The Invincible Big Shot Is About To Be Born Chapter 1 The Legend Of The Sacred Forest

The Sacred Forest, It’s a forbidden place on the Eternal Element Plane. There were many legends about the sacred forest.

Some said that there was an invincible, immortal existence in the sacred forest, but others said that there was a terrifying immortal demon in the sacred forest. Either way, the same conclusion was that there was a supreme being living in the sacred forest.

Over the years, the thousand-year-old family constantly changing, and the super sects continued to rise and shatter, and even some continents had turned into oceans.

And the only constant on the Eternal Plane was this sacred forest.

Nobody knew how many years it had existed, and Even the oldest ancestor of the Eternal Plane had no idea how long the sacred forest had existed.

This day.

Over the sacred forest, thunderclouds suddenly condensed and spread rapidly. The tremendous destructive power continued to diffuse outward. Soon, the entire sacred forest was enveloped by this terrifying destructive power.

However, the thunder of destruction was still spreading beyond the sacred forest at an alarming rate.

Before long, the Shenwu Continent, where the sacred forest was located, was shrouded by the thunder of destruction.

In Shenwu Continent, super ancestors and the dynasty’s old monsters were all awakened by this destructive power. They were awakened one after another, looking at the thunder of destruction in horror.

Tai Wuji, the ancestor of the Wuji Dynasty closest to the sacred forest, trembles even more when he looks at the thundering sea tumbling high in the sky.

Even if it hits the next one, the thunder of destruction can blast the Wuji Imperial Capital into nothingness.

“What kind of thunder is this?”

“How can there be such a terrifying Godly Thunder in this world? Even if it is a tribulation thunder, the god who had achieved the status of True God is not so terrifying!”

Tai Wuji was panicked.

“Have you checked it out? What is going on with this Destruction Thunder?” Tai Wuji asked all the imperial masters around him.

“Old ancestor, it is clear that the source of the thunder of destruction is in the forbidden area of ​​the sacred forest!” said an imperial master, and his voice trembled when he mentioned the forbidden area of ​​the sacred forest.

“What?! the sacred forest forbidden area!” Tai Wuji and all the masters of the Wuji Dynasty took a deep breath.

“Could it be that the supreme being wants to achieve the Realm of God? Is it the god’s tribulation thunder” A master of the Wuji Dynasty guessed in surprise.

Tai Wuji shook his head, “Even if it were the god’s tribulation thunder, there was no such terrifying tribulation thunder.”

“I heard that the Emperor Hongfei entered the sacred forest and stayed for decades. After she came out, she was invincible and created the Hongtian Empire.!

“Even the nine Wu gods of the Wu Temple have entered the sacred forest.”

A very old dynasty’s ancestor swallowed his throat and said.

Tai Wuji’s eyes flashed, “The legend about that supreme existence is illusory, and no one knows whether it is true or not.”

“It is also possible that there is no supreme existence in the sacred forest.”

“Some people say that there is a sacred spring that enables people to undergo rebirth and becomes sacred.”

When the outside world was talking and guessing, suddenly, the terrifying thunder sea that enveloped the Shenwu Continent instantly condensed into an ominous thunder pillar and then suddenly blasted towards the forbidden area of ​​the sacred forest.

When the terrifying thunder pillar hit downward, the heaven and earth went blind.

Everyone’s eyes hurt.

When they opened their eyes, the heavens and the earth recovered, and it was still the bright clear sky, the sun was high, and the ominous thundercloud disappeared without a trace.

Everyone looked at each other.

At this time, in the forbidden area of ​​the sacred forest, a terrifying thunderball condensed at Lu Yiping’s fingertips.

It was the previous thunder. It was condensed in between his fingers by him and then continuously compressed into a ball of thunderball the size of a human head.

Such a terrifying thunder was even more terrifying than the God’s Tribulation Thunder, but it was condensed between Lu Yiping’s fingers!

Under the constant compression of Lu Yiping, the thunderball continued to shrink and finally became the size of a thumb. Then, he swallowed it in one bite.

Suddenly, a series of thunder spewing out from his whole body pores. But soon, it stopped abruptly.

Lu Yiping absorbed the power of tribulation thunder, stood up, loosened his bones and muscles, a smile drawn on his delicate face, and finally reached the final level of the Longevity Art.

I just didn’t expect to cause the thief’s dissatisfaction, leaving behind a modest tribulation.

Well, now that the Longevity Arts had been cultivated to the last level, even in the face of the great disaster of heaven and earth, I should also have the power of self-preservation, right?

It’s time to go out and have a look.

I don’t know what’s going on outside.

Lu Yiping came to a book pavilion. He saw a cabinet of books, cabinet after cabinet, all of which were the secrets of the fallen gods in clash of the titans.

On the walls around the book pavilion, there was a dazzling array of artifacts.

In these countless years, he spent his time reading these books, which are cultivation methods and guqin, chess, calligraphy and painting, medical theory, arrays, imperial beast, alchemy, etc.

However, he had not read the last Primal Chaos Clock Mantras. He decided to practice it before going out. Although his current strength was not weak, one more defense skill meant one more strength, which was always good.

A few days later.

A young man dressed in a light blue robe, who looks only in his twenties, walked out of the forbidden area of the sacred forest.

Coming to the edge of the sacred forest, Lu Yiping looks at the endless mountains in front of him, strode forward, and disappears into the vast peaks in the blink of an eye.

After a while, Lu Yiping saw a small village as he walked.

In the village, the smoke curls up. It was quiet and beautiful. Lu Yiping strolled over.

When he came to the village, he saw a 12-year-old girl practicing her sword in an open space.

However, the girl’s swordsmanship level was really terrible, and her swordsmanship was not complete, and she had practiced many incorrect moves.

“Who are you looking for?” When the girl saw Lu Yiping approaching, she asked with vigilance.

Lu Yiping saw the girl look vigilant and didn’t care. He asked, “Little girl, from whom did you learn the Shura swordsmanship?”

“Shura swordsmanship?” The girl shook her head: “I am swinging the sword casually, it’s not the Shura swordsmanship.”

Lu Yiping was startled.

At this moment, he saw a villager walking out of the village anxiously, shouting to the girl, “Xiao Yu, your father’s old injury came back, go back and have a look.”

The girl’s face changed, and she turned and ran back to the village. Lu Yiping thought for a while and followed.

When the girl, Lu Xiaoyu, came home, she saw her father, Lu Peng, looking pale and throwing up a pool of black blood on the ground, which was braving an astonishing chill.

“Father, how are you?” Lu Xiaoyu asked urgently.

Lu Peng shook his head, “I am alright, girl.”

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