I Am An Evil Sword Chapter 93 Made a Name For Himself

With his body full of blood, Shiqi stood in the middle of the mountain village. In front of him stood a man with a beard. The man was about forty years old, and a blindfold covered his left eye. Just like his nickname, he was one-eyed.

He licked his upper body, showing lean muscles. His body was full of interlaced scars. The scars kept bleeding and stained him with blood.

One-eyed gritted his teeth, staring at him with hatred, and said, “You are simply not a human being. You kill the old and the weak, women and children, don’t you feel a little sorry?”

Shiqi shook his head indifferently and said with a smile, “They should have died. I remember that Southern Cloud Kingdom’s laws clearly stipulate that for all the bandits, their families are guilty of the same crimes as the bandits!”

“After all … you are feeding them with other people’s blood!” Shiqi narrowed his eyes and continued, “So I killed them, and I am killing them all for the people!”

One-eyed asked, “Are you from the court?”


“Then, you are planning to fight for justice? For the people?”

“Uh …” Shiqi hesitated and said, “Actually, what I just said was a lie to you, I just want to kill people,  but I don’t think it’s good to kill at will. I just happen to run into your little brother, just find a reason to kill the people … I think this reason is quite good, what do you think? I used to fantasize about being a chivalrous knight, and today I got my wish! “

“The big brother over there, I’m talking about you. Don’t hide behind the wall. I have already seen you. Say hello to your boss. If you don’t come out again, I will cut you down!”

The mountain thief who led the way for Shiqi stood out from behind the wall-shaking.

“Did you see it? That enthusiastic big brother brought me up!”

“Ren Fei!”


Chen Hao said in a low voice, “Shiqi, you have said too much, so hurry up, stop talking, I will cut you down!”

Being urged by the sword spirit, Shiqi acted quickly.

He hadn’t spoken to anyone for more than a month, and he was a little excited when he saw a living person who could talk to.

“My name is Chen Pengfei, a descendant of the Red River ancestor. It is your pleasure to die in my hand!”

Shiqi said it with a solemn expression holding the heavy crimson sword.

Killing the one-eyed who was in the mid-true origin realm, Shiqi slowly walked to Ren Fei’s eyes.

Ren Fei lay on the ground and wailed loudly: “Please, please let me go! Senior, please let me go! Spare me a dog life! “

“I’ll let you go, yes, with conditions!”

“What conditions?”

“I’m Chen Pengfei, a disciple of Red River Blood Ancestor, a master of demon path. I’m fifteen years old. I’m a master in the early stage of the true origin realm. It’s not a problem to leapfrog challenges. I want to be famous!” Shiqi looked at Ren Fei with his head down. “Do you understand?”

“I understand! I understand! I understand! “

Warriors, no different from other ordinary people, couldn’t escape fame and fortune after all.

Shiqi wanted fame, Ren Fei understood.

“I think your relatives may also be in those bodies! If you hate me, if you want to avenge your loved ones, then try your best to publicize my name! ” Shiqi smiled and left. As he walked, he repeated, “I, Chen Pengfei, a direct disciple of the master of the demon path, Patriarch Red River, is 15 years old this year, a master in the early stage of the true origin realm, able to leapfrog challenge, and can be called the number one demon path genius in the Southern Cloud Kingdom, and love to kill people.”

Ren Fei looked at the disappearing devil. He looked at the corpse in the village. Tears kept trickling down. His eyes were full of hatred. He read word by word: “Chen Pengfei, a disciple of Patriarch Red River, is fifteen years old and a master in the early stage of the true origin realm.”

He was afraid of missing a word, a message!

In Linhu City, Shiqi rested for two days. On the third day, he kicked a gang member who was in the way … That night, he killed out the gang, leaving only two of their most loyal gang members!

The following day, he set off again.

After passing through seven cities in Heishui County in succession, Shiqi left behind the horrifying name of “Chen Pengfei”!

Needless to say, the personal disciple of the Red River Ancestor.

The first demon genius in the Southern Cloud Kingdom was bloodthirsty, very good at killing innocent people. He had a violent personality… ate raw babies, raped women, also liked men, especially handsome men… etc.. It seems that something strange is mixed in.

Anyway, under a bunch of “survivors” who spare no effort to boast, his reputation was hated and feared … Chen Pengfei had that kind of reputation.

Some people even made up for the deeds of his youth. He was born as an illegitimate child of a certain family. He was born unintentionally, cruel since childhood. He liked to torture cute little animals, betrayed the family, and learned from the blood river’s ancestor only to betrayed and killed him.

Don’t underestimate human beings’ imagination in this world, and don’t underestimate how a group of people with powerful backgrounds and deep hatred would set up their enemies!

At that time, in the south of Blackwater County, Chen Pengfei’s notoriety was catching up with after a bunch of veteran innate masters of the demon path!

Bauhinia City, the city in the Southern Cloud Kingdom closest to the Black Blood Kingdom.

Shiqi came to the city gate, and a guard stopped him.

“What do you want to do?”

“Join the army!”

The soldier’s serious expression eased slightly, “You, take off your mask!”

Shiqi took off his silver mask, and a ferocious scar was revealed.

The soldier twitched his mouth, poured the water from the kettle on his waist, smiled, and pointed to a line of well-equipped soldiers and smiled.

He rubbed his wet hands hard on Shiqi’s face, then nodded and said, “Go in! This is Bauhinia City, remember not to cause trouble! “

A few days after entering Bauhinia City, Shiqi left the inn. He heard his “loud” reputation.

Shiqi’s current strength was the peak of the mid-True Origin realm, and it was possible to break through to the late True Origin realm at any time.

However, he did not intend to join the army with the mid-True Origin realm’s cultivation base.

After all, the 15-year-old true origin realm was too high-profile and perhaps extremely rare in the Southern Cloud Kingdom!

Once the reputation of genius was spread, he was likely to be noticed by the Lan family.

The Lan family’s influence was concentrated in the Golden Armored Legion, but after all, the Lan family was operating in the Southern Cloud Kingdom to celebrate the New Year. Maybe there were people in the Bauhinia Legion.

It was not too hard during the war to make an accident and let a wild genius fall.

Without identity, it was impossible for him to join the Southern Cloud Kingdom’s elite army.

Shiqi needed a new identity and needed to delay for a while, at least to let him gain a firm foothold in the Bauhinia Army.

And, with the help of Lord Sword Spirit, he was sure to establish his new identity!

Shiqi cultivated the “Breath Restraint Arts”, but the “Breath Restraint Arts” was not enough to allow him to escape the strict scrutiny of the army. He had to choose to reduce his skill forcefully.

“Burning Blood Great Art!”

Shiqi’s face was flushed.

Two days later, he escaped from the weak phase and was at the peak of the True Origin Realm’s initial stage.

He went out in a hurry with a mask. Just after going out, he was blocked: “Are you the first genius of demon path, Chen Pengfei?”

Shiqi froze slightly, the side effect of being too famous was here?

He didn’t expect to come so fast!

Shiqi asked coldly, “I am Chen Pengfei. Who are you?”

“You are a famous man after all, worthy of knowing my name, remember, my name is Xu Haifeng, and you will die under my sword!”

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