The Invincible Big Shot Is About To Be Born Chapter 2 Yang Dong of The Thunder Sparrow Sword Sect

Lu Yiping glanced at the cold black blood and said, “You have a strange cold poison palm. In the past three years, although you have used true qi to suppress the cold poison, it has begun to invade your heart!”

“At most, two months then, the cold poison will completely block your body’s vitality!” When all body vitality was completely blocked, there could only be one result, death!

Lu Peng looked at the handsome young man in front of him in disbelief. “Who are you?”

But the other party obviously didn’t have a trace of internal strength or true qi, only mortal body and mortal root.

“You are talking nonsense!” Lu Xiaoyu glared at Lu Yiping when she heard Lu Yiping said that his father’s life would meet its end two months later.

At this moment, Lu Yiping suddenly waved with one hand, and suddenly nine fiery red needles flew out and penetrated Lu Peng’s chest in an instant.

Lu Peng simply felt his heart pulse tremble, and the cold poison suddenly poured out. He couldn’t help but spout a large mouthful of ice-like black blood.

“Father!” Lu Xiaoyu was furious when she saw Lu Yiping suddenly attack his father, and the long sword in her hand was about to stab Lu Yiping.

“Xiao Yu, stop it!” Lu Peng suddenly shouted.

Lu Xiaoyu couldn’t help but stop and look at his father, Lu Peng.

Lu Peng looked at the nine fiery needles in his chest and said in shock, “Is this the Nine Sun Resurrection Needles?!” Then he looked at Lu Yiping, “Is this young master from the Medicine King Palace?”

The Nine Sun Resurrection Needles is the supreme god needle of the Medicine King Palace. Only Liao Liao from the Medicine King Palace could cast it.

Lu Xiaoyu was surprised when he heard that the young man in front of her was the people of Medicine King Palace. Because, in the Shenwu Continent, the reputation of the Medicine King Palace was too great.

“I am not from the Medicine King Palace.” Lu Yiping shook his head.

He knew that the Nine Sun Resurrection Needles, but what he used was not the Nine Sun Resurrection Needles, but the Endless Reincarnation Needles. It was very similar to the Nine Sun Resurrection Needles, but it was more potent beyond the Nine Sun Resurrection Needles.

His Endless Reincarnation Needles were made by an ancestor of Ancient Medicine God Valley himself. As for the Medicine King Palace, he had heard of it for the first time.

Not from the Medicine King Palace? Lu Peng was surprised.

Lu Yiping said, “You now try to run your true qi, draw the power of the nine needles, and get rid of the cold poison in your body.”

Liu Peng immediately tried to run his true qi and guide the energy on the nine needles. Suddenly, his true qi was unimpeded, and the surging energy poured out continuously from the nine needles. Wherever it went, the cold poison was expelled.

When his true qi was running for a while, he felt his whole body warm and comfortable. 

In the past three years, he suffered from cold poison. His qi and blood were not smooth, his whole body was stiff, and his chest ached day and night. Now, all these feelings had disappeared.

After three years, his pale face had finally returned to rosy. Lu Yiping retracted the endless reincarnation needles.

Lu Peng got up excitedly, then he bowed in gratitude and said, “Thank you for your help!”

“It’s just a little effort.” Lu Yiping said, “Are you a disciple of the Shura Sect? I am an old friend with your elders at Shura Sect.”

An old friend with the elder?

Lu Peng looked at Lu Yiping’s handsome face. Lu Yiping looked just over twenty years old, didn’t he?

“Who is the sect master of Shura Sect now?” Lu Yiping asked.

Lu Peng’s face changed, and he looked up and sighed, “I will not hide it from Young Master, the Shura Sect has fallen.”

Fallen?! Lu Yiping had a look of disbelief. In ancient times, Shura Sect was one of the superpowers of the Eternal Plane.

Lu Peng added, “A few years ago, my Shura Sect was destroyed by the Thousand Demon Sect!”

Then he hatefully said, “The cold poison I suffered is thanks to the elders of the Thousand Demon Sect!”

“In the past few years, I took Xiao Yu to hide here, just to escape the pursuit of the Thousand Demon Sect.”

Lu Yiping asked about the Shura Sect.

It turned out that in the battle of the ancient gods, the sect master of Shura Sect and many of its ancestors fell to death, and it had never recovered from it. As the years changed, it gradually became a second-rate force on the Shenwu Continent.

Later, due to interests, the Shura Sect conflicted with the neighboring Thousand Demon Sect. Initially, the strength of the two sides was equal, and they fought in peacetime, each with their own deaths and injuries. However, three years ago, the Thousand Demon Sect suddenly had a mysterious master help. They attacked the Shura Sect then the elders were slaughtered clean!

Although he was used to life and death, Lu Yiping felt a little bit sorrowful after learning that the Shura Sect collapsed.

He thought about it and took out the Shura sword technique from the countless magic art secrets in the Innate Treasure Universe Cauldron and handed it to Lu Peng.

Lu Peng was puzzled in his heart and took a look. He was surprised, “Shura Sword Arts!”

Shura Sword Arts?! When Lu Xiaoyu heard it, she took a closer look.

Lu Peng was surprised. He opened it and looked more excited. He looked at Lu Yiping incredulously, “Young Master, this Shura Sword Arts, are you?”

This Shura Sword Arts turned out to be a complete one! A total of thirty-six moves! And the Shura Sword Arts he knew now was only the first six moves, and it was the six that had been changed beyond recognition.

However, the complete Shura Sword Arts had been lost for many years. How did the young man have it?

“I said, I am an old friend with your elders at Shura Sect.” Lu Yiping said flatly.

Lu Peng questioned, “I don’t know which elder of my Shura Sect is acquainted with the Young Master?”

“In the future, you will know.” Lu Yiping shook his head.

When Lu Peng heard this, he didn’t ask questions again. He bowed to Lu Yiping and said respectfully, “First Young Master saved me, and now you gave me such a peerless swordsmanship. In the future, if you are in need, this Lu Peng even went through fire and water. I will not give up.”

Lu Yiping simply smiled when he heard Lu Peng’s speech.

During his long years in the sacred forest, dozens of passers-by had stayed with him for a few days. When everyone left, they swore these similar words.

Among them, the weakest one was more than 10,000 times stronger than Lu Peng. Therefore, he didn’t care about Lu Peng’s words about going through fire and water. As for the peerless swordsmanship, um, it was not that good actually.

For the next three days, Lu Peng and Lu Xiaoyu, pair of father and daughter, forgot to eat and sleep and practiced the Shura Sword Arts hard.

Lu Yiping watched from the side and didn’t say anything nor give directions. Among the two, Lu Xiaoyu was born with a great sword body and had much better talent than Lu Peng. However, Lu Peng had a tough sword heart and a good understanding of swordsmanship.

After the two of them had gone for three days, the Shura swordsmanship had reached the tenth move.


This day.

Lu Peng came to Lu Yiping, hesitated for a moment, and said, “Young Master, after a few days, it will be the day when the Thunder Sparrow Sword Sect accepts disciples every three years. I want Xiaoyu to participate in the assessment. If Xiaoyu can join the Thunder Sparrow Sword Sect and shelter her, she doesn’t need to follow me to hide and escape from the Thousand Demon Sect.”

“We are going to leave for the Thunder Sparrow Sword Sect tomorrow. What is your plan?”

The Thunder Sparrow Sword Sect was the first sect in the Wuji Dynasty. If Lu Xiaoyu were able to join, she naturally would not be afraid of the Thousand Demon Sect chasing her.

In fact, they had this plan before Lu Yiping appeared.

“Thunder Sparrow Sword Sect?” Lu Yiping asked after hearing the words.

He remembered that a little guy named Yang Dong had stayed in his sacred forest several times ago, saying that he belonged to the Thunder Sparrow Sword Sect.

“All right, I will go to the Thunder Sparrow Sword Sect with you.” Lu Yiping said, by the way, see Yang Dong, that little guy.

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