I Am An Evil Sword Chapter 88 Make a Big Mistake

There was a loud bang, and smoke was all over the sky!

The fourth young master of the Chen family and his group of doglegs simultaneously turned their gazes to the big hole that was suddenly broken in the wall.

A burly figure appeared before them.

The incoming person was extremely tall and strong. He held a huge sword in his hand, and there was a fierce spirit all over his body.

“Who are you?”

The fourth young master of the Chen family stood up and asked.

But Shiqi didn’t want to talk, and his anger could not be suppressed.

Miss Lan’s position in his heart was very important, and he could not tolerate someone insulting her behind his back.

Since his return, Shiqi’s mood had been unstable. He had been desperately trying to control himself, but now he couldn’t stand it!

He didn’t speak. He looked at the Chen family’s greasy fourth young master, and his eyes seemed to be looking at a dead person.

The heavy sword swept across, and the somewhat drunk Chen Yuxuan dodged. When he turned around, the chair he was sitting on had been chopped into two sections.

The other party really wanted to kill me!

Chen Yuxuan rolled on the ground in a mess and shouted, “Protect me quickly and help me stop this madman!”

His lackeys reacted and pulled out their weapons in succession, trying to stop Shiqi.

It was a pity that their strength was too weak. The strongest was only in the early stage of the True Origin Realm. They were not at all Shiqi’s opponents. He only used three moves to wound four of them severely!

“Who are you? I don’t remember offending you?”

“You have sinned!”

Shiqi shouted in a low voice.

“I am the Fourth Young Master of Mingjian City. The Lan Family of Yiyang City is still related to our Chen Family. As long as you dare to move me, you will never leave Yiyang City!”

“You have offended me!”

Shiqi’s answer was utterly unbelievable, but Chen Yuxuan was even more afraid.

The other party seemed to be a lunatic!

Moreover, his body’s killing intent was appalling, which reminded Chen Yuxuan of the demonic path madman held in Mingjian City’s dungeon!

With only one sword, Chen Yuxuan was beaten to fly, hit the wall, and spit blood.

“Save me, save me, help me!

Chen Yuxuan shouted loudly while spitting blood.

Even if Chen Yuxuan’s cultivation level was poor, relying on the Chen family’s abundant resources, his cultivation level could be regarded as his peers’ upper reach.

In the early stage of True Origin Realm, relying on the powerful and unique skills passed down in the family, how could it not be defeated so quickly!

It was a pity that he was weak-willed; he rarely fought with others and drank a lot of alcohol. He was shocked by Shiqi’s powerful aura, and his strength instantly dropped by half!

Shiqi had no other thoughts in his mind, and he just wanted to kill the scum in front of him who insulted the young lady!

He raised the heavy sword and slashed directly at Chen Yuxuan’s neck.

If this sword were slashed solidly, Chen Yuxuan would surely die in the Drunken Moon Tower today!

“Stop it!”

Just when the fourth young master was about to be beheaded, a loud shout came. Shiqi felt a pain in his right hand, and Chen Yuxuan escaped.

The heavy sword was slashed toward Chen Yuxuan, cutting off a layer of hair on top of his head!

Chen Yuxuan fought desperately, limped on the ground, water-stained in his crotch.

“Who are you? You dare to commit a crime in Yiyang City?”

Shiqi turned his head, and the person in front of him was dressed in blue with a blue mask. He knew who it was, but he couldn’t remember.

But no matter who he is, he couldn’t stop the idea of killing Chen Yuxuan.

Once the idea of killing Chen Yuxuan appeared, Shiqi couldn’t control himself!

“You are the Blue Shadow Guardian, Crimson Blood?” His eyes squinted slightly, looked a bit surprised, and then while sitting on the floor in front of young master Chen, “Why do you want to assassinate Chen Yuxuan?”

“Blue Shadow Guard? You Blue Shadow Guard sent someone to kill me?” Chen Yuxuan, sitting on the ground, shouted, “Do you want the two families to go to war?”

“Absolutely not, Master Chen, you misunderstood. I am the young master specially sent to protect you!” Exclaimed the newcomer.

“Since you are here to protect me, help me kill him!” Chen Yuxuan pointed to the voice and shouted, “If you don’t kill him, I will report this to my father and let him decide!”

Shiqi clenched the Crimson Blood Demon Sword and directly attacked Chen Yuxuan. There was only one thought in his mind. Now even if the Heavenly King Lao Tzu comes, it is useless!

But the Blue Shadow Guard who came to protect Chen Yuxuan was faster.

The Blue Shadow Guard suddenly appeared in front of Chen Yuxuan, blocking Shiqi with a sword, but he did not expect Shiqi’s power to be surprisingly great, and he took two steps back in a mess.

“In the middle stage of the True Origin Realm, I didn’t expect you to progress so fast!”

The Blue Shadow Guard sighed.

He had just finished sighing; six-blue shadows appeared around Chen Yuxuan, protecting him.

“Quick, help me kill him quickly!” When Chen Yuxuan saw the arrival of the Blue Shadow Guard, he immediately stood up and ordered, “Help me abolish him, and then hand it over to me!”

“Catch him for me!”

Kill Crimson Blood?

The captain of the Blue Shadow Guard did not have that determination.

He always felt that things were strange. As the Blue Shadow Guard, it was not a secret that the eldest son valued scarlet Blood.

Why did Crimson Blood attack Chen Yuxuan? He was very unclear!

And he found that the state of Crimson Blood was not right!

Never said a word from beginning to end.

This team of Blue Shadow Guards was all masters of the True Origin Realm. The strongest Blue Shadow Guard captain was also at the strength of the late True Origin Realm. They had cooperated for many years and were good at collaborating, but facing the crazy Seventeen, they were utterly crushed!

The battle flattened the top floor of Drunken Moon Tower directly until another Blue Shadow Guards team arrived that the exhausted Shiqi was barely subdued.

“Leave him over to me!”

Chen Yuxuan shouted loudly when he saw Shiqi had been captured.

However, the Blue Shadow Guard didn’t care about his words. They looked at the bound Shiqi somberly and exchanged a look with each other.

“Leave it to the eldest son!”


“Don’t you dare to shield him?” Chen Yuxuan asked loudly, “If you dare to shield him, I will tell my father about it!”

In the face of Shiqi, he was scared out of his wits. In the front of the Blue Shadow Guard, he was more like an overbearing young master.

“Don’t worry, Master Chen, and we will give you a satisfactory explanation for this matter!” The captain who came to support said, “But this person is somewhat important. How to deal with it needs to be determined by the grandmaster himself!”

He said in a cold tone, “Hmph, I’ll wait for you to give me a satisfactory answer!”

Shiqi was tied into a chariot, and even the Crimson Devil Sword was searched away.

After the Crimson Demon Sword left him, he regained his sense a little.

When he was sent into the Lan Family’s mansion, a little figure gave her a look and then ran back in a hurry.

Lan Family’s dungeon was dark and damp, and Shiqi was carried into the cell.

Special handcuffs and shackles confined his limbs. He looked up at the Blue Shadow Guard and said, “Where is my sword?”

The Blue Shadow Guard shook his head and said, “Crimson blood, I don’t know if you are really possessed or pretending, but you have made a big mistake today, so you still have to worry about your own life!”

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