It Turns Out I am a Dao Ancestor Chapter 52 Breaking Through the Ancient Restriction

“Rumeng, there is a pavilion on the top of the stone pagoda; take me up to see it.” Sun Hao said.

“This?” There was a trace of fear on Huang Rumeng’s face. She clearly remembers that the top floor of this stone pagoda is within a hundred meters, and she could not get close to it at all. Presumably, there was a horrifying restriction on top of it.

These restrictions were very ancient, and she was afraid that even a demigod would be destroyed, and fear was not a matter of question. The Young Master wanted to go up, maybe …

“What’s wrong, Rumeng?” Sun Hao asked.

“I’m okay. I’ll take you up.” Huang Rumeng replied. Thinking of Sun Hao catching the peerless ferocious flood dragon with one hand, Huang Rumeng was relieved.

Huang Rumeng took out a long sword and floated in front of him. “Young master, I stand in front.” Huang Rumeng said.

“No, you just stand behind.” After speaking, Sun Hao leaped slightly and stood on the sword’s tip, and his whole person was as stable as Mount Tai.

“Woosh…” The two rushed up to the top of the stone pagoda. Huang Rumeng controlled the flying sword and stood a hundred meters away, not daring to approach it.

“Om…” Huang Rumeng’s face changed slightly when she saw there was like no restriction whatsoever blocking in front.

“Rumeng, come closer.” Sun Hao looked at the pavilion on the stone pagoda with his eyes shining.  This space was similar to the pavilion, but it was much larger than the pavilion.

Wouldn’t it be nice to set up tables and chairs, play guqin, paint, chat over tea, and enjoy the beautiful scenery? Thinking so, Sun Hao stretched out his right hand.

“Young Master, be careful …” The words did not finish.

“Kacha!” The restriction collapsed, cracking like shredded paper.

“This …..” Huang Rumeng was dumbfounded. She looked at Sun Hao, and her eyes shone with inextinguishable radiance.

“The Young Master broke this ancient restriction with his body alone. This is really terrifying!”

“By looking at his appearance, it seems that there was no restriction at all!”

“Young Master is amazing!” This method and strength were unimaginable.  The more she looked at it, the more Huang Rumeng couldn’t see through Sun Hao.

Great power? A peerless master? A supreme immortal? It’s all possible.

“Rumeng, take me in!” Sun Hao said.

“Yes, Young Master!” Huang Rumeng took a few deep breaths, which made her feel much better.

“The scenery is really great!” Sun Hao looked ahead and smiled on the top of the stone pagoda.

“Yes, it is.” Huang Rumeng stood beside Sun Hao, nodding slightly.

“I want to paint now, Rumeng. Please help me get the tools!” Sun Hao said.

“Alright!” Huang Rumeng nodded.

A moment later, Sun Hao unrolled the rice paper and swiped a brush. The brush was moving like a dragon and  snake, an inky mountain and river appeared vividly on the paper.

On the drawing paper, a man and a woman stood on the top of the mountain, looking out over the mountains. Under the layers of clouds and mist, there is a continuous mountain range. This situation was highly compatible with the present artistic conception.

Although the figure was vague, the artistic conception was profound, making people reluctant to look away.

Sun Hao picked up the brush and waved again. In the blank space, he wrote two lines: As I struggle to reach the top

And see all the small hills in one glance!*

The Ascending Painting was thus completed.

Huang Rumeng looked at this painting and stood there dumbfounded. The scenery in front of her changed completely. As if she had stood in the painting, the woman in the painting became her.

“Swirl…” The wind and cloud in the picture were surging rapidly. The spiritual energy around, no, it was not right, the immortal energy surged. Huang Rumeng clearly felt that her strength was rapidly improving.

A moment later.

“Kacha!” Inside his body, the thin layer that blocked her cultivation base cracked. At this moment, she reached the first step of the Ascendant realm. There were two barriers between the ascendant realm and the immortal realm.

The first was the transformation of spiritual power. This process was extremely slow. Ordinary cultivators usually need thousands of years. Even if it were an evil path cultivator, it would take at least a hundred years.

The spiritual transformation process was divided into ten steps. For every 10% conversion, the strength would be multiplied several times, so it was divided into ten steps. Unexpectedly, in just over ten days, Huang Rumeng had been promoted from the Crossing Calamity Realm to the first stage of Ascendant Realm.

If this news went out, perhaps that the old monster who had been sleeping for countless years would jump out. Everything was thanks to Sun Hao!

Huang Rumeng looked at Sun Hao with worship, gratitude, and love written on her face.

“Young Master!”  Huang Rumeng rushed over and hugged Sun Hao tightly.

“Rumeng!” A fragrant wind went straight into his nasal cavity, and a softness came from the chest. Some places were uncontrollable, like a dragon soaring into the sky, unstoppable.

Huang Rumeng felt that Sun Hao’s body was abnormal, and her face turned red. She hugged tightly, not daring to move. Sun Hao didn’t even dare to move.

Huang Rumeng is a cultivator. I’m a mortal, and if I dual cultivate with her, first it is not right, and the force is too strong.

“Kacha!” It was broken. Thinking about it made him scared. He still had to wait until he could cultivate and achieve the same strength.

“Young Master, are you at home?”

At this moment, a voice came from outside the courtyard. Huang Rumeng quickly let go of Sun Hao, her face flushed, and stood aside.

“It’s them!” In Sun Hao’s eyes, a strange glow was blooming, and he could reap the blessing point. After returning from Jiangyang City, it has been almost two days without reaping the blessing points.

As for Huang Rumeng, as early as a few days ago, he could not obtain the blessing point. He didn’t know if it was because it was too often or there was an upper limit.

Today, when they came, Sun Hao thought that he could harvest a wave of blessing points.

“Rumeng, take me down!” Sun Hao said.

“Yes, Young Master!” After the two landed, they opened the courtyard door.

“I have seen the Young Master!” Seeing Sun Hao, Chen Daoming, Luo Liuyan, and Su Yiling saluted respectfully.

Sun Hao clasped his fists, “Brother Chen, did you come together?”

“Yes, Young Master!” Chen Daoming stood up. In his eyes, there was a look of admiration.

He took out a jade bottle and handed it to Sun Hao. “Young Master, please accept it!”

Bringing gifts again? Really unusual! The cultivator is polite.

“Brother Chen is very kind!” Sun Hao took the jade bottle and opened it, and a scent of fragrance came. What’s inside was a pill with purple light flowing. 

At first glance, it was not something that can be used right away, and I will definitely use it in the future.

“Thank you, Brother Chen, please come inside!” Sun Hao said.

“Yes, Young Master!”  Chen Daoming nodded and strode in. 

The two women looked sad when they saw this scene. This time, they didn’t bring Sun Hao gifts, so they were really embarrassed to go in.

“Miss Liuyan, Miss Yiling, stop staring and come in quickly!” Sun Hao said.

“We …” The two women look confused, wanting to enter but not daring to enter.

“Sister Liu Yan, sister Yi Ling, don’t dawdle!” Huang Rumeng walked to the two women, dragged them, and entered the courtyard gate.

“A Thousand Color God Lotus!” Chen Daoming’s expression changed significantly when he saw the lotus flower in the pond.

It had only been a short month. Unexpectedly, the demon lotus grew thousands of petals.

“With so many petals, this strength is unimaginable.”

Chen Daoming looked at the Thousand Color God Lotus with awe in his eyes. At this rate, it wouldn’t be long before it became a lotus of all colors. When the time came, how terrifying was the strength of this lotus demon?

Thinking about it made people scared for a while.


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