I Am An Evil Sword Chapter 98 The Lu’an Chamber of Commerce

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Shiqi looked at the mission objectives and map in his hand. He asked Xiong Tingzhi and Wu Guang to come to discuss it.

Both of them are natives of Black Water County. After explaining the tasks assigned by the 1000-man Commander, Xiong Tingzhi said, “The bandits and robbers we need to eliminate are clustered along the main trade road from Bauhinia City to Molan City, among them, the bandits in Black Dragon Village and Great Bear Mountain are the strongest. Both bandits’ groups are in Molan City’s territory, and the others are small bandits. With our strength, they are not enough to make us worry!”

“I have heard the Blue Devils of Molan City, and their strength is relatively strong. The leader seems to be a master of the late True Origin Realm. This is our most problematic opponent, and we need the assistance of the city guards in Molan City!”

“Then let’s clear out the mountain bandits first!”

Xiong Tingzhi was a little worried and said, “My lord, It is said that the Black Dragon Village is easy to defend and difficult to attack. The city guards of Molan City have been dispatched several times for this, but they have not been able to subjugate it!”

“You don’t have to worry about this. I will naturally consider it!” Shiqi whispered, “We should be fast, and we’d better move faster than other city guards!”

Wu Guang asked in a low voice, “My lord, if you are not prepared to act rashly, I am afraid you will lose a lot of manpower?”

Shiqi shook his head and said, “This time, half of the city guards in Bauhinia City have been dispatched, and more than 4,000 city guards have participated. The news will spread. If we are slow, I am afraid they will be prepared!”

“Xiong Tingzhi, you should go to Bauhinia to investigate immediately which caravan needs to go to Molan City in the last two days!”

“Wu Guang, you prepare the brothers to be ready for battle!”

Xiong Tingzhi acted very quickly, and he returned early in the afternoon.

“The people from the Lu’an Chamber of Commerce will go to Molan City early tomorrow morning, and I have brought the president of their Chamber of Commerce!”

“What is the strength of the Chamber of Commerce?” Shiqi asked.

“In Zijing City, the Lu’an Chamber of Commerce can only be regarded as a middle and lower reaches chamber of commerce, mainly cooperating with our military. Some of the military’s food is purchased from their chamber of commerce.”

“So, what about the manpower to escort the caravan this time?

” A master at the early stage of the True Origin Realm, some guards trained by the Chamber of Commerce, and some temporarily hired mercenaries!”

“Let the person in charge of their chamber of commerce come and see me!”

“All right!”

After a while, the tent was opened, and a girl of about seventeen or eighteen years old entered.

The girl was beautiful, with her long black hair being pulled up, which made her look a little capable.

She wore no make-up, with a smile on her face, a hint of businessman’s shrewdness in her eyes.

The president of a chamber of commerce turned out to be a young and beautiful girl? Shiqi did not expect this. But this was not something he needed to care about.

Shiqi glanced at her and said bluntly, “I heard that your Chamber of Commerce is going to Molan City tomorrow? I need you to cooperate with my action! “

“Sirs, I don’t know how to cooperate with you?”

Shiqi briefly told her about the plan.

“If we follow your plan, it will disrupt the plan of our chamber of commerce and …”

“Don’t be long-winded!” Shiqi waved his hand and impolitely interrupted the other party’s words. He stared at the girl’s eyes and asked in an indifferent and dignified tone, “I only need your answer. Do you agree to cooperate or not?”

“If you don’t give us compensation for it …”

“There is no compensation!”

“Then please forgive our Lu’an Chamber of Commerce for not cooperating!”

The girl didn’t have the slightness and directly pushed back Shiqi’s words.

Although the Lu’an Chamber of Commerce was not a big chamber of commerce, it still had connections in Bauhinia City, and it was not afraid of guards with 1000 men in a small city.

Shiqi sat in a chair, his finger tapping on the table, said in a low voice: “The 1000-man commander said that if someone dares to collude with bandits and robbers and ventilate them, they will be guilty of the same crime and can be directly annihilated!”

“Are you threatening me?” The girl smiled angrily. “Do you think I will be afraid of you?”

“I know you have a backer! But if … I mean if, if you are all dead, will the backer behind you stand up? “

Through the silver mask, the girl could see the 100-man Commander in front of her smiling.

The girl asked, “Do you dare to gamble?”

“Of course I dare, my name is Chen Pengfei. I just joined the city guard!”

Chen Pengfei?

The Blood-handed slaughterer Chen Pengfei?

The girl was stunned!

She heard about Chen Pengfei joining the army, but she did not expect that he was not in the Bauhinia Army but the city guard!

Shiqi suddenly sat up from his chair, the strong body and cruel deeds aura brought great oppression to the girl, thinking of Chen Pengfei’s unabashed crazy acts not long ago, she suddenly couldn’t breathe!

Many people who paid attention to the news of Chen Pengfei knew why he joined the army—it’s not illegal to kill!

“I have no interest in money and power. I like to kill people, no matter who they are!” Shiqi whispered, “If you don’t cooperate with me, I don’t mind using you to gain meritorious deeds  … Your ears are lovely!”

The girl fled to the corner of the tent like a rabbit and then said hurriedly: “Our Lu’an Chamber of Commerce will do our best to cooperate with you and will not leak any news!”

The following day, when the Lu’an Chamber of Commerce set out, a carriage accidentally rolled over, a box fell out of the carriage, and shiny gold coins were spread all over the floor.

Passers-by greedily looked at the gold coins on the ground and looked at the caravan guards, but wisely, did not act.

More than 50 guards, mercenaries, and more than 50 servants protected more than 20 carriages from Bauhinia City. More than 30 miles after leaving the city, the city guards fell far behind.

The city guard’s first goal was the Black Dragon Village at Bauhinia City and Molan City’s junction!

For them, the Black Dragon Village was a tough bone to chew, and its strength was formidable. The village was built in a dangerous place, easy to defend but difficult to attack. Molan City’s guards have tried besieging and suppressed it several times, but they failed.

This time, in order to clear away the hidden dangers in the rear, the military gave a death order to provide the Bauhinia City the power to fight across the city…

The city guards of Bauhinia City were much stronger than other city guards!

Molan City was just a small ordinary town, except for a little more farmland, there were no special products, and the bandits entrenched in this trade road were not very strong.

Shiqi was sitting in the carriage, holding the magic sword, looking ahead, his eyes, as if thinking about something.

Sitting across from him was the president of Lu’an Chamber of Commerce.

Liang Anyin, president of Lu’an Chamber of Commerce, was quite famous in Bauhinia City. Of course, the reason was her excellent management and communication skills and extraordinary beauty.

She always thought that she lived by her ability, and she never cared about her beauty.

At least that’s what Liang Anyin said! But deep down in her heart, she was very confident about her appearance. But now, she took a big hit!

Liang Anyin was afraid and loathed “Chen Pengfei.” Before “Chen Pengfei” got into the carriage, she decided not to give the other party a good face!

If the other party asked questions, she would answer honestly and try not to touch the other party’s bottom line.

If the other party didn’t talk, she wouldn’t say anything! Only in this way could she preserve her last dignity as a weak person.

But she didn’t expect … She shared a carriage for three days, and the other party didn’t say a word to her!

Is he still a man?

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