I Am An Evil Sword Chapter 95 What Do You Recommend?

For a long time, few family sects were willing to send their talented children to the battlefield.

On the battlefield, the role of personal talent and strength was infinitely reduced.

Even if you have exceptional talent, as long as you didn’t grow up, you couldn’t afford to turn over any waves on the battlefield.

Family sects were reluctant to let their talented children set foot on the battlefield. Only in their sects could they get the best training and protection, which significantly reduced the possibility of their premature death, exerted all their potential, and infinitely increased the probability of becoming masters!

After all, talented children were the pillar of every family sect, and every loss was a significant loss, but on the battlefield, their death probability was too high!

In the sect, if you were challenged by others. and the strength was too different, you could decline it.

On the battlefield, you must fight, you must face life and death every time!

His opponent also had no choice.

If you were lucky, you might meet a rookie in the qi condensation realm, and if you were unlucky, you might also encounter a general in the innate realm!

Therefore, most people who choose to join the army were civilian fighters.

Civilian fighters were the foundation of the army!

The middle-aged general said with a cold face, “Since you are not here to join the army, get out of here!”

“I am Xu Haifeng from the Xu family?”

“Can the Xu family attack the enlistment of our Bauhinia Army?”

Xu Haifeng complexion turned stagnant and said quickly, “I want to find that person Chen Pengfei!”

At this time, Shiqi had already filled out the form and handed it to the middle-aged scribe.

“No, he has signed up for the army now. According to the regulations, he has to enter the new barracks for training and assessment!”

Xu Haifeng said, “He is a man from demonic path, killing innocent people indiscriminately, and committing countless murders in Blackwater County!”

The middle-aged general asked slightly, “Is he wanted?”

“It doesn’t seem to be!”

Shiqi’s killing methods were vicious, but he chose the target very well.

Almost all the people killed were wicked people who were not officially recognized by the Southern Cloud Kingdom. Most of them were gangs and bandits… Almost none of the officials such as the City Lord’s Mansion, the City Guard, etc. moved by him!

How could the Southern Cloud Kingdom want him?

Perhaps the most outrageous thing was to destroy two small families, but the Southern Cloud Kingdom officials had never had a good impression of the family!

“Since he is not wanted, I cannot refuse his application!” The middle-aged soldier said with a straight face, “Please go back!”

After all, Xu Haifeng and his party did not dare to attack the recruitment office.

The middle-aged scribe glanced at Shiqi application forms for joining the army, looked at himself slightly surprised, and then nodded to show a smile, “OK, you enter through this door, someone will meet you, I hope you can pass the examination!”

Shiqi turned around and walked directly to the door. When he walked to the door, he stopped and turned to look at Xu Haifeng in disgust, feeling happy.

I can’t go to the arena.

Xu Haifeng was in the late True Origin Realm and he was in the early True Origin Realm. If he lost, he would die. He couldn’t afford to lose!

If he won, Xu Haifeng would be even more troublesome if he died!

Entering the inner door, Shiqi came to a small square, and a soldier led him to a room.

In the room, an old man quietly worked there.

“Give me the form!”

The enrollment form was duplicated, and another copy was on Shiqi’s hand.

“Fifteen years old, in the early stage of the True Origin Realm, perfect!” The old man paid attention to Shiqi’s ancestors, frowning and asked, “Are you a disciple of Patriarch Red River?”

“Yes!” Shiqi nodded.

“Our army does not reject demonic path martial artists, but you must honestly confess your origin, and make us believe that you are not a spy sent by an enemy country!”

Speaking of the Red River’s ancestor, Shiqi was definitely still alive today and knew him best. 

The Crimson Blood Sword witnessed how the last three disciples of the Red River’s ancestor came to an end one by one.

So he briefly mentioned some secret things about the Red River’s ancestor and the three ghosts of the Red River, the old man buried his head in the record, and occasionally nodded, as if he was very interested.

The old man asked, “What is your purpose in joining the army?”

“Of course, it is because killing people here is not illegal!”

The old man sighed, “Your answer is really unexpected. Take off the mask, and I’d like to have a look!”

Shiqi took off his mask and revealed the ferocious scar on his face, “I was careless when I fought with others, and my face was cut!”

“Why do you want to keep scars?”

“Save it as a commemoration, but also alert yourself!”

The old man nodded, “I see!”

Next, the old man took Shiqi to touch the bone age, He didn’t reach fifteen yet, so there was no doubt

After touching the bone age, it was to test the strength level.

This test was personally taken by a master of the late True Origin Realm. He shot the true qi out of the Shiqi’s body, and then directly sensed his qi’s strength, with almost no way of disguising.

After passing a series of examinations, Shiqi was put into the new barracks.

In the new barracks, they needed to train for recruits for ten days, and then they were formally incorporated into the army.

There were about 500 warriors in the new barracks including Shiqi. They were all about 15 to 35 years old. The number of warriors in the True Origin Realm was only ten. Shiqi was the youngest one and perhaps the strongest one.

Because the ten people are all civilian martial artists, and none of them were mid-True Origin realm martial artists.

Shiqi won first place after the ten-day training for recruits.

The instructor received him.

He met an old man with a strong aura in the instructor place.

He was asked to show the fascinating knowledge of the Red River’s ancestors. The old man would have known “Blood River Secret Arts” and a little “Blood King’s Fist”.

In front of the instructor, the old man said, “It is indeed the old ghost of Honghe. I have fought against him back then, and I am deeply impressed!”

When the old man left, the instructor said to Shiqi “Chen Pengfei, congratulations. You passed the examination!”

Shiqi nodded coldly.

He knew that his name as one of the disciples of the ancestor of Red River would be confirmed from now on.

“The people you killed before, our military doesn’t care!” the instructor whispered, “but in the future, you must always remember to strictly observe military discipline and don’t treat the barracks as other places, understand?”


After reminding Shiqi, the instructor asked, “You are the strongest among the new recruits. Do you have any requirements for which unit to assign?”

“You are eligible to join the Bauhinia Legion!” The instructor added, “Of course, even if you join the Bauhinia Legion with your current strength, you can only start from the corporal!”

“I don’t care which legion I join. I just want to kill people. What do the instructors recommend?”

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