It Turns Out I am a Dao Ancestor Chapter 49 The Peerless Fierce Dragon in the Ghost Dragon Lake

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Located 500 kilometers south of the Great Demon Mountain, there was a lake with a radius of several kilometers called the Ghost Dragon Lake.

Legend has it that there was a ghost dragon inside, swallowing the sky and the earth with endless terror. Within ten miles of Ghost Dragon Lake, no one dared to approach Ghost Dragon Lake

On this day, a fisherman with a fishing net on his back and a harpoon in his hand carefully. He cautiously reached the edge of Ghost Dragon Lake and looked at it with panic on his face.

“No matter what, my family is going to starve to death if I can’t catch any fish!”

“The head dropped a big bowl and scar[A metaphor which means that he’s not afraid of anything]!” After that, the fisherman carefully walked to the edge of Ghost Dragon Pool, picked up the fishing net, and threw it vigorously.

“Splash …” The fishing net fell into the water, causing ripples to spread. The fisherman took the fishing net and pulled hard and got a large net of big lively fish. There were smiles on the fisherman’s face.

“Send, send, sell this net of fish. I don’t have to worry about living for at least a month!” The fisherman murmured, carrying the net of fish on his back, and walked back.

However, there was a rapid change happening at this moment.

“Gu …” Huge bubbles bulged in the Ghost Dragon Pool. The pool of water was bubbling as if it were boiled. The entire ground also trembled violently.

The fisherman seemed to have noticed the strangeness, turned his head around, directly scared still.

He saw a head shaped like a dragon’s head, standing in the air like a vast mountain. Those two blood-red eyes showed a chilling light.

“The Supreme Court doesn’t even dare to step a foot here, yet, a mortal like you have the guts to court death by coming here!” After finishing speaking, the giant dragon head opened his big mouth and sucked hard.

“Ah …” The fisherman uncontrollably flew backward to the dragon head that sucked him. He was chewed a few times and swallowed.

Then, the giant dragon’s head sank into the water. The water was calm again as if nothing had happened.

On the shore, the fishing net was lying there quietly.

In the sky south of Ghost Dragon Pool, a flash of rainbow was flying fast.

These rainbow lights were Sun Hao and Huang Rumeng.

Oh no, I forgot to tell Ning Mingzhi where I live! Blame me, I was so nervous. I just wanted to escape, so I forgot about it.

Now that I have been flying for a long time, even if I hurried back, Ning Mingzhi must have left.

Finally, some people are willing to listen to my own chanting, but it turns out to be like this.

Forget it, let’s go home first!

Sun Hao relaxed and began to explore the surrounding scenery. Suddenly, his eyes were shining as he saw the lake. The water lake was rippling with blue waves and gleaming, making those who saw it feel comfortable.

“Rumeng, let’s go to the pool to play for a while.” Sun Hao pointed down and said.

“Yes, Young Master!” The two people quickly landed.

Sun Hao stood by the lake, closed his eyes, and took a deep breath, revealing a look of enjoyment.

“It’s a good place. I wonder if there are any fish in it?”

“It’s been a long time since I had eaten fish. I don’t know if it is possible to catch a fish in such deep water?”

Thinking of this, Sun Hao glanced around and saw a fishing net and a harpoon not far away. Who left this? Just when he needed it himself!

Such a good person!

“Rumeng, let’s catch a fish here and go back. I haven’t eaten meat for a long time.” Sun Hao said.

“I’ll listen to Young Master’s instructions!” Huang Rumeng smiled and nodded.

“Rumeng, it’s better if you watch it by the side, I’ll fish it out!” Sun Hao said.

“Yes, Young Master!” Sun Hao picked up the fishing net, walked to the lake, spread the net, and threw it quickly. Then, he pulled up the fishing net vigorously.

However, nothing was caught. A fierce flood dragon opened his eyes at the bottom of the lake, and two sharp gazes shot out.

“Damn, another bug comes again!”

“Is my place somewhere where you can come and go as you please?” After speaking, the fierce flood dragon rushed away like a flash of lightning.

On the edge of the lake, “It’s impossible, isn’t my fishing in the supreme realm?”

“Why didn’t I catch a single fish?”

“It’s such a big lake, logically speaking, there should be fish!”

“Big fish, come for me!” Sun Hao shouted, spread the fishing net, and threw it into the water.

Behind him, Huang Rumeng looked at Ghost Dragon Lake, her heart beating violently, and her face showed anxiety.

“There’s something down here!” Huang Rumeng’s divine consciousness scanned the bottom of the pool, and her scalp exploded, and she quickly retracted her divine consciousness.

“There is a peerless ferocious flood dragon below, which has reached the fifth stage Ascendant realm. It is more terrifying than the evil spirit, not good!”

Huang Rumeng looked at Sun Hao and ran towards him quickly to prevent him from getting off the net. However, there was no time. The fierce flood dragon rushed up, aimed at the fishing net, and rushed over.

“Little bug, fishing on this site is looking for death!” There was a cold killing intent in the eyes of the fierce flood dragon.

In the next second, his face changed drastically. He saw that the fishing net was growing fast, and it wrapped him up in an instant.

“You want to trap me only with this. You must be looking for death!” The fierce flood dragon roared vigorously and slammed into the fishing net.

“Bang …” A very faint voice sounded. With this collision, the fierce flood dragon was dizzy and almost fainted.

“What … what the hell is this?” The fierce flood dragon’s face changed dramatically and struggled wildly.

However, it was useless. Every time he touched the fishing net, it would give him a feeling that his soul was torn up. In the whole western region, he was a supreme existence, and no one could match him.

Every month, he would devour an eighth-class clan or sect, and even the Supreme Court could not control it. When even the Supreme Court didn’t dare to control him, would he fall into the hands of a mortal?

Unwilling! The fierce flood dragon roared and struggled frantically. However, It is useless; its body, following the fishing net, shrunk and became smaller and smaller.

Finally, it was fished to the surface.

“Rumeng, look, it’s a big yellow eel!” A surprised voice came. The fierce flood dragon couldn’t help being angry when he heard someone call him an eel.

“You are the big eel! Your whole fucking family is big eels!”

However, what frightened the fierce flood dragon was that what it said was just squeaking, just like the scream of  real eels.

“My God, who is he … who is he? What does he want to do to me?” The fierce flood dragon’s face was full of horror.

“Young Master, you are really amazing!” Huang Rumeng praised Sun Hao earnestly.

“I’m flattered, Rumeng. We have good luck tonight, and such a big eel can’t be eaten in one meal!” Sun Hao said.

What? Want to eat me?

Oh my god! Don’t you know that I belong to the dragon clan?

Although I have not been transformed into a true dragon, the identity is here!

Even if you are strong , what do you count as in front of the dragon clan?

Let me go quickly!

The fierce flood dragon roared loudly and roared again repeatedly. In Sun Hao’s view, it was an eel jumping wildly in the big net, and it didn’t help.

“Hey, don’t jump. It’s no use!” A big hand reached into the fishing net and grabbed the fierce flood dragon.

“Want to catch me by just relying on your strength as a mortal? See if I don’t swallow you!” This idea has just taken shape. In the next second, the fierce flood dragon’s face changed dramatically.

He found that he was already in the hands of this mortal and could not struggle. What scared him even more, was that all his strength was sealed and could not be used.

“It’s over!” This was the fierce flood dragon’s last thought.

Huang Rumeng stared at this scene blankly, shocked for a long time without moving. Even the dragons were to be eaten as eels. In this world, besides the Young Master, who else dared to do it?

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