I Am An Evil Sword Chapter 89 Crimson Blood Execution

The Blue Shadow Guard quickly reported the Crimson Blood’s incident to Young Master Lan Yanming of the Lan Family. After listening to the report, Lan Yanming’s face sank.

Lan Shiqi was an up-and-coming teenager. He had extraordinary talent and loyalty to the Lan Family. He had regarded him as an essential pawn to master the Blue Shadow Guard in the future.

But Lan Yanming never expected that he intended to attack the Chen family’s fourth young master!

This was absolutely an intolerable mistake!

Regardless of the fact that the Chen family and the Lan family were both top forces in the Southern Cloud Kingdom. The most important thing was that the Lan family was ready to marry the Chen family. Shiqi’s behaviour was utterly betraying the family!

“At that time, we found that his situation was very wrong!” The Blue Shadow Guard faithfully reported the actual situation at that time. “He seems to be possessed, his mind is unclear, and his strength is extreme. Suddenly he reached the middle stage of the True Origin Realm. I feel shocked; the killing intent on his body made me feel scared!”

Lan Yanming remembered the exceptional constitution that Shiqi once said and then waved his hand and said, “Executed!”

Whether Shiqi was really crazy or fake, it would not shake Lan Yanming’s determination.

Shiqi’s genius identity can indeed allow Lan Yanming to give him more tolerance, but he had committed too many things, even if it was him, Lan Yanming couldn’t help it!

A useful genius was a talent.

A useless genius, it was nothing!

“It doesn’t matter if he is really crazy or fake; the result is the same, kill!”

If he is really crazy, it proves that Seventeen is uncontrollable, and keeping it is also a curse, or just kill!

If it was a fake madness, kill him, that was even more true!

“The subordinates obey!”

Shiqi’s fate was thus decided!

The Crimson Blood Demon Sword was slung on the waist of a Blue Shadow Guard. The low-grade profound weapon was not enough to make the Blue Shadow Guard’s captain tempted.

Chen Hao looked at the young man who was most likely to become his next swordmaster in front of him, feeling somewhat disheartened.

Nearly thirty years old, in the early stage of the True Origin Realm, he was still a Blue Shadow Guard… really dull!

Do you want to wait for Shiqi to die, find another chance to kill the Blue Shadow Guard next to him, and then fly away and find a villain to be the swordmaster?

Being so stimulated by the array master, Chen Hao desperately wanted to improve his strength.

Lan Yanlin went straight into the dungeon of the Lan family.

Lan Yanlin saw the prison guard coming forward, and she said, “Take me to see Lan Shiqi. I heard that he was locked up here!”

“Miss, this is not the place where you should come,” said the prison guard in a problematic tone. “Besides, Master Lan Yingwei has ordered that no one is allowed to approach Lan Shiqi.”

Lan Yanlin asked with a cold face, “Are you from our Lan family or Lan Yingwei?”

This was a bit of a question… Heartbroken!

The prison guard quickly replied, “Of course I am from the Lan family!”

“Then let me ask you something. Did my father say that he wouldn’t let me see him?”


“Did my brother say that he wouldn’t let me see him too?”


“Then why don’t you show me the way quickly?”

“Er … OK, miss, watch your step and follow me!”

Lan Shiqi was locked in a single room, and there were no other annoying people around.

Lan Yanlin said to the prison guard, “You stay away from me. I have something to ask him.”

“OK, but be careful, miss. He is a bit dangerous!”

“He is tied up like that. What danger can there be?”

The prison guard thought so too.

In the cell, Shiqi looked at the eldest lady standing outside, feeling a little excited, but he did not move and was still lying on the ground.

Lan Yanlin looked at him in the cell and asked in a low voice, “Shiqi, tell me, why did you want to kill Chen Yuxuan?”

Her questioning tone was somewhat cold.

“He is disrespectful to you!”

“Hmph, there are too many people who are disrespectful to me. Can you kill them all?”

Shiqi said in a biting tone, “If I see one, I will kill one!”

LanYanlin straightened her back and pursed her lips.

“Do you regret it? Originally, my eldest brother valued you very much and was already considering marrying Lan Haoying to you!” After that, she added, “She’s the granddaughter of the second elder!”

“Regret!?” Shiqi turned over and changed to a more comfortable position. “I regret that I didn’t kill the beast with my sword!”

Lan Yanlin asked angrily, “Do you think I will appreciate it?”

Shiqi shook his head, “I don’t care if you are ungrateful!”

Shiqi raised his head, and under the dim light, he could only see the slender shadow, with warmth in his eyes, and then smiled mockingly, “Alright, to be honest, I was really hot-headed …… but now think about it, I do not regret it …… I am somehow afraid of death, somewhat guilty, feeling sorry for my sword …… the expectation for me.”

“It’s too late to say this now!”

“Miss, I’m going to die. Before I die, I just want to ask you, are you really willing to marry the Chen family? I heard that the young master Chen seems to have a problem? “

After blending into the Blue Shadow Guard for so long, Shiqi was no longer an ignorant teenager.

“If I were a commoner, with my body, I might not be able to survive until now!” Lan Yanlin said in a low voice, “As the daughter of the Lan family, enjoying everything that the Lan family has given, of course, I should take my responsibilities.”

“Are you happy?”

Lan Yanlin lowered her head, her entire small face hiding in the dark shadow.

Then, she didn’t raise her head again, nor did she reply to seventeen.

After a long silence, Lan Yanlin asked, “Little Seventeen, you are still impulsive. If you have the opportunity to leave the Lan family, will you live well?”

Shiqi looked at her in surprise.

The cell door opened again, Lan Yanlin and Seventeen heard the guards talking.

“Shiqi is ahead with the eldest lady. Let’s wait!”

“I am ordered by the Eldest Young Master to execute him!”

Lan Yanlin stood there, waiting for a team of Blue Shadow Guards to come to her.

The blue shadow guards bowed their heads and saluted: “I have seen the lady!”

“I heard that you are going to execute him?”

“Yes!” The blue shadow guards responded.

“Don’t execute him yet, wait for me for an hour, and I’ll go and meet my eldest brother!”

“But this is the order of the Eldest Young Master, to execute Crimson Blood!”

Lan Yanlin frowned slightly and asked with a cold face: “I remember that the Blue Shadow Guard only obeyed the orders of the Patriarch?”


“Then my father is still alive. Why did you take refuge in my big brother?”


In front of the Blue Shadow Guards, Lan Yanlin was petite and fragile.  But her aura at the moment suppressed the Blue Shadow Guards to death.

The atmosphere was depressing.

The blue shadow guards didn’t know how to answer.

“You, right here!” Lan Yanlin pointed to the place under her feet and said, “Just wait here for me for half an hour, OK?”

Lan Yanlin’s words sounded like a question, but the tone was firm.

“Yes, just half an hour!”

In the end, the Blue Shadow Guard compromised.

After all, Lan Yanlin is the eldest lady of the Lan family, and they have to show respect!

Moreover, the Eldest Young Master only said that he would execute Crimson Blood, but he did not say that he would be executed immediately.

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