I Am An Evil Sword Chapter 97 Evil Spirit Training

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For the next three days, Shiqi lived and ate with his subordinates. He would greet the soldiers in his spare time and give them tips on some martial arts skills.

Shiqi originally had an excellent martial arts talent. After possessing the Crimson Blood Demon Sword, his martial arts talent was even stronger. Moreover, under the sword spirit’s guidance, he had a lot of dabbling in many exercises and martial arts. He advised civilian soldiers with weak foundations without any pressure.

In addition to the innate talent of civilian martial arts was lower than that of aristocratic families, the teachers’ most significant gap lay. Many martial artists without good teachers were likely to be troubled by a simple question for a long time!

After all, the vast majority of martial artists were not geniuses, and they couldn’t teach themselves.

And the precious time was wasted slowly.

Shiqi resolved many martial arts issues that had troubled them for a long time. Those soldiers who had heard of Shiqi’s terrible reputation and who were afraid of him, rejected him, and hated him, gradually accepted the young officer.

“Commander, I practiced “War Sword Art,” but I seem to have encountered a bottleneck recently, and I haven’t made any progress!”

The man who asked Shiqi was Xiong Tingzhi, one of the general banners under his command, was less than thirty and had the highest strength.

“You rehearse it, and I’ll take a look!”


Xiong Tingzhi’s “War Sword Arts” was pretty good, and it was almost reaching the standard level. There was no big problem with the moves. Shiqi thought about it and said, “The “War Sword Arts” is a sword technique on the battlefield. The bottleneck you’re facing now should be that your killing aura is insufficient. When you get to the battlefield, the progress should be faster!”

“Many of you should practice “Cross Sword Arts” and “War Sword Arts.” These two sword techniques have been practiced to the realm of perfection. I will rehearse it. You have to observe it carefully. It should be of some help to you!”

When the soldiers heard that the 100-man would practice “Cross Sword Arts” and “War Sword Arts” in person, almost all the soldiers gathered around.

Among them, more than half had practiced these two kinds of sword techniques, and it is beneficial for them to observe the master practice their perfect swordsmanship is beneficial to their own swordsmanship.

Seeing everyone looking at him expectantly, and even in the distance, other city guard soldiers were looking, the face under Shiqi’s mask pulled out a smile.

He pulled out the Crimson Blood Demon Sword and practiced the “Blood River Secret Arts” a blood-red mist enveloped him!

Immediately, the killing aura on Shiqi erupted completely.

That terrible and powerful killing intent made all the soldiers present couldn’t help but retreat.

“The evil spirit aura, 20%!”

After the evil spirit aura was turned on, his killing aura grew stronger, and the evil spirit aura enveloped all the soldiers who watched his performance!

“Look carefully, Horizontal Sword Arts!”

Shiqi’s <<Horizontal Sword Arts>> once they were used, the killing aura on his body would become more abundant, blood-red true essence would rush out, the entire practice field would be covered in a violent gale, sword energy would run rampant!

The soldiers were shrouded in the evil aura. They were weak-willed. They seemed to see countless corpses and heard the screams of numerous human beings before they died…Those were the lives terminated by the successive sword masters of the Crimson Blood Demon Sword.

Some soldiers were still persevering, and some soldiers turned and fled, just like seeing a ghost!

Three soldiers directly pulled out their weapons and slashed wildly. Fortunately, the two general banners reacted quickly enough to avoid chaos.

“Have you gained something?”

Shiqi looked around and found that only one-tenth of the soldiers who could stand at the scene were left, and five-tenths of the troops collapsed on the ground, and the remaining four-tenths of the soldiers were missing, which was probably scared away.

Xiong Tingzhi, who was pale, said, “There are gains, and your swordsmanship is superb. I am convinced!”

Another general banner, Wu Guang, also said, “The subordinates are also convinced!”

Wu Guang was not much better.

The two general banners could see it, and their 100-man commander really deserved his reputation. He was definitely the demonic path’s genius, and the killing intent condensed on him was enough to make the vast majority of soldiers collapse!

“That’s good!” Shiqi glanced at the people present and said, “You bring back all the soldiers who have run away. In the future, in addition to training, you must adapt to my killing aura in the future!”

“Subordinates obey!”

Xiong Tingzhi and Wu Guang smiled bitterly.

When all the soldiers gathered again, Shiqi found that apart from their fear, there was some respect in their eyes!

He didn’t care but said loudly, “Your performance made me very disappointed!”

From now on, you can put down your other training for the time being. You must first adapt to my aura and the killing intent in me!”

“If you can’t even adapt to this, when you go to the battlefield and need to fight in the future, as long as I go all out, the enemy may not have touched you, but you will collapse first, then what war are you fighting?”

Looking at the 100-man commander standing in the center with his mask and his cold and disappointed tone, almost all the soldiers were ashamed!

Especially the soldiers who had been frightened and fleeing just now were so scared that they did not even dare to lift their heads!

Most of them were young people under the age of 20 with average strength in the qi condensation realm, not veterans!

Shiqi said in a serious tone, “I know that with your current strength, it is difficult to get rid of the killing aura influence on your spirit, but since you don’t resist, then don’t resist, and completely accept the fear, tremor, and despair! Then you can imagine the person you hate most in my killing aura… you will turn your fear and despair into crazy fighting will!”

“So, you need to learn to take up weapons and fight frantically in my killing aura. For this, you can ask the soldiers who drew their swords to find out how they did it. Of course, you have to learn to distinguish between friends and the enemy! “

“Do you understand?”


“If there is no improvement in training, then you can only be eliminated!”

The evil spirit aura was a skill that only divided the swordmaster, regardless of the enemy and comrade. It could cause all creatures within the range other than the swordmaster. The aura produced a series of negative emotions, and those with a weak will would be scared and in despair!

But Shiqi was clear it also could train the soldiers, that fear and despair could also be transformed into a kind of crazy power.

Fear and despair could also make the soldiers exert extraordinary strength.

Three days later, most of the soldiers under him could barely adapt to the killing aura in the evil spirit aura.

Shiqi was summoned by the 1000-man commander again.

Zhou Yiran said with a solemn voice, “After receiving the notice from the leader, this task is related to the face of the Lord of the city. This time, we should do the task quickly and beautifully, at least not slower than the old guy Xiao Qixiang. If the leader and the Lord of the city are satisfied, we can all get rewards!”

The tasks were quickly assigned, and Shiqi looked at his thin sheets of paper and saw that everyone else was thick … It was obviously unfair!

Shiqi was dissatisfied, “Commander, why do other people have so many tasks? This is my only task?”

Zhou Yiran wasn’t angry. His subordinates worked so hard. How could he be dissatisfied?

“You are all recruits. You are also a newcomer. You still need experience!”

“Then, if I finish the task, can I do other people’s tasks?”

Zhou Yiran nodded and said, “Yes, when the time comes, you can take the tasks you want, as long as they have not finished, and I will call the shots for you!”

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