I Am An Evil Sword Chapter 90 Out of the Lan Family

Even if it were approaching spring, the weather was still freezing.

Lan Yanlin left the door of the dungeon, and she shivered with the cold wind blowing.

A rickety black shadow slowly appeared beside her.


Lan Yanlin whispered, “Grandma, are you still here?”

“Where are you going, Miss?”

“See my eldest brother!”

“Are you going to intercede for Lan Shiqi?” The grandma asked with some surprise, “Don’t you always dislike him very much?”

“I just thought he should be given a chance. He is still young!”

Lan Yanlin tightened her clothes and remembered the scene when Seventeen appeared in front of her.

A simple and honest boy with a hefty commitment.

Just to help her vent her anger, he dared to kill the Chen family.

Although Lan Yanlin didn’t like his recklessness very much, it was impossible that she didn’t feel touched in her heart.

Seeing her elder brother Lan Yanming, Lan Yanlin directly asked his maid to leave.

“Let’s talk. What do you want me to do?”

Lan Yanlin was not polite to her eldest brother and said directly, “I hope you can let Lan Shiqi go.”

“That’s impossible!” Lan Yanming gritted his teeth and said, “You know What did he do? He actually tried to assassinate the fourth young master of the Chen family in the Drunken Moon Tower. Fortunately, the Blue Shadow Guard is nearby. Otherwise, all our Lan family plans will be messed up by him!”

“Isn’t that Chen Yuxuan not dead?”

Lan Yanlin had no affection for Chen Yuxuan, only dislike.

Since childhood, it was the first time that he stared at her with such unbridled eyesight.

“Not dead?” Lan Yanming was almost mad at his sister. “It’s not a question of Chen Yuxuan’s death! Shiqi, as a blue shadow guard, intends to assassinate Chen Yuxuan, which is equivalent to betraying the family! He is an unstable factor and must be eliminated! And Chen Yuxuan is still waiting for our Lan family to give him an explanation! Seventeen must die!”

“Then… What if I beg you?”

Lan Yanming looked at his sister in disbelief.

Speaking of it, this was the first time Lan Yanlin begs him.

“Yanlin, you don’t have any affection for that boy, do you?”

“Good feelings, there are!” Lan Yanlin looked directly at her eldest brother’s eyes, and her face was still cold. “I don’t want him to die at a young age.”

Lan Yanming gritted his teeth and said, “No, Lan Shiqi must die!”

His sister’s intercession made Lan Yanming more and more convinced that Lan Shiqi was a scourge!

With his understanding of his sister, he knew that Yanlin really fell in love with Lan Shiqi was basically impossible.

But Lan Shiqi gained Lan Yanlin’s favor… Then he must die!

Lan Yanlin looked at her elder brother coldly. Her cold and slightly crazy look made Lan Yanming feel a little bit cold.

“Big brother, I don’t like it very much. Your attitude of taking human life seriously!”

She tilted her little head, her tone was calm, too calm, her eyes were callous, and she looked at the furnishings in the room aimlessly. She didn’t seem to be angry because of her eldest brother’s refusal, and even she didn’t care.

Lan Yanming looked at his sister and did not speak.

He knew that it was all appearances.

His sister always looked like this when she was angry.

Most people in the Lan Mansion thought that Miss Lan had a good temper and was very kind… In fact, only Lan Yanming, who was the eldest brother, knew that it was fake!

It was all disguised by Lan Yanlin!

The truth was … Her temper was bigger than anyone else!

Self-willed, stubborn than anyone else!

Cruel, crueller than anyone else!

Lan Yanming rubbed his eyes, clenched his teeth, his cheeks bulged high: “What if I must kill him?”

“Then you are ready to change someone to marry the Chen family!”

Lan Yanming looked at her sister and didn’t know where to find a shiny dagger. She quickly waved her hand and said, “Put the dagger down!”

Lan Yanlin, however, turned a deaf ear to his words, and the dagger blade gently scraped her thumb, and she narrowed her beautiful eyes with some enjoyment.

Lan Yanming grabbed her dagger and snarled, “Are you threatening me?”

Lan Yanlin didn’t care when the dagger was taken away, “No, we are discussing!”

Lan Yanming gritted his teeth and asked, “Believe it or not, I will imprison you now and send you to the Chen family by the time when you get married?”

“Believe it or not, I can kill the young master of the Chen family…” Lan Yanlin stood on tiptoe. She raised her feet and whispered in her elder brother’s ear. After she finished speaking, she shook her head again and said with a depressed expression, “I seem to forget that the young master of the Chen family is not close to women. Maybe it is easier to deal with Chen Yuxuan. If you hook your little finger, he will deliver it!”


Lan Yanming slapped her face fiercely, “You bitch!”

Lan Yanlin covered her face and smiled scornfully.

“Am I cheap? I mean, I always feel that I am a hundred times nobler than what you do! “

The prison’s iron gate opened, and the two blue shadow guards untied Shiqi’s handcuffs and shackles.

They carried him out.

Shiqi asked in a low voice, “Are you here to kill me?”

“You will know when you go out!”

At the dungeon’s gate, the Blue Shadow Guard put him down and then stuffed the Crimson Demon Sword into his hand.

Chen Hao greeted with a smile, “Yo, Shiqi, nice to meet you!”

“Come with us!”

The Blue Shadow Guard ordered.

When he came to the Lan Family Residence side door, Shiqi saw Lan Yanlin, and the eldest son stood next to her.

The eldest son Lan Yanming was sullen and stared at him angrily as if he was about to eat him.

Shiqi lowered his head and said nothing. He was indeed a little ashamed of the eldest son.

“Hmph, I leave him to you!”

Lan Yanming put down these words coldly and left. He didn’t even look at Shiqi.

Lan Yanlin stood quietly in front of Shiqi. In the dark, he could not see her face clearly.

But he knew that he could not die. The reason must be the eldest miss.

“Little Shiqi, you are too impulsive this time. There will be no next time, you know?”

Lan Yanlin said to him in a rare soft tone.

The tone was like coaxing a child.

“I remember!”

“Just remember, after leaving the Lan Family, you should never come back again … live well!”

“Leave the Lan Family?”

Shiqi didn’t expect this ending at all.

“Yes, you must leave. If you don’t leave, you will definitely die!” Lan Yanlin whispered, “Big Brother has promised me to let you go!”

“Miss!” Shiqi sobbed.

A pair of tiger eyes were full of tears.

“Don’t cry … little Shiqi, you are not young anymore, you are already fifteen years old, and you are an adult!” Lan Yanlin took a deep breath and said, “Sometimes, I envy you. You can practice martial arts and be free. I’m out there… but I… I’ve never been out of Yiyang City in my life!”

“Sometimes, I just think, if I am not a person, but a cloud, how nice it would be.”

“Little Shiqi, promise me three things, can you?”

“Yes!” Shiqi replied without hesitation.

“First, don’t cry in the future. At the age of fifteen, you are a big man. Crying again will make people look down on you!”

“Well, I know!” Shiqi wiped away his tears and said, “This is the last time!”

“Second, live well, don’t die. If you make a name in the future, I will be delighted!”

“My life is hard, I won’t die so easily!”

Chen Hao turned a supercilious look inside the sword, and he disagreed.

“Third, don’t spread what you have learned from the Lan Family, don’t resent the Lan Family, don’t retaliate against the Lan Family, don’t do anything against the Lan Family, understand?”


Lan Yanlin nodded and said, “Then you go, I have to go to see my brother, he should not give up, I can only hold him for a while, live well! And go as far as possible, don’t come back!”

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