I Am An Evil Sword Chapter 96 Military Teaching

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The instructor was taken aback for a moment, then he understood what Shiqi probably meant.

It seemed to mean, ‘where there is a fire pit, please push me in!’

He had never encountered a recruit who was so impatient to die.

Nevertheless, the head instructor had taken notice of Chen Pengfei, the leader also seemed to believe he was talented and powerful, and he was not afraid of death. If he ground well, he would be a sharp knife!

As a talented person like Chen Pengfei, no force was not welcome as long as he sincerely joined.

When the Lord Commander proposed to focus on cultivating Chen Pengfei. At that time, someone put forward different opinions, saying that Chen Pengfei’s motive for joining the army was not pure!

The Lord Commander only said a word and made everyone shut their mouths-”As long as he killed the enemy, then he is a comrade!”

“I will convey your wishes to Lord Commander!”

“Thank you!”

In the afternoon, Shiqi’s group of new recruits gathered in the square.

After encouraging all the recruits present, the recruits’ instructor announced the appointment based on the recruits’ results.

“Chen Pengfei, temporarily serving as a hundred men leader, is incorporated into the guards of the Bauhinia City, responsible for suppressing bandits!”

To suppress bandits?

Shiqi touched his nose, he didn’t expect it.

He thought he was going to the front!

But when it came to suppressing bandits, he was not at all repulsive. He had some doubts about whether the person who arranged the position had seen his resume… When it came to suppressing bandits, he still had the experience.

The instructor immediately selected 112 men from among the recruits to join under Shiqi command.

A 100-man Commander, also known as centurions, had two general banners under their jurisdiction, each with fifty people, and each banner had five small banners.

In any case, the size of Shiqi’s unit was considered an officer, and there were hundreds of subordinates.

The soldiers who were assigned to Shiqi command were anxious.

On the one hand, they were absolutely convinced by his strength!

On the other hand, they had some worries about Shiqi being less than 17 years old and lacking experience.

In the army, having a good boss was absolutely very important!

Soon, the 1000-Man Commander of Bauhinia City Guards led a group of recruits in addition to the recruit training camp.

They were assigned to the new city guard camp.

The 1000-Man Commander was called Zhou Yiran. He was in the late True Origin realm. He was in his thirties. He was born as a civilian martial artist. He was burly in shape, with a big beard, and his face was full of flesh.

He brought Shiqi into the camp and introduced the other nine 100-man commanders under his command one by one. The other 100-man commanders were very friendly to Shiqi. At least on the surface, they extremely welcomed him.

Zhou Yiran saw that everyone knew him well, and sat on the chair and ordered, “Everyone sits down!”

A group of 100-man commanders sat down quickly, and Shiqi sat in the last position.

Zhou Yiran said, “The war with the Black Blood Kingdom is inevitable. Although our city guards are not on the front line, they also have critical tasks. The general has ordered the Lord of the city. Before the war, we must protect the rear’s stability and make the rear completely stable. Our city guards’ task is to wipe out all the mountain thieves and bandits within Bauhinia City’s jurisdiction as much as possible and cooperate to destroy the uncertified clan forces in nearby cities. The local city guards will cooperate with us!”

A 100-man commander raised a convenient question, “What if the local city guards collude with those gangs?”

“Then, as an accomplice, we will wipe them together!” Zhou Yiran said with a serious face, “Resorting to extreme measure in an extraordinary period is all for the stability of the rear!”

“Sir, do we act together or separately?”

“I have mission information here. The small forces are carried out separately by each 100-man commander. If the forces are slightly larger, I will distribute them according to the strength standards and let you act together!”

“Chen Pengfei, you are a newcomer. Do you have any opinions?”

Shiqi thought for a moment and asked, “Sir 1000-Man Commander, I just want to ask, can I leave no prisoners?”

Again, the 100-man commanders looked at Shiqi at the same time.

Although Shiqi was a newcomer, his words make everyone feel freezing cold.

The city guard of Bauhinia went out to eliminate the bandits and thieves. If the opponent surrendered, the city guard would usually take them back to the city for judgment.

Those with lesser crimes may be fined as coolies.

If the crime were graver, they would be thrown into the frontline cannon-fodder camp.

Zhou Yiran thought for a while and said, “If it’s not convenient, don’t keep prisoners!”

He only cared about the task being completed, not worried about the group of exterminated subjects’ life and death.

“Then I have no problem!”

Shiqi said with a smile.

After the meeting, Zhou Yiran took the ten 100-man commanders to the restaurant to drink.

Shiqi didn’t refuse! His constitutions were already extraordinary, and his body was often nourished by the blood qi fed back by the Crimson Demon Sword. His capacity for drinking was very strong. In the middle of the night, nine 100-man commanders were drunk and lying prone on the table. Only he and Zhou  Yiran were still awake.

After returning to the camp, Shiqi lay in a separate camp, unable to sleep for a long time.

He was now 100-city guards commander, with more than one hundred men in his hand.

He was absolutely adept at killing and setting the fire, but if he wanted to lead soldiers to fight, he would need to have some strength.

In the beginning, the Lan family didn’t cultivate his ability to lead the soldiers!

“Lord Sword Spirit, do you know how to lead troops?”

If he encountered problems that he couldn’t solve, he would turn to Lord Sword Spirit for help.

In Shiqi’s eyes, although Lord Sword Spirit was not omnipotent, he was definitely a wise man with rich experience.

When Chen Hao heard the question from Shiqi, he immediately replied, “Lead soldiers to fight, of course I know!”


“Are you doubting me?”

“Of course not!” Shiqi quickly explained, “I hope Lord Sword Spirit can teach me!”

“You give me three minutes!”


Chen Hao said impatiently, “When it comes to fighting, my experience is too rich. I am afraid that it is too esoteric for you to understand. You give me three minutes, and I will compile my experience into a story so that it is easier to accept at your current level!”

Three minutes later, Chen Hao slowly said, “The story I compiled is called” The Deduction of the Three Kingdoms”, you listen well!”

Since he became a sword spirit, Chen Hao had constantly been upgrading through killing, and his soul power had also become stronger. He found that he could recall all the information about novels and movies he had seen before.

When it came to marching and fighting, Chen Hao was a rookie, talking on paper. In this world where aristocratic families almost monopolized important knowledge.

“The Deduction of the Three Kingdoms” was definitely a classic of Chen Hao’s Chinese civilization in the world. It was absolutely suitable to use it as a military enlightenment course for Lan Shiqi!

Anyway, he could hardly do anything when he was in the sword. He was also idle when he was idle, and it was good to tell stories.

As a result, Chen Hao talked with joy all night, and Shiqi was also excited to hear till the dawn!

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