I Am An Evil Sword Chapter 91 All the Way South

“Miss, there is another very important thing you seem to have forgotten!” Looking at Lan Yanlin, who was in a hurry trying to leave, Shiqi stopped her.

“What is it?”

“You should give me a name!”

The orphans adopted by the Lan family only have numbers, not names.

When they were fifteen years old, they could have their own names only after passing the examination.

It stood to reason that Shiqi was Lan Yanlin’s guard, and she should give his name.

However, he had been waiting for it. Shiqi was not pleasing to Lan Yanlin’s eyes, and his name had not been changed.

Lan Yanlin slowly read her mouth and said, “Chen Pengfei! I hope you fly as far as possible, and it is best not to meet again in this life!”

As the northern military town of Southern Cloud Kingdom, Yiyang City at night implemented the Curfew policy.

Curfews prohibited night activities, and it was a felony to violate the curfew order in the streets at night, except for the Blue Shadow Guards.

Unfortunately, Shiqi was no longer a Blue Shadow Guard.

Along the way, he swiftly avoided several patrols by the city guards and then came to the south gate of Yiyang City.

The south gate had already been closed. If he wanted to get out of the gate tonight, he had to climb over the city wall.

When he left, LanYanlin warned him that the eldest son would not let him go smoothly, and every minute he stayed in Yiyang City, it was more dangerous.

Standing on the wall and underground, Seventeen held the Crimson DemonSword and said, “Lord Sword Spirit, can you become a dagger?”

“All right!”

Knowing that Shiqi was running for his life, Chen Hao didn’t embarrass him.

The sword with red blood was shortened, narrowed and thinned quickly, and finally became a dagger.

The Crimson Demon Sword quickly shortened, narrowed, and thinned, and finally became a dagger.

Shiqi nodded in satisfaction.

He drew out his dagger and stepped back hundreds of steps.

“Flash step!”

Instantaneous acceleration, he rushed to the wall, and when he was about to hit the city wall, his legs suddenly kicked, his whole body leaped up, and then took advantage of the force to fly on the city wall.

Just when the power of the jump was about to disappear, he inserted the Crimson Blood Demon Sword into the wall, and when he raised his arm, his body rose again with the help of the force. After repeating this five times, he successfully stood on the wall.

On the wall, there were two soldiers standing guard every thirty meters.

Shiqi was very familiar with the guard distribution of Yiyang City. The place where he jumped was placed between the two guards.

After crossing the city wall, he again inserted the dagger into the wall diagonally, forcibly reducing the falling speed.

He breathed a long sigh of relief when his feet stepped on solid ground.

Looking up at the familiar wall, he sighed and left without looking back.

All the way to the south, Shiqi went to the hinterland of the Southern Cloud Kingdom.

He didn’t go to Chen Guo city, but from Yiyang City to Chen Guo city. The Lan Family’s strength was powerful, and if he were unlucky, he might also meet with the Jin family army. Shiqi was not so stupid.

Shiqi did not dare to take the main road but chose the mountain forest’s remote road.

Three days later, when Shiqi was about to leave Yiyang City, Shiqi met a team of blue shadow guards.

The leader of the blue shadow guards whispered, “Lan Shiqi, cut your own throat!”

Shiqi looked at the seven of them and slowly drew out the heavy sword.

“If you don’t have the strength of the pinnacle of the True Origin Realm, you can’t stop me!”

“A middle-level True Origin Realm warrior is so brazen!”

The killing intent overflowed, and as soon as they met, Shiqi killed them, and the blue shadow guard captain’s head shot up into the sky.

A quarter of an hour later, Shiqi people left their bodies all over the ground and fled in a hurry.

Chen Hao ridiculed in the sword, “Shiqi, you seem to have promised Lan Yanlin not to do anything to the Lan family!”

Shiqi replied, “I promised her to live well first!”

“The mouth is on you; say what you want!”

Shiqi thought for a moment and said, “Lord Sword Spirit, can you hide the red pattern on the heavy sword? The Lan family’s spies still have some strength in the Southern Cloud Kingdom.”

The blood-red pattern on the red-blood heavy sword was a”characteristic.” It is difficult to guarantee that the Lan family intelligence organization would not follow the sword’s characteristics to find him.

“Of course, no problem!” Chen Hao laughed. “But I think your face is more obvious!”

Shiqi lowered his head. He must admit that the sword spirit was telling the truth.

If he didn’t make any concealment, the next time he encountered Blue Shadow Guard, the person who comes would not be in the late true origin realm.

Wearing a mask?

Seventeen rejected the idea first.

If he just wears a mask… he couldn’t even enter the city.

No one would believe a warrior who dare not show his true colors.


It would be simple, but he was not proficient at disguising. It was impossible to deceive others for a long time.

He stared at the heavy crimson sword, gritted his teeth, and turned his face to the blade!


Shiqi screamed sternly.

Chen Hao stared at him blankly and asked some inexplicable: “Disfiguring face? Do you need to do this that far?”

Shiqi applied a simple herbal medicine to his face and then wrapped his face tightly with a bandage, covering the entire face. Just reveal a pair of eyes.

“This is the safest way. As long as you don’t show other horses, others will definitely not recognize it!”

Chen Hao asked, “Can’t you leave the Southern Cloud Kingdom? Although the Lan family is powerful, it is impossible to reach out to other kingdoms.”

Shiqi looked in the direction of Yiyang City and said, “I still … don’t want to leave!”

“Boy, I seem to smell the sour and ugly smell of love!”

Shiqi whispered, “I don’t know. I just don’t want to leave.”

“How do you feel?”

“How do you feel?” In front of the sword spirit, he did not cover it up. He thought for a while and said, “I should have died. If the lady didn’t save me, I wouldn’t have any complaints… But she saved me. I know the mistakes I made! I know what the lady did. It must not be easy to save me! Missy is a kind person, the kindest person I have ever seen, and I don’t think she should be like this!”

“I just want to see her again.” Shiqi raised his head and looked up. Facing the blue sky, he clenched his fist and said, “Appear upright in front of her, not as a family servant! I want to tell her that she can make any choice as long as she is happy…I will protect her.”

Chen Hao was a little sure, Shiqi might truly like Lan Yanlin!

He must admit that Lan Yanlin was a very attractive girl.

She is beautiful, elegant, cold-looking, mature, and firm, but she was not a ruthless woman, and her weak physique was also a charm, which can arouse men’s desire to protect her.

Based on this analysis, the love affair had just begun, and the merely fifteen-year-old Lan Shiqi would fall in love with Lan Yanlin… it didn’t seem so strange!

The wound on his face was slightly better, so he untied the bandage and put on the silver mask he had already prepared.

The mask was prepared by him before and had not been used yet.

He first went to Juyuan City and retrieved the array formation blueprint of the evil spirit refining demon array formation. But he did not enter Juyuan City and continued to flee south.

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