It Turns Out I am a Dao Ancestor Chapter 64 One Move to Destroy the Corpse Puppet

Luo Liuyan watched Chai Yuanchu attack. Her expression never changed. She stood there calmly without, unmoved.

“Hum …” Chai Yuanchu’s paw pierced the air directly. With a harsh roar, he grabbed Luo Liuyan’s shoulder instantly.

“Haha, die for me!” Chai Yuanchu showed a touch of complacency and squeezed hard with his right hand. 

As someone from the evil race, his physical strength had reached a great realm. Even if a shield protected an Ascension realm powerhouse, his shoulders would still be crushed by this blow. Thinking of this, Chai Yuanchu smiled cruelly.

“Boom!” A burst sound was heard.

Chai Yuanchu looked at Luo Liuyan’s shoulder. His face was full of disbelief. He saw that Luo Liuyan’s shoulders were still intact, and his entire palm burst open.

“This … how is this possible?”

He retracted his hand and looked at it. His hand was without its palm and looked aghast.

“Ah …” In the next second, he let out a piercing scream.

“Bitch!, you … you dare to harm me!” Chai Yuanchu roared repeatedly, stretched out his left hand, and pounced directly at her eyeballs.

“Haha…” Luo Liuyan came first and grabbed Chai Yuanchu’s left hand.

“This … this is impossible!”

Sensing the great force on the claws, Chai Yuanchu’s face changed dramatically, and he struggled wildly. “Let go of me!”

However, it was useless after all.

“You don’t need this claw anymore!!” After speaking, Luo Liuyan shook it lightly.

“Bang …” There was a loud explosion. Chai Yuanchu’s left hand directly collapsed into blood foam.

“This is impossible? How can your physical body be so strong?” Soon as his words were finished.

“Ah …” Another piercing scream shook the sky. Chai Yuanchu fell to the ground and kept rolling. Black air rushed out of his wound frantically and quickly enveloped the surroundings.

“In this case, die, you all die for me!” Chai Yuanchu looked up to the sky and screamed. The black qi on his body rushed out like a fountain. In the blink of an eye, it enveloped a crowd of cultivators around. Hou Xing bears the brunt.

“Swish …” This black qi was pervasive, quickly penetrating Hou Xing’s body.

“Chai Yuanchu, you…you…” Hou Xing pointed to Chai Yuanchu with a face full of unwillingness. Finally, he fell to the ground, twitched a few times, then there was no movement from him at all.

In the blink of an eye, hundreds of cultivators around Chai Yuanchu died tragically on the spot. Seeing everything happened, Luo Liuyan’s expression remained unchanged. The enemy was killing each other. What did it have to do with me?

“Shout …”

The black qi continued to rush and quickly penetrated the body of the cultivators.

“Kacha…” A burst of bone friction sounded. The cultivator who had just fallen, after inhaling the black qi, stood up again. They looked dull, like zombies.

“The corpse puppet!” The disciples of the Jade Lake Palace who watched this scene couldn’t help but exclaim loudly.

The corpse puppet clan was generally refining corpses. Just like him, kill the living directly and then refine into a corpse puppet.  It seemed that the corpse puppet clan had changed entirely!

Unexpectedly, this Chai Yuanchu turned out to be from the corpse puppet clan. Even the dean did not see it.

Hiding deep enough! If you dare to come here today, then you will not leave!


“Turn this place into a Shura hell and kill everyone!” Chai Yuanchu commanded, and all the corpses moved at once.

“Howl…” Whenever they saw a living thing, these corpse puppets rushed over.

“Ah …” A cultivator of the Heavenly Underworld Sect, before he could react, was thrown on him by a puppet. Their claws were like diamond claws, and they grabbed the heart of the cultivator at once.

From birth to death, that was, in an instant. After this cultivator died, the surrounding black qi quickly poured into his body. In less than a moment later, the cultivator stood up again and joined the corpse puppets army.

Such scenes were staged quickly. It was utterly a one-sided situation. There were more and more corpse puppets, but there were fewer and fewer cultivators.

“Humph!” Luo Liuyan snorted coldly and waved her right hand lightly. The Palm of Great Love used it directly.

“Shout …” In the sky, the true qi roared and surged. A giant hand covering the sky condensed rapidly—the terrifying pressure, straight down from the big hand.

The corpse puppets were like being stuck in a quagmire under pressure, making them difficult to move.

“Howl…” The corpse puppet kept struggling, making strange calls.


“Bang …” The explosion sounded continuous.

The corpse puppets were as fragile as a piece of thin ice, cracking rapidly. After a few breaths, Nearly ten thousand corpse puppets collapsed, not one left.

It was dark all around. All around, there was a dead silence. Those surviving cultivators showed the joy of the rest of their lives. They looked at Luo Liuyan. Their faces were full of admiration.

“Plop!” It was unknown who took the lead, but the cultivators pointed at Luo Liuyan and bowed down one by one.

“Thank you, Palace Master Luo, for your life-saving grace!”

“Palace Master Luo’s power is beyond everything. Your supernatural power is unparalleled in the world!”

“Palace Master Luo has a bodhisattva heart and looks at the whole world. Who can compare?”

Luo Liuyan completely ignored these. She fixed her eyes on Chai Yuanchu’s body, cold and murderous, without any concealment.

“Are there any last words?”

Luo Liuyan stepped out and instantly stood in front of Chai Yuanchu, looking at him condescendingly.

“Hehe, you’ve taken me down like this? You and I have been together for so long, don’t you even understand my character?” Chai Yuanchu’s face was full of sneers.

“Just as a running dog of an evil race like you, you don’t deserve to be with me!”

“Death!” After speaking, Luo Liuyan held a long sword and plunged into the heart of Chai Yuanchu.

“Splash!” The long sword was drawn out.

Infinite black qi rushed out of Chai Yuanchu’s chest.

“Ah …” Chai Yuanchu let out a piercing scream. The sound was like a howling ghost in hell, and it makes people’s hair stand on end.

“Help!”  Chai Yuanchu let out a piercing cry. His voice was faint and spread all over the void.

Shortly after.

“Om…” The sky trembled. Layers of airwave, shaking out. 

The big hand covering the sky directly exploded, turning into strands of light and dissipating.

“Shout …” The terrifying pressure continued. Like a tsunami, Luo Liuyan’s body was crushed.

At this moment. Luo Liuyan couldn’t breathe well, and her escape path was not good.

When she just looked up.

“Shout …” Four thick black shadows appeared behind Chai Yuanchu. The shadow was so dark that even the sun couldn’t penetrate it. 

In other words, their bodies, like black holes, absorb any light.

“No, it’s the four generals of corpse puppets!” Luo Liuyan exclaimed as soon as this came out.

“What? Four generals of the Corpse Puppet Clan?”

“My God, this is at the same level as the Earth Immortal, but it is only to deal with our Jade Lake Palace?”

“I don’t know what plot they have. Fight them!”

Inside the Jade Lake Palace, a group of disciples clenched their long swords, revealing a persistent stance.

“Luo Liuyan, didn’t you expect it?”

Seeing Luo Liuyan’s surprised look, Chai Yuanchu struggled to stand up, showing a smug expression on his face.

“Luo Liuyan now kneels down and beg for mercy, and I can give you a happy ending!”

“If you don’t, you will definitely regret being born into this world!”

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  1. this villain is stupid,he see’s good guys show shock and he assumes “your showing shock must mean your scared surrender” like bro no they’re surprised and they’re about to rip apart your puppets soon enough

  2. Thanks for the chapter.

    This needs some editing really bad I’m sorry to say. So many mistakes that can be fixed from just reading through it once. Of course all the other chapters aren’t better off but hey I’m reading it for free basically, so can’t complain to much. But this chapter is just more so in need of editing compared to them.

    I still appreciate the work. I know how difficult it is to machine translate these novels. I use to MT japanese novels myself. Had to use multiple sources and dictionaries to translate one sentence at a time. It’s a hobby but a job at the same time. A hard one at that some times.

    Again thanks for the chapter. And please get an editor, and if you have one then…….

  3. Not only is this a bad translation, it’s also poorly edited, and you think you deserve $133 a month so people can read 30 chapters ahead of your ‘releases’?

    Maybe learn how to properly translate and edit.


    1. Meh, it’s okay it’s not great but it’s not garbage either, middle of the road 7/10 translation/editing quality.

      A lot better than some other translations of stuff out there.

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