Patreon Hall of Fame: April 2021

Below are the list of active patreon who has made this website alive and well 🙂

Fosfor9 I

Amazing cookie I Dimitri Rivera I Gino Raices I Jetson Yee I Marc Malonzo I Stephen Wagner I

Dungeon Master I Tin V Nguyen I Ultimatecalibur I ivan I Squire Kershaw I Ziggy I A Great Mistake I

Bob Sadler I Daniel Palmborg I Kivatt I Kuroguma I Selvaria I Steamroy I Jaskirat Minhas I

AzureSky I Lee Wei I Nico Strik I reasole I thabuckshot I Thomas Allard I Travis Spicer I Zanderkoala I David Sullivan I paul alaby I Jaime von Schwarburg I

Re1ncarnated Salamander I Wan Najib I

Thank you for your patron so far. Your Patron use for paying site maintenance, editors (we have two at the moment). Hopefully, we could do more for you guys. For those who have not joined our Patreon why not give us a chance a be our patron now. Your support is what enables us to give more chapters. Hwaiting!!!

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