It Turns Out I am a Dao Ancestor Chapter 56 The Young Master’s Test Is Too Difficult

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Luo Liuyan walked on the road with a solemn expression.

“Fellow daoist Chen, I just thought about it all the way, but I didn’t understand what the Young Master meant? Did he point at you?” Luo Liuyan asked.

Chen Daoming looked nervous, looked around, and lowered his voice, “Fellow daoist Luo, this is not a place to talk. Can we find a safe place?”


Luo Liuyan nodded, “Fellow daoist Chen, then follow me to the Jade Lake Palace to talk about it!”

“Alright!” The two of them got up, turned into a long rainbow, and flew away quickly.

“Master, wait for me!” Su Yiling followed closely.

A day later, the three of them came to a secret room in Jade Lake Palace. After sitting down, Chen Daoming said, “The Young Master said that evil races should not exist in the world. What he meant is to ask me to eradicate the evil races!”

“Yes, that’s what he means, but it’s impossible for you alone to eradicate the evil races!” Luo Liuyan shook her head slightly, indicating that she could not understand.

“Fellow daoist Luo, this is the three bags of tea that he gave me. If I don’t accept it, he would still be angry. I think this must be related to the Young Master’s test!”

After speaking, Chen Daoming took out three bags of tea. As soon as this bags came out, Luo Liuyan and Su Yiling were astonished and didn’t come back to their senses for a long time.

“Om …” Luo Liuyan hurriedly set up a series of formations, covering the surroundings.

“These things, if they flow out, they will only lead to massacre!”

“The Young Master gave you such a valuable thing. I’m afraid this matter has profound meaning!” Luo Liuyan said.

“I think so too!” Chen Daoming said and began to think.

Su Yiling stood aside, scratching her head from time to time, and her face was confused. “Isn’t this tea for you to drink?”

“What is so simple? Don’t talk nonsense! ” Luo Liuyan reprimanded her lightly.

“Oh!” Su Yiling stuck out her tongue and sat weakly on the side.


“I see!” Chen Daoming slapped his thigh with a look of joy. 

“Fellow Daoist Chen, please explain!” Luo Liuyan looked expectant.

“Fellow Daoist Luo, the Young Master first points out that the evil race should not exist in the world. This is to tell me to eradicate them!”

“Then, he gave me three bags of tea, which refers to the three of us, which means that the three of us are the center to eradicate the evil race on behalf of the Young Master!”

“He also said that among fellow daoists, we should help each other, presumably let us recruit talents and fight the evil race together. These three bags of tea may be a reward from him!” Chen Daoming said.

Hearing this, Luo Liuyan nodded secretly, revealing an enlightened look.

“You are right! However, how do we recruit more cultivators? If they are too strong, I am afraid that they will be disloyal, but if they are too weak, they will not be the evil’s opponent!”

“Then again, where is the evil race’s lair? Next, where will they attack? What are the Young Master’s instructrions?” Luo Liuyan said.

This remark made Chen Daoming speechless.

“Fellow daoist Luo, what do you think?” Chen Daoming asked.

“You first tell me every word and every action that the Young Master said!” Luo Liuyan said.

“Alright!” Next, Chen Daoming told the story of the situation when he saw Sun Hao yesterday. When Chen Daoming said that Sun Hao had unexpectedly thrown a dead branch, Luo Liuyan’s eyes flashed completely.

Dead branches? Pool? No, that’s Jade Lake Palace! Maybe, that represents Jade Lake Palace? The Young Master pointed out that the evil race will take action against the Jade Lake Palace? My God!

At this moment, Luo Liuyan felt cold all over. After Luo Liuyan told her analysis, Chen Daoming was shocked, and his body trembled.

“Senior Luo, your understanding is excellent!”

“With the temperament of the evil race, it is only natural they are after you and attack the Jade Lake Palace since you kill so many of their puppets!” Chen Daoming said.

“Thank you for your advice! Otherwise, we don’t know how we died!”

Luo Liuyan showed a look of fear, “The evil race will come this time; they will definitely strike the mountain and shake the tiger(1). It must be a strong one! It is definitely not easy!”

“I don’t know if the Young Master has any other instructions?” Luo Liuyan said.

“Fellow daoist Luo, those two paintings!” Chen Daoming said.


Luo Liuyan took out one of the scrolls and slowly spread it out. 

This was a “Green Pine Painting”. Thousands of miles of frozen snow and thousands of miles were snow drifting. A green pine stands proudly, fighting against the wind and snow.

Above, there is a sentence:

Heavy snow oppresses the green pine, and the green pine is straight and straight. (*

That kind of unyielding will and daoist rhyme continuously rose and rushed out.  After the three saw it, their expressions changed drastically.

“Such a terrifying daoist rhyme, at least ten thousand times stronger than that “Ling Xi Painting”!”

“The Young Master is really terrifying!” Luo Liuyan muttered; her face was full of shock. She put aside the rhyme and just looked at the painting. Chen Daoming and Luo Liuyan stated for a long time, but they couldn’t think of anything.

“Ai, get the other one!”


Next, another picture scroll was spread out again. This was the picture of the “Ascending Painting”.

As I struggle to reach the top, and see all the small hills in one glance.

That kind of domineering, that kind of supreme feeling, flooded all over the body. On the scroll, the clouds were surging up, seeming to be flowing out. A man and a woman looking at the scenery?

What does this mean? The two were very close, which seemed to represent the need to unite. Is it that simple? 

Luo Liuyan frowned, even if she cracked her head, she couldn’t understand what this meant.

“Fellow daoist Chen, do you realize anything?” Luo Liuyan asked.

“Hmm, no!” Chen Daoming sighed heavily, looking helpless.

“The Young Master’s test is too difficult!”

“Yes!” The two continued to stare at the scroll, frowning and thinking.

Su Yiling supported her head with her hands and sighed, “Master, when will you finished! It’s so boring!” However, the two did not respond to her.

Su Yiling was like a transparent person.

“Master is so clever that I can’t figure it out. What exactly is this painting?”

Su Yiling stepped forward, and when she saw “Ascending Painting”, she couldn’t help but exclaimed, “What a beautiful cloud, what a beautiful blue sky!”

Hearing this, Luo Liuyan’s body jolted. It seemed that she had caught something, but she didn’t quite understand it.

Sky? Isn’t this heaven?(2)

The Young Master deliberately painted the blue sky so vast, isn’t this the Supreme Court(2)? I was so stupid that I couldn’t understand it. It was actually so straightforward.

“I see, this refers to the Supreme Court!” Luo Liuyan said.

When Chen Daoming heard it, he showed a sudden epiphany. “Fellow daoist Luo, your understanding is beyond this realm!” Chen Daoming’s face was full of admiration.

“No, no!”

Luo Liuyan took a long sigh of relief, but her face was still showing her doubts. “Although Young Master points out the Supreme Court, what does this mean?”

“Did the Young master pointed out that the Supreme Court has the evil race inside? Or let’s unite with the Supreme Court to fight the evil race together?”

“What does this painting “Green Pine” mean?” Luo Liuyan said.

Chen Daoming listened to these and shook his head for a while. “The Young Master’s instruction is too profound!”

“Yes!” Luo Liuyan sighed secretly, she looked depressed.

At this time, “Palace Master, the people from the Supreme Court are here!” A disciple’s voice sounded outside the door.

  1. Deliberately showing off strength as a warning.
  2. Shangchangyuan, literally means Heaven Courtyard.

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