’t you say you would spare our lives as long as we surrendered?”

Shiqi stared at the pattern on the Crimson Blood Devil Sword in his hand and smiled, “Yes, I have spared your lives just now at the foot of the mountain!”

The bandits paled, and some wanted to struggle to escape, but they could not escape in the face of heavily armed city guards!

Shiqi went to the captive line up and said to the direction of Black Dragon Village, “I know that those people behind me maybe your family members or your friends … Originally, your leader agreed to surrender, so long as you surrender, I can spare your lives, reunite your families, and see your friends again … But unfortunately, there are still people in your village who are stubborn, and you have worn away my last patience! Therefore, I decided that as long as you don’t surrender, I will kill some of them until you make a decision … or … kill them all! “

The bandits in the Black Dragon Village had stopped cursing. At the same time, Liang Anyin, who following the city guards, swallowed. The guards who followed her tightly tightened their weapons in their hands. The cold touch could make them feel a little safe. It was the first time they met a city guard who was more brutal than a bandit!

“Let me give you a piece of advice. It would be best if you made a decision quickly. My sword is swift. If you decide to surrender and everyone is already killed, then I am sorry!” Shiqi sorted out his armor and seriously said to the bandits on the village wall, “I hope you don’t hate me. After all, everyone has different positions. Who told you to be a bandit, and I am an officer?”

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