It Turns Out I am a Dao Ancestor Chapter 60 Young Master Accepts Disciple, The Test Begins

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A bit small? Is that not enough? The Young Master is saying: Just this little black veined immortal gold was not enough to save her life! What to do?

Mu Bing’s mind turned sharply, thinking about countermeasures. Black-veined Immortal Gold was an immortal grade material! It was used to create a top-grade spirit, and it was not easy to get.

When given into the hands of the immortal refiner master, this thing was the material that could be used to create an immortal weapon.

This kind of treasure was hard to find! Where can I find it myself? What to do? If I don’t bring it, the Young Master will be angry.

Later, this path of good fortune will definitely be broken. When the time comes, she could only find a place to cry to death!

By the way, the dean seems to have a few pieces of Black-veined Immortal Gold, so I can only ask the dean for one!

Thinking of this, Mu Bing secretly took this matter into her heart.

“Miss Mu Bing, Miss Liuyan, don’t freeze, eat!” Sun Hao said.

“Yes, Young Master!” The two women started again.

Sun Hao looked at the two women and contemplated. His own place was too remote, and no immortal cultivator was willing to come. If he kept going like this, the speed of collecting blessing points was too slow.

I have to think of a way!

After some thinking, Sun Hao secretly nodded. In his eyes, a glimmer of light flashed and disappeared.

“Two misses, please help me if you can!” Sun Hao said.

As soon as these words came out. The two women trembled. Here came the test! The Young Master was going to start to give instructions!

Next, every word and every expression must be kept in mind!

“Young Master, please say it!” Luo Liuyan said.

“I’m going to accept three disciples, but this matters …” Sun Hao hesitated to say it.

When Luo Liuyan heard it, her eyes sparkled.

What? Accept disciples? This kind of good thing? Young Master, I would like to worship you as a teacher and be by your side for many years! I’m at your disposal! Please accept me!

Wrong! The Young Master did not directly ask to accept her; that is, he simply looks down on me. In other words, he still needs to test her!

Thinking of this, the two suppressed their inner excitement and calmed down.

“Young Master, do you want us to help you find disciples?” Luo Liuyan asked.

“That’s right, hmm, not right!” Sun Hao said ambiguously.

Of course, I can’t really accept disciples! Otherwise, what to teach them? Gardening? Playing the guqin? Farming? Refining? Carving …

It seems that those who cultivate immortality do not like these things, do they?

Therefore, as long as the two of them send people here and he gave something to those people. How can he gain blessing points constantly?

“Young Master, we understand!” Luo Liuyan said.

“Well, remember, the stronger the strength, the better!” Sun Hao said. The stronger the strength, the higher the blessing point would be.

Never bring mortals here!

“Young Master, rest assured!” Luo Liuyan nodded.

“Miss Mu Bing, it’s the first time for you to come today and even gave me something. You’re really polite!”

“I have something for you. Please come with me!” Sun Hao said. 

As soon as he said this, Mu Bing’s body trembled. What did he want her to do? Obviously, she felt that she had given unworthy gifts, but still wanted to give gifts to her?

What does this mean?

Thinking about this, Mu Bing looked at Luo Liuyan, asking for help.

“Mu Bing, this is the Young Master testing you. Be careful, and don’t be greedy!” Luo Liuyan said.


Mu Bing nodded and followed Sun Hao nervously. Soon, the two came to the carving room.

When the gate was open.

“Huu…” Terrifying coercion came like Mount Tai.

Mu Bing’s face was pale, and delicate beads of sweat overflowed on her forehead. It was the statues in the room that released this terrifying pressure.

Every statue made Mu Bing couldn’t produce any resistance in her heart.

“This … so many terrifying spirits?” Mu Bing stared at the statues all over the room with a shocked expression on her face. Those that could give birth to spirits were all high-grade spirits.

This room was all full of high-grade spiritual weapons, even the top-grade ones! So many top-grade artifacts? This is much richer than the Supreme Court!

Young Master, what kind of existence is he?

Thinking so, Mu Bing inhaled coldly and hadn’t calmed down for a long time. With Sun Hao in front, she could still bear the pressure.

“Miss Mu Bing, you can choose one of the items here!” Sun Hao said.

After Sun Hao said that, the surrounding pressure suddenly disappeared. And then:

“Pretty girl, this old man is an ancient powerhouse. Take me to ensure you reach the pinnacle of life, and when fighting, no one is your opponent in all directions!”

“Girl, I’m willing to be a sword in your hand. I’ll kill for you whoever, whenever, wherever you want!”

“Come on. You are obviously a clever girl. If you want to choose, you should choose this seat and suppress everything!”

A series of voices, like a clap of thunder, was booming in Mu Bing’s mind. At this moment, she was utterly stunned. Compared with the previous amazement, it was like different pressures.

“Young Master, this … how can this be?” Mu Bing said.

“Why? Do you despise my statues?” Sun Hao’s face sank, and his anger was apparent.

When she saw his expression, Mu Bing’s face changed drastically, and she waved her hands again and again, “Young … Young Master, I didn’t mean that!”

“What are you waiting for? Pick one!” Sun Hao said.

“Yes, Young Master!”

Mu Bing looked nervous, picked up one of them, and held it in her hand, “Young Master, may I choose this one?”

“Sure!” Sun Hao looked at the statue of the dragon in Mu Bing’s hand and was taken aback. It seemed that not everyone liked broken arm statues. He deliberately broke several statues and hid them among them so that they could find them.

“Thank you, Young Master!” Mu Bing sent the dragon statue into her space ring, and her face was full of gratitude. The two walked out of the carving room and came to the pavilion.

“Misses, it’s still early. How about staying for dinner?” Sun Hao said.

“Young Master, I’ve wasted your time for a long time today, so let’s say goodbye!” After saying their farewell to Sun Hao, the two women ran straight down the mountain.

A moment later.

“Mu Bing, have you realized it?” Luo Liuyan asked. 

Mu Bing’s expression stagnated, and a look of fear appeared on her face for a while. What happened today was simply terrifying.

First, the peerless demon immortal, then the supreme beast, then a warehouse full of top-grade spirit weapons. Even Thunder Tribulation disappeared! Every time, it almost scared her soul away.

It was frightening!

“En!” Mu Bing nodded, “The Young Master is suggesting that I have too little Black-veined Immortal Gold. He wants me to bring a little more!”

After Luo Liuyan heard it, she shook his head for a while. “Is this a hint? Is this a clear indication?”

“Then what did you realize?” Mu Bing asked.

“The Young Master accepts disciples, and this is both an opportunity and a test!”

“Recently, the evil race has grown bigger, and the Young Master’s first disciple must be the one who wiped out the evil race!” Luo Liuyan said.

Hearing this, Mu Bing secretly nodded. “He said that the stronger the strength, the better. What does this mean?”

“You don’t understand? This is his warning. Don’t slack off. You must work hard!”

“Also, the Young Master has woken you up and asked you to join us and destroy the evil race together. Are you willing?” Luo Liuyan said.

“I am willing!” Mu Bing nodded heavily.

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