I Am An Evil Sword Chapter 92 The Bailin Bandit

For half a month, Shiqi left Baisha County and came to Magic Cloud County. In one month, he crossed Magic Cloud County and came to Blackwater County.

When he had entered Blackwater County’s boundary, Shiqi people felt a little safe.

As a former Blue Shadow Guard, he was very aware of the Lan family’s sphere of influence. The Lan family had some strength in Magic Cloud County, but when he arrived in Blackwater County, the Lan family’s power had plummeted down, only retaining some intelligence networks.

The Blue Shadow Guard rarely entered Blackwater County’s boundary to perform missions because this was the place of the Bauhinia Legion of the Southern Cloud Kingdom.

The Bauhinia Legion was the elite of the Southern Cloud Kingdom’s elite army, and the army was completely loyal to the Southern Cloud Kingdom’s royal family.

Blackwater County was adjacent to the Black Blood Kingdom, and the Black Blood Kingdom was the most combative country in the southern region in the whole continent.

The Black Blood Nation was somewhat different from other Southern Territory countries. In other countries in the Southern Territory, the demon martial artist was entirely suppressed by the right path. If they indulged in their devilish act slightly, they might be hunted down by the right path and the aristocratic family all over the world.

But the Black Blood Kingdom was an anomaly. It was the world of the demon practitioners!

Even the Black Blood kingdom’s royal family practiced the demon path, and the emperor of the Black Blood kingdom was also a demon path master at night.

A hundred years ago, the Black Blood Kingdom was initially just a tiny Southern Domain country. It was not originally called the Black Blood Kingdom, but the Black Star Kingdom. However, after a coup, the original royal family was driven overnight, and the Black Star Kingdom was controlled by Ye Yuntian, the top powerhouse of the Black Star Nation at the time.

After Ye Yuntian ascended the throne, he first changed Black Star Kingdom’s name to the Black Blood Kingdom.

After the demon warriors completely took control of the Black Blood Kingdom, the Black Blood Kingdom’s power was greatly expanded. In just one hundred years, it annexed six small countries around it, and its strength became a power in the Southern Region.

But even if six small countries were annexed, the land area expanded five times, and the Black Blood Kingdom still did not slow down the pace of aggression!

And the Black Blood Kingdom and the Southern Cloud Kingdom were adjoining, and the Black Blood Kingdom had become a big trouble for the Southern Cloud Kingdom!

As a matter of fact, the strength of the Southern Cloud Kingdom was not as good as the Black Blood Kingdom, but fortunately, not only the Nanyun Nation was adjacent to the Black Blood Kingdom, but also the Zhou Kingdom, whose strength was not lost to the Black Blood Kingdom.

The Zhou Kingdom was very alert to the Black Blood Kingdom. Two years ago, the Zhou Kingdom Emperor gathered the small countries around the Black Blood Kingdom to fight against the Black Blood Kingdom’s expansion.

The Black Blood Kingdom and the Zhou Kingdom alliance confronted each other on the border for nearly a year.

On the border between several countries and the Black Blood Kingdom, bloodshed and friction would occur from time to time … There was no war, and there were countless small-scale bloody conflicts.

But everybody knew that the Black Blood Kingdom’s aggressiveness, the alliance headed by the Zhou Kingdom and the Black Blood Kingdom, would eventually have a big-scale war!

Shiqi came to the boundary of Blackwater County and then marched directly to the Blackwater County and Black Blood Kingdom border.

Just when he was about to reach Linhu City, he ran into a bandits group at Bailin Mountain’s foot.

There were seven bandits in total, all of them fierce-looking, full of a flesh wound, tall and burly. They dressed in animal skins, some in martial arts uniforms, and some were simply naked, revealing their entire body.

“The one with the mask, if you meet us, you are unlucky, and you should hand over all your belongings!”

The head of the bandits laughed loudly.

There were many roads under Bailin Mountain. Their team often patrolled the roads under the mountain. Once they met a fat sheep who looked good to be bullied, they will swarm up, killing them if they could and robbing them if they can. There was absolutely no waste.

Shiqi looked at the bandits, and the Crimson Demon Sword on his back trembled slightly.

He smiled and drew the heavy sword out and asked with a smile, “Is Lord Sword Spirit unable to hold back?”

The Crimson DemonSword could not hold it anymore. In more than a month, it was the worst, except for some monsters. It hadn’t even drunk human blood.

To describe it in one word, it was already hungry!

“I finally met one today, and I must not let him go!” The mountain bandits leader shouted, “Brothers, let’s go and kill him!”

As a mountain bandit, it was absolutely impossible to talk about morality.

Everyone was attacking together!

Holding the heavy sword tightly, a murderous aura radiated from Shiqi’s body.

With a silver mask and a prominent burly figure, he looked very cold!


The Crimson Demon Sword was hungry and thirsty, and he was also eager to kill.

He had some doubts if he didn’t kill anyone, and if he continued like this, the murderous aura in his body would rebel, and the sword spirit inside the Crimson Demon Sword would just abandon him!

You know, Lord Sword Spirit’s temper had been very grumpy in recent days!

The irritability made Shiqi frightened!

The two bandits running in front had just run into Shiqi, and they raised their long swords to chop him. Shiqi swung his sword and cut the two bandits with the sword into four parts!

Blood splattered!

Shiqi raised his face to the sky and roared.

It was like venting the boredom of the last month or so.

“Trash! all of you have to die!”

Every time a person was killed, there would be a strong warm current in the Crimson Blood Demon Sword. The warm current kept scouring Shiqi’s body, which made him, who had not experienced this kind of stimulation for a long time, intoxicated!

He could feel that the true qi in his body was fluctuating violently as if in joy, cheering!

None of the seven mountain bandits was Shiqi’s opponent, and the strongest among them was only at the beginning of the True Origin Realm.

“Are you their boss?”

Shiqi asked with the heavy sword pointing at the last bandit.

“I am a small leader, my boss is one-eyed, and my boss is the first master of Linhu City.” The last mountain thief had a bit of hard bones and directly threatened Shiqi. “Don’t think you can kill us; you feel very powerful. If you dare to kill me, my boss will definitely avenge me!”

“How powerful is he?”

“True Origin Realm Peak Warrior!”

Shiqi’s cruel smile appeared at the corner of his mouth.

“Do you think I will believe what you say?”

True Origin Realm peak warrior was willing to nest in this wretched place by robbing merchants for a living?

“You are not honest!”

Shiqi felt that the other party must have exaggerated their boss’s strength!

“Take me to your boss, and I will spare you. If you don’t want to, you can keep company with your brothers!”

The mountain bandit turned pale with fright as he looked at the parts of his companion’s corpse scattered everywhere. He had no other choice.

“I’ll lead the way. I’ll lead the way, please let me go!”

“If you have enough people in your hideout, I can let you go!”

The mountain bandit didn’t understand why if there were many people in the hideout, and the other party would let him go.

On the Bailin Mountain, walking through the narrow mountain road, a guard post appeared before Shiqi’s eyes.

“That is our hideout. Please let me go!” The mountain bandit cried.

“There were more than 300 people with women and children!”

“Well, yes, there are indeed many people!” Shiqi nodded in satisfaction and said, “Let’s go. Take me in!”

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