It Turns Out I am a Dao Ancestor Chapter 63 The Running Dog of The Evil Race Shows Their True Color

“Haha…” A burst of hearty laughter came from the void. There were waves of transparent ripples in the sky. When a figure pierced the ripples, stood in the sky.

Dressed in white, he looked handsome, elegant and stylish. He was precisely the disciple of the Supreme Court—Chai Yuanchu.

Chai Yuanchu looked at Hou Xing and shook his head for a while, “Hou Xing, you are so useless. You can’t even beat an early-stage Void Transformation Realm cultivator!”

“You … if you are amazing, then come!” Hou Xing pressed down his wound and roared loudly.

“Come on!” After speaking, Chai Yuanchu’s figure flashed. He instantly appeared behind Chen Dao. Before Chen Dao could respond, he gently raised his hand and pressed it with one hand. There seems to be no power, however.

“Boom …”

Chen Daoming flew out like a broken kite.

“Baam …” He fell to the ground, spit out a mouthful of blood, then fainted.

“What? A knock? How could this be possible?” Hou Xing looked unbelievable.

 “Haha!” Chai Yuanchu smiled slightly, not paying attention.

“Quickly break through the array and catch them. At that time, you won’t be afraid that Luo Liuyan will not be obedient by catching them?” Chai Yuanchu said.


Hou Xing took out some pills and swallowed two with a painful expression. His physical injury was recovering quickly. Despite this, his arm could not grow out. He struggled to his feet, grinning with pain.

Chai Yuanchu looked into the distance and shouted, “You two, what else are you looking at? Hurry up and lead the sect disciples to attack the great array!”


The sect master of the Heavenly Underworld and the Fire Prison sect waved their hands as tens of thousands of flash of lights flew quickly and fell to the front of the Jade Lake Palace.


Chai Yuanchu waved his right hand, and the tens of thousands of cultivators moved at once. Tens of thousands of rays of light flew towards the Jade Lake Palace like a meteor.

It was overwhelming that people who saw it had their scalps like in pins and needles.

“Boom …” There was a loud noise and a violent tremor.

“Kacha…” Above the great array, a crack spread downward.

“No, the great array is going to be broken? What should I do?”

“Master hasn’t returned yet, sisters, swear to live and die with Jade LakePalace, prepare to fight to the death!”

“Yes, Great Elder!” The neat voice resounded throughout the Jade Lake Palace. Every female disciple’s face showed a resolute color. They held their long swords tightly and mobilized their internal strength.

“Boom …” Tens of thousands of rays of light blasted above the great array again.

“Kacha…” The extraordinary lines spread around like a spider web. With another blow, the great array must be broken.

“Strike hard and break the array!”


Every cultivator used all their strength to mobilize their body’s strength and started to attack.

“Shout …” Tens of thousands of rays of light illuminated the entire sky and fell rapidly.

“Boom …” There was a loud noise. The entire array burst apart in an instant.

“Kill …” Thousands of disciples of the Jade Lake Palace raised their sword and rushed out. However, as soon as they took a step, they stopped. They saw that the great array was condensing in the sky and once again enveloped the entire Jade Lake Palace. The great array protection soon fully formed and recover as before.

“This …..”

Not only the disciples of Jade Lake Palace but also many cultivators outside the array were stunned.

“What? Recovered? How is this possible? “

“Is this a dream? How can a seventh-class sect’s array be so strong?”  When Chai Yuanchu saw what was happening, his face changed slightly.

“Attack, continue to attack!” Chai Yuanchu shouted.

“Shout …” The cultivators moved again. Everyone was doing their best and attacking frantically. Once more, the array was broken.

“Shout …”

But soon, another protection array once again enveloped the Jade Lake Palace. The speed was too fast for people to react.

The great array recovered as before!

Watching this scene, Chai Yuanchu twitched the corners of his mouth.

“Chai Yuanchu! It was restored. What should I do now?” Hou Xing said.

“Hmph, continue to attack. I don’t believe it. This method can last forever!”

In this way, under the command of Chai Yuanchu, all the cultivators attacked crazily. After breaking through the array five times. Many cultivators fell to the ground, breathing heavily.

“No, my spiritual power has been exhausted.”

“How can this damn great array keep restoring, damn it!”

“I can’t do it anymore. I ran out of pills.”

Such a voice kept ringing. Chai Yuanchu clenched his fist, and his joints exploded. His face was distorted. In his eyes, black air surged.

“Ah …” 

A loud roar broke through the world! Chai Yuanchu’s body changed rapidly. He changed into a monster with a height of two meters in the blink of an eye, with sharp horns on its head and fangs in its mouth.

The black energy on his body spread rapidly around him.

“Chai… Master Chai, turned out to be an evil race?”

“My God, it’s so … terrifying!”

“My heart seems to jump out!”

The cultivators all around couldn’t help but back away.

“This …..”

Hou Xing was paralyzed to the ground with fright, his face extremely ugly. In this way, isn’t he colluding with the evil race? This crime was enough to kill him 10,000 times.

“It’s over!”

Hou Xing closed his eyes with a look of despair.

“Haha…” Chai Yuanchu looked up to the sky and howled crazily. He stepped forward and walked towards the big formation step by step.

“Luo Liuyan, even if you have this kind of formation, so what, the old boss still can break you!”

After speaking, Chai Yuanchu stretched out his right paw and patted towards the great array. His claws are extremely sharp, giving off a chilling light.

“Punch…” With a light tap, his claws pierced into the array instantly. He held it lightly.

“Crack!” It sounded like glass cracking. The great array burst apart. This time, the great array did not recover.


“Luo Liuyan, these disciples, I’ll help you kill them!” After speaking, Chai Yuanchu took a step forward and rushed towards the disciples.

Seeing Chai Yuanchu, the Jade Lake Palace disciples trembled slightly with fright, and their complexions changed drastically. However, they did not retreat.

“Fight!” The great elder roared, leading some disciples to rush over.

At this time.

“Stop it!”

A soft voice shook into each disciple’s ears. They all stopped, looking at the sky. Their expressions stagnated. There were endless surprises in his eyes.

“The Palace Master is back!”

“Great, the Palace Master is back!”

Chai Yuanchu seemed to find that something was wrong and looked up at the sky only to see Luo Liuyan walked through the sky and fell quickly. In the blink of an eye, she fell in front of Chai Yuanchu.

A smile appeared on Luo Liuyan’s face. The Young Master had really a magical plan! This evil race really appeared!

“Chai Yuanchu, it turns out that you are really a running dog of the evil race. Now, I will destroy you and feel at ease!” Luo Liuyan said with a smile.

“Destroy me?”

Chai Yuanchu was startled slightly as if he had heard her wrong.


“Haha…” Chai Yuanchu looked up to the sky and laughed.

“Luo Liuyan, you are finally here. I was waiting!”

“Let’s talk. Where is the expert behind you? Otherwise, today will be the bloodbath of the Jade Lake Palace! After today, it will be wiped out.” Chai Yuanchu said.

“Oh, the Godly Cunning Immortal knows that you will come, and today, you will never leave!” Luo Liuyan said.

“Hum, at this moment, I still have to be quick-witted. In this case, I will kill you and then torture you!”

After speaking, Chai Yuanchu rushed over.

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