I Am An Evil Sword Chapter 94 Come To be a Soldier

Fame always has advantages and disadvantages.

Especially for notorious people like Lan Shiqi!

There were many disadvantages.

If your strength were not strong, but your reputation was high, it was simply the best choice to increase reputation!

Shiqi was ready to be found out, but he didn’t expect it to come so fast.

Xu Haifeng?

Shiqi remembered that there was a Xu family in Blackwater County.

The Xu family was slightly inferior to the Lan family, which can be  considered as a first-class family in the Southern Cloud Kingdom.

Xu Haifeng seemed to be two or three years older than him, and he was probably stronger than him.

Without self-confidence, it was impossible for the other party to deal with him.

Shiqi smiled and asked, “This is Bauhinia City. Are you really going to do it here?”

“A villain like you will be punished.” Xu Haifeng held the long sword and said that he would be the one to do it.

Shiqi was taken aback for a moment then realized that the other party was most likely the descendant of the Xu family that was mentioned in the Lan family’s intelligence report.

And his status probably was not low. Otherwise, he would definitely not dare to do it in Bauhinia City.

“Young Master Xu, kill him, and you will be completely famous in Blackwater County!”

“Young Master Xu, kill him!”

Shiqi glanced at the group of supporters behind Xu Haifeng, his complexion didn’t look good.

Xu Haifeng drew out his sword and spoke plainly, “I’ll give you a one-on-one chance, I intend to properly defeat you, the number one demonic genius in the Southern Region!”

The number one demonic path’s young genius in the Southern Region?

Shiqi felt a headache coming on. 

Hadn’t he only recently become Southern Cloud Kingdom’s number one Demonic Path’s Young Genius?

How did it become a Southern Region?

This rumor was too vicious!

Shiqi glanced at the sky and felt that time was about right. He said to Xu Haifeng, “Don’t you want to defeat me? How about we head to the arena?”

In this continent, where strength was respected, there was no shortage of challenge arena.

Almost every city had a challenge arena dedicated to those warriors who were energetic, fierce and combative, or had animosity between them.

Dueling in the arena was equivalent to signing a life and death contract, and the city guard would not interfere!

If Shiqi fights with Xu Haifeng outside the arena, he would probably be captured by the Bauhinia City guards into the dungeon even if he had a chance to win.

Once caught and put in the dungeon, it was hard to say whether he could come out alive.

After all, his reputation in Blackwater County was not very good.

“Ok, we will head to the arena!”

A group of people moved towards the arena of Bauhinia City, surrounding Shiqi and Xu Haifeng.

Along the way, a group of Xu Haifeng’s friends kept propagating to passers-by.

The passers-by heard that they were going to the arena for a life-and-death duel. The Southern Territory demonic path’s first genius and the Xu family’s descendants in the Blackwater County were not people without names, so they spontaneously followed to the arena.

More and more passers-by were gathering around the challenge arena, so many it was enough to block the street!

“That masked man is the first demonic path’s genius of the Southern Territory? He is so murderous. I don’t know how many innocent people’s lives he has on his hand!”

“Xu Haifeng is rumored to be the Xu Family’s leading genius, attaining the True Origin Realm Late Stage Cultivation Level even before he reached 18 years old, I wonder if this is true?”

“The number one demonic path’s genius in the Southern Region? I want to challenge him too! It’s a pity that Xu Haifeng got on the ground first!”

Shiqi knew there were quite a few people who wanted to stand on his fame.

If it was really like what other people had said, Xu Haifeng had reached the late stage of True Origin Realm’s cultivation base. It was almost impossible for him to retreat today.

Gradually approaching the ring, Shiqi eagerly turned his gaze on a small pergola next to the arena stage.

A square table and two chairs were placed on the small pergola. On the chairs sat a burly general and a scribe dressed as a scholar, and a group of majestic soldiers with murderous aura stood beside them.

On the opposite street, a hawker selling steamed buns was shouting loudly, “Sell steamed buns ~ fresh meat buns ~ thin skin and more meat ~ fresh meat buns ~.”

Shiqi heaved a sigh of relief.

Today was just like the previous two days.

Shiqi glanced at Xu Haifeng, who was walking ahead, and then at Xu Haifeng’s supporters.

His supporters were very conscientious, they surrounded Shiqi,  not giving him a chance to escape.

Shiqi shouted, “Wait, stop!”

“Why, do you want to go back on your word?”

Xu Haifeng’s gang stared at Shiqi, and if he dared to go back on his word, they would set him up, tie him up and throw him into the arena.

“Chen Pengfei” must enter the arena, must become Xu Haifeng’s stepping stone, and become a tool for Xu Haifeng’s fame!

“The demon path’s first genius turned out to be a coward!”

“Is he afraid?”


The ridicule of passers-by did not make Shiqi feel nervous and embarrassed.

He had seen more significant scenes than this.

He shouted, “I stayed in the inn for two days, and I didn’t touch any rice. I was blocked by Xu Haifeng just after I went out. I am now empty and hungry, and I have no strength at all. It is not fair to compete in my current state!”

Two days without sustenance, to a True Origin Realm Level expert, did have an impact.

It was common sense that you had no energy if you didn’t eat.

Only innate masters could stay alive well without eating for more than ten days.

“Then what do you want? Do you want to have a meal first? ” One of Xu Haifeng’s supporters shouted, “What if you take the opportunity to run away?”

“No!” Shiqi waved his hand and pointed to the steamed stuffed bun seller in front of him and said loudly, “I see there are steamed stuffed buns in front of me. I’ll have the strength after eating three baskets!”

As he said this, he used his large hands to push his way through the crowd.

Xu Haifeng’s two supporters blocked the way to prevent Shiqi from going out.

Shiqi asked Xu Haifeng angrily, “Why, the Xu’s genius asked me for a challenge and won’t even let me have a bite of rice? If you don’t let me eat, Just kill me directly! “

As he spoke, Shiqi stretched out his neck and pointed to his neck, and said, “Come on, just cut it!”

“Brother Xu?”

Xu Haifeng suppressed his anger and said, “He won’t be arrogant long. Let him eat till he is satisfied. Otherwise, even if I win, others will think that I win unfairly!”

“That’s more like it!”

Shiqi proudly grabbed the heads of Xu Haifeng’s two supporters with both hands, and they flew away arrogantly, striding towards the vendors selling steamed buns.

Xu Haifeng squinted his eyes and said, “Go, let’s keep up!”

Shiqi took two steps, then suddenly sped up and rushed to the vendor selling steamed buns.

He was starving to death.

Xu Haifeng felt that something was wrong, and tried to separate those who were in front of him to watch the excitement, and shouted, “Stop him!”

Unfortunately, it was too late.

The crowd of onlookers who watched the excitement brought Shiqi some time.

He went straight to the pergola and shouted at the soldiers inside, “General, I’m here to sign up for the army!”

“I’m not a general, nor the one next to me. Those who come to join the army fill out this form and wait in the back!” The scribe pointed to a small door at the back and then handed a form. The form is straightforward. He filled in his name, strength, native place, family, and teacher.

“Chen Pengfei, don’t try to escape!”

Xu Haifeng’s group of people rushed straight to the recruiting officer … they were greeted by a group of soldiers holding spears!

They hesitated!

The general sitting next to the scribes stood up slowly and asked, “Are you going to sign up for the army and defend your country?”

“…No!” Xu Haifeng said quickly.

As a genius of the Xu family, Xu Haifeng couldn’t serve as a soldier.

Even if he wanted to, the Xu family couldn’t let him go to the battlefield!

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