The Invincible Big Shot Is About To Be Born Chapter 3 Don’t Underestimate This Bull Chariot

Lu Peng was ecstatic when Lu Peng heard that Lu Yiping would go to the Thunder Sparrow Sword Sect with them together. He then immediately packed things with his daughter Lu Xiaoyu.

The next day, the three people left the village.

“Young Master, this time we are going to Thunder Sparrow Sword Sect, the journey is  very far away, how about we go to the nearest city to buy a chariot?” Lu Peng asked Lu Yiping’s opinion.

They were now at the southernmost point of Shenwu Continent, while Thunder Sparrow Sword Sect was at the northernmost point of Shenwu Continent.

“Buy a chariot?” Lu Yiping shook his head: “No, I have one here.” After speaking, he took out the chariot from the Universe Cauldron.

Lu Peng and Lu Xiaoyu stared at the golden chariot in front of them.

The chariot in front of them was all yellow, and it seemed to be made of gold? But the one pulling the cart was a bull whose body was also covered in gold! It had gold fur and horns.

“Young Master, are we going to ride in this Bull Chariot?” Lu Peng’s expression was dumbfounded.

Lu Yiping knew the thoughts in their hearts and smiled calmly, “You should not underestimate this bull chariot. This bull is a different species. As for the body, it is not gold, but a rare kind of gold iron.”

Different species?

Lu Peng and his daughter looked at the golden-fur bull in front of them. It was true that it was of a different species.

“Get in the chariot.” Lu Yiping didn’t explain much.

This bull called the Dragon Horned Golden Bull. It was found in the Dragon Sacred Land back then. It was the descendant of the ancestor of the dragon and the thunder ancestor. It inherits the blood of the Nine-clawed Golden Dragon of the dragon ancestor and the blood of the Punishment Thunder of the thunder ancestor.

Between heaven and earth, there was only one such mixed body with the bloodline of the Nine-clawed Golden Dragon and the blood of Punishment Thunder.

If you looked closely, you would find that the pair of horns was very similar to dragon horns. The material used for casting the chariot body is indeed a rare divine iron called Golden Flame Brass. At that time, the master of the demon race made his ride with this golden flame brass.

Liu Peng and Lu Xiaoyu followed Lu Yiping into the chariot.

“Xiaojin, don’t go too fast.” Lu Yiping said to the Dragon Horned Golden Bull.

“Yes, master.” the Dragon Horned Golden Bull nodded.

Lu Peng and his daughter were taken aback. Generally speaking, only monsters that reach the Golden Core Realm could speak out. 

Was this bull a monster beast in the Golden Core Realm?!

“Is Young Master a beastmaster?” Liu Peng asked.

Lu Yiping said with a smile, “Sort of, I have learned a little bit in medical skills and beasts.”

During the long years in the sacred forest, He had learned all aspects., including chess, calligraphy and painting, medicine, beast-taming, alchemy and array.

However, what he liked most were alchemy and array.

Lu Peng nodded secretly after hearing that Lu Yiping had learned a bit of medical skills and beast-taming.  ‘No wonder,’ he thought.

The golden chariot slowed down, and after a few days, they were already close to Thunder Sparrow Sword Sect.

Along the way, only a few people were walking in barren hills and only occasionally entered the city to stay for a while, so nothing happened on the road.

“Young Master, the Snowfall city is ahead.” Lu Peng refers to the city in front.

Lu Yiping saw a big city standing on the plain ahead, and snow was flying above the city. Snowfall City was a famous city in Shenwu Continent. Over the city, snow falls throughout the year.

“It’s beautiful!” Lu Xiaoyu sighed while looking from a distance.

Looking at Snowfall City, Lu Yiping couldn’t help thinking of some things in those days, and the years changed. He didn’t expect Snowfall City to still exist.

At this time, it was getting dark slowly.

“Let’s go into the city.” Lu Yiping said, “Let’s rest for one night and go to the Thunder Sparrow Sword Sect tomorrow.” 

It was not far away that he could get there in half a day at most, and he was not in a hurry.

“Yes, Young Master.” Lu Peng agreed immediately.

Although Lu Yiping didn’t seem to have a trace of internal strength at all, and he looked like a mortal, but after a few days of getting along, Lu Peng unknowingly relied on Lu Yiping.

Now and then, a few people came to Snowfall City,  the streets were tidy, and pedestrians were like shuttles, and few people thought it was cold.

Lu Xiaoyu looked up and saw snow falling from a high altitude. When it reached the ground, the snow penetrated into the ground and disappeared. The street floor was not slippery.

Seeing her daughter’s surprise, Lu Peng said with a smile, “It is rumored that in ancient times, someone with supreme great ability arranged a great snow gathering array at high altitude in this city and a great snow melting array under the ground.”

“So, snow falls all year round in Snowfall City.”

“But after the snow landed in the  Snowfall City, it disappeared.”

Lu Xiaoyu looked at the sky in surprise, “There are still people who can arrange a great array at high altitude? After so many years, these two great arrays are still running? “

Lu Peng nodded, “The array of the supreme power has exceeded our imagination. Even Master Chen Qingyang has come here to study this snow gathering and snow melting array for decades without results.”

Chen Qingyang was currently the strongest array mage in Shenwu Continent. He was also one of the strongest people in Shenwu Continent.

“Even Master Chen Qingyang has studied to no avail!” Lu Xiaoyu was surprised, “I don’t know who the supreme existence is?”

“I don’t know this.” Lu Peng shook his head, “No one knows.”

Lu Yiping’s face remained as usual. Of course, he knew who arranged this great snow gathering and melting array.

The three of them rode in the bull chariot slowly on the street. The golden chariot and the golden cow have attracted the attention of many people.

“I heard that this time the Thunder Sparrow Sword Sect accepted the disciple, and even Young Master Xiao Changfeng from the Xiao’s family came to participate in the assessment!”

“It’s not only Xiao Changfeng, I heard that Young Master Zheng Yue from the Zheng family would also come to participate in the assessment!”

“Even our imperial family, Princess Tai Yan, is here!” Some disciples of the family sect talked about it.

The Thunder Sparrow Sword Sect assessment was near, so there were many family masters and disciples from all over the city.

“Xiao Changfeng!”

“Princess Tai Yan!”

Lu Peng was surprised when he heard the comments of the passing disciples.

“Is it Xiao Changfeng from the Xiao family who is known as the little god?!” Lu Xiaoyu’s eyes were sparkling.

“It should be.” Lu Peng nodded and looked excited, “I didn’t expect that even Young Master Xiao Changfeng came to participate in the assessment.”

“Little God?” Lu Yiping was puzzled.

Lu Peng was stunned, “Young Master doesn’t know this Xiao Changfeng?” Then he explained, “Young Master Xiao Changfeng was born with a great divine body. I heard that he is already at the tenth level of Transcendence Realm when he is only seventeen years old!”

“Moreover, his comprehension is amazing. He can learn any skills. Some people say that he will become a god in the future. Therefore, he is known as the young Five Deities, referred to as the little god!”

The great divine body? Lu Yiping silently shook his head, and not even a god dared to call himself young Five Deities.

The thousand spirits divine body was just an ordinary high-grade divine body. In ancient times, it was not uncommon for a twin high-grade divine body or even top twin divine body.

Above the divine body, there was the heavenly body, above it, and there was the dao body!

“As for Young Master Zheng Yue.” Lu Peng was about to say something, suddenly, there was a crowd commotion in the distance, “It’s Young Master Zheng Yue and Princess Tai Yan!”

Lu Peng and Liu Xiaoyu were surprised. They saw there was a large convoy in the distance coming here.

Many masters in the convoy surrounded the center. One man and one woman were particularly conspicuous. The men wore white robes and rode white tiger mounts, while the women wore purple phoenix robes and rode a dragon horse.

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