It Turns Out I am a Dao Ancestor Chapter 58 To See What Tricks You’re Playing

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An unimaginable existence? Predicted everything? Experienced the world as a mortal?


Mu Bing sneered inwardly when she heard this. What a wonderful imagination! Worshipped a mortal as a god, and take the merits of the masters of Elysium on yourself?

Is this still the Luo Liuyan I know?

Although she thought so in her heart, her face remained unchanged.

“Fellow daoist Mu, since the Young Master made you and me unite, then let’s go to see him with me. Maybe he will have new instructions!” Luo Liuyan said.

Go with you to see the mortal? Okay! I’ll see what tricks you’re playing? If evil spirits really bewitch you, don’t blame me for not thinking about sisterhood.

“Good.” Mu Bing said calmly. Then, the two of them walked out of the Jade Lake Palace and flew to the Great Demon Mountain.

A day later, the two came to the edge of the Great Demon Mountain.

“Mu Bing, I know you don’t believe it, but let’s be like sisters. I have a few words to tell you in advance! Otherwise, if you miss a major opportunity, you will regret it!”

“In front of the Young Master, there must be no arrogance!”

“Since the Young Master appointed us to destroy the evil race, this is the supreme good fortune!”


Luo Liuyan didn’t mean to stop as soon as she spoke. Mu Bing felt like she might have calluses in her ears, and there was a hint of dryness in her heart. She was not angry because of Luo Liuyan’s face.

“I know!” Mu Bing said.

“When we fly down, we have to go up from the foot of the mountain to show our sincerity!”

“All right!” The two landed and walked up the mountain, step by step.

Going up the steps. By the side of the road, there was a stream. The clear stream crashed against the stone, creating a mist of water—the mist-shrouded peach blossom forest was like a fairyland.

When the wind blows, the fragrance of peaches pours into the nose, it felt refreshing.

Seeing this scene, Mu Bing’s eyes flashed, “Good place!”

Then, two people continue to go up.


“Worry is neither born nor extinguished, neither dirty nor clean, neither increasing nor decreasing …” A series of scriptures, mixed with the sound of Buddhism and Daoism, flooded the entire valley like a torrent.

At the exact moment, Mu Bing stood silly on the spot. The scenery in front of her was changing rapidly, and a giant golden Buddha stood proudly in the sky.

The dazzling golden light made people afraid to look directly at it. Words of scripture flew out of the golden Buddha’s mouth and enveloped the whole world. Spectating the breathtaking scene, Mu Bing hadn’t recovered for a long time.

The words of the grand dao filled her mind. At this moment, she reached an indescribable state of harmony between man and nature. That kind of mystery, that kind of meaning, could not be understood and comprehended.

For a long time, only then Mu Bing woke up from this state. Although her strength had not risen, her state of mind had rapidly increased. Her future achievements would be limitless!

“Could it be that it was not the master of Elysium that destroyed the evil spirits? It was the expert on the mountain? In other words, the so-called Young Master!”

Thinking like this, Mu Bing’s face changed slightly, frear flashed on her face. Just now, she thought about running to the mountain and exposing the expert. If she had done that, what was the difference between this and dying?

Thinking about this, Mu Bing put away her arrogance and followed Luo Liuyan up.



“Ai, there are still no blessing points!” After closing the scriptures, Sun Hao sighed faintly. For two days, he didn’t get any blessing points. Now, the cultivators didn’t come to his residence, and there was no chance to send anything.

“Is the Young Master at home?” At this moment, there was a sound from outside the courtyard.

Hearing this, Sun Hao’s eyes brightened. Finally, someone was here! Listening to her voice, it seemed to be Miss Liuyan.

“Young Master, I’ll open the door!” Huang Rumeng walked to the courtyard door and opened it, but she couldn’t help but look stunned. She saw that beside Luo Liuyan, there was a beautiful-looking woman who was far better than Luo Liuyan.

She is Mu Bing. Mu Bing looked at Huang Rumeng with a flash of surprise.

“Sister Rumeng, this is my fellow daoist Mu Bing. I’m here this time to pay homage to Young Master!” Luo Liuyan introduced.

“Miss Mu Bing, Sister Liuyan, please come inside!”  Under the lead of Huang Rumeng, the two walked into the hospital.

Mu Bing’s pupils shrank after seeing the thousand-color god lotus in the pond. It was a demon immortal! I’m afraid it was not an ordinary monster! The horror made Mu Bing have a little difficulty breathing.

Just by looking at it, Mu Bing looked back and bowed her head slightly to show respect. Although she heard Luo Liuyan talk about it many times, she was still shocked when she saw it at this moment.

It had been a long time since there had been a wave of waves in her heart. Now there were layers of ripples. Mu Bing restrained her inner fluctuations and continued to follow Huang Rumeng.


“Quack …” A duck’s cry came.


Mu Bing said subconsciously, looking up, her pupils shrinking.

“Buzz…”  There was a wave of coercion, like a tsunami.

“Dare to call this old ancestor a duck, and you are the first one, even the master is calling me a chicken! How dare you call me a duck?”

A sound rang in her mind like thunder. At this moment, Mu Bing felt like sinking into hell, trembled violently all over. On her forehead, sweat rolled out.

What kind of duck was this? This was obviously the Nine Heavens God Luan. What’s the difference between calling it a duck and dying? Luo Liuyan repeatedly told her about the Nine Heavens God Luan, but she still forgot.

“Senior, I didn’t mean it!” Mu Bing hurriedly transmitted his voice.

“Hmph, that’s unintentional! Even unintentionally, you still dare to do this, if it was intentional …” Following the sound, the endless coercion continued.

Mu Bing felt extremely uncomfortable, as if she were about to split apart.  Maybe in a second, she would be blown to paste.

“Xiaoying, why? So aggressive, be careful that i will stew you into a pot of chicken soup!” Seeing Ying You’s feather ruffled up and staring at Mu Bing, Sun Hao stopped getting angry.

A chicken dared to stare at a cultivator like this? Be careful of being cut off with a sword!


Ying You retracted his coercion and encircled Sun Hao as if he was a licking dog. Seeing this scene, the stormy sea rose again in Mu Bing’s heart.

With a single word, that mortal made the Nine Heavens God Luan retract the pressure, like a licking dog? By the way, the Nine Heavens God Luan called him the master just now.

Could it be that mortal? My god! Is this the end of the world? The dignified beast turned out to be a licking dog?

Initially, she was shocked by its strength. But now, Mu Bing’s worldview has been completely subverted. Divine beasts recognized a mortal as their masters, but why are they so pleased?

How was this possible? Is this mortal a supreme existence? Mu Bing kept using various methods. No matter how she looked, Sun Hao was just a mortal.

“Even I can’t see through all his secrets?” Mu Bing’s face showed the most careful look ever since.

“Young Master, this is my friend named Mu Bing. She has admired you for a long time. She has come to visit you today!” Luo Liuyan said.

“Miss Mu Bing, hello!” Sun Hao said.

Seeing this handsome scholar, Mu Bing hurriedly leaned forward, “I have seen the Young Master!”

“You’re welcome. Miss Mu Bing has come a long way. Sit down and have a rest first!” Sun Hao said.

“Thank you, Young Master!” And then they walked into the pavilion.

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