I Am An Evil Sword Chapter 99 Waiting for Black Dragon

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When approaching Black Dragon Village, Liang Anyin opened the carriage curtain and looked at the dark clouds in the sky. She spoke with some worries, “It seems that it is going to rain heavily!”

Shiqi looked out of the window and whispered, “It’s raining well. Tell everyone to go down and prepare to camp. When the rain is over, we will pass by the Black Dragon Village!”

The road after the rain was muddy and difficult to pass through. The whole team’s pace slowed down by half.

When they passed by the Black Dragon Village, they didn’t even find the shadow of the mountain bandits in the Black Dragon Village.

Liang Anyin was very happy. They didn’t have to meet danger but also let Chen Pengfei’s attempt to fail. Moreover, they didn’t have to bear his extreme rage. Was there a better ending than this?


“Commander Chen, if we walk for more than two hours, we will completely leave the scope of the Black Dragon Village!”

Shiqi opened his eyes and said, “Break the leg of the third carriage and cause a rollover. We need to wait for them!”

Damn it!

Liang Anyin almost scolded! Why didn’t she know what the other party’s idea was?

“Now the road is so slippery, break the horse’s leg, it’s normal, don’t tell me you can’t do it?”

“I understand!”

No matter how much Liang Anyin hated Chen Pengfei, she couldn’t defy the other party. After all, her life was still in Chen Pengfei’s hands.

Liang Anyin quickly gave the order to her subordinates to be carried out.

The third carriage suddenly rolled over. Its horse’s leg was broken, and the goods tumbled onto the muddy road. The servants dealt with it quickly, and the whole team stopped.

It was hard to wait.

Shiqi was unsure whether the black dragon village would come back to rob them, but he could only try his best to give the opponent a chance.

Black Dragon Village must have discovered them.

The caravan with so many people was moving so slowly that it was unreasonable not to see it. Relying on the Black Dragon Village’s strength, they could definitely eat their caravan. If they can’t even do this, Shiqi will have to find another way.

“There are mountain bandits!”

“It’s from Black Dragon Village!”


At the moment Shiqi heard the noise outside, his spirit suddenly refreshed! By the time he wanted to open the curtains, he saw bandits starting to surround him on the mountain.

There were a considerable number of bandits, more than two hundred people.  They soon surrounded the caravan.

A sturdy man roared: “Listen, the people from the Chamber of Commerce, hand in all your goods, and I will spare your life!”

“President!” Someone outside the carriage shouted in a low voice.

Liang Anyin turned her gaze to Shiqi.

Shiqi said, “Think of a way to let them start attacking us!”


Liang Anyin got out of the carriage and looked at the bandit not far away and said, “What if we don’t want to?”

“What a beautiful girl, who are you?”

“I am the person in charge of the caravan!” Liang Anyin said flatly.

The bandits’ eyes were blazing and greedy, and there was nothing that could disguise the desire in their eyes!

Liang Anyin looked back at the carriage and firmly believed that the problem was not with her but with the other party!

“You turned out to be the person in charge of the Chamber of Commerce?” After the leader was surprised, he suddenly laughed, “I am the owner of  Black Dragon village. Everyone likes to call me Black Dragon. I like a woman like you very much. I’m tired of playing with those women on the mountain. Today you will go up the mountain with me and be my thirty-seventh wife. How about that?”

Liang Anyin sneered, “What if I disagree?”

“That is, how can our president marry a bandit like you?”

“Hehe, my black dragon never gets rough with women. I prefer to train spirited horses and let them tame!” The Black Dragon pointed to the caravan members and said, “I will arrest all your men. If you disagree, I will kill them one by one until you are willing to marry me!”

Black Dragon touched the stubble and smiled, “Hehe, maybe … when the time comes, your loyal men will cry and beg you to marry me!”

Liang Anyin felt so sick that she wanted to pull out the black dragon’s tongue.

In the past, she hardly participated in the caravan activities, and every time the cargo escorts were moving goods, it was only the subordinates who participated. Hence, she rarely met villains like the Black Dragon!

Compared with the Black Dragon, Liang Anyin suddenly felt that Chen Pengfei was much more pleasing to the eye.

“Everyone! Be ready to fight!”

Liang Anyin just shouted out words, and every man drew their weapon from the bags and stood ready. Black Dragon looked at Liang Anyin and shouted, “Brother, kill them all. You can divide the property this time. I only want that woman!”


“Kill them all!”

The Black Dragon Village dispatched more than 200 people this time. The total number of Lu’an Chamber of Commerce’s escorts, mercenaries, and coachmen responsible for looking after, loading and unloading goods, and driving the carriages all add up to about 100 people.

Comparing the numbers both parties had, the black dragon village undoubtedly occupies a great advantage. But sometimes, the number of people was a complete illusion!

The two sides fought hand-to-hand in close combat. When the bandits came into contact with the caravan, they suddenly found that the other party seemed to be a little too strong!

There were even Qi Condensation masters among the servants! All weapons were excellent weapons! The bandits were unprepared, and they suffered a significant loss as soon as they fought on the battlefield!

Actually, the reason was straightforward. The city guards of Bauhinia City hired the caravan guards and mercenaries, but more than half of the servants were city guards.

Regardless of the number of people in the Black Dragon Village, their combat effectiveness was utterly at a disadvantage compared with the carefully selected Bauhinia City Guards!

Shiqi holding the heavy sword, slowly got out of the carriage, and Liang Anyin immediately pointed to the Black Dragon in the distance and shouted, “Commander, that is the head of the bandit!”


“Step aside!”

Shiqi, in one breath, rushed to the front of Black Dragon, and the heavy sword swept past violently.

With a ringing sound, the heavy sword struck with great force. Black Dragon felt his hands go numb, and his entire body was flung away.

Shiqi has always been a powerful and unforgiving sort. A deep crater was left on the ground with a stomp of his left foot, and his body shot directly towards the black dragon.

“Thousands of heavy swords!” He said silently in his heart. The true blood-red qi dyed the heavy crimson sword into blood red.

The heavy sword severely slashed, directly severing Black Dragon’s longsword, directly smashed him into the mud!

“Puff!” Black Dragon felt that his internal organs had been smashed as he was lying on the ground. As if all his bones were broken!

“Is this the strength of the mid-True Origin Realm? It’s really disappointing!” Shiqi said indifferently, “What a waste!”

Black Dragon didn’t even have the strength to speak! Shiqi glanced at the surrounding battlefield, pierced the black dragon’s collarbone with a calm face, and then picked up the black dragon.

The black dragon was like hanging on a high flagpole!

“The bandits of the Black Dragon Village, your leader, have been captured by me. Put down your weapons; I can spare your lives!”

It was almost impossible for the bandits to lay down their weapons, but  Black Dragon was captured, and they had no intention to fight again!

They began to flee into the mountains.

Shiqi, of course, would not let them succeed. The bandits were familiar with the terrain, and there was the Black Dragon stronghold on the mountain. Once they were allowed to escape back, it won’t be easy to catch them back!

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