It Turns Out I am a Dao Ancestor Chapter 44 Blood Fog, Endless Despair

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There were no surprises, and the hatchet fell into the hands of Xue Sha.

“Is this what hurts you?” Xue Sha looked up and down at the hatchet, yet he found no abnormalities. No matter how he looked at it, the hatchet was still ordinary.

“Brother Sha, don’t underestimate him! Just now, that kid, use it to show an unpredictable skill!”

“Unpredictable skill!? Don’t be silly …” When his words just fell silent, Xue Sha’s face changed. He found that the hatchet seemed to grow on his body and could not be thrown away. Moreover, the hatchet was devouring his own power.

“Damn, what the hell is this!” Xue Sha secretly swore, using various means, he was struggling desperately; however, it was useless. Any method, in front of the hatchet, could only burn disintegrated to black smoke.

“Ah!” Xue Sha showed an excruciating expression, let out a roar, and chopped off his entire arm.

“Thud …” His arm and the hatchet fell to the ground.

“Zi …” Such was the sound of fried meat. Xue Sha’s arm dried out quickly at speed visible to the naked eye. In the end, it turned into a little black and grey, and after the wind blew, there was nothing left.

On the hatchet, a faint brilliance was flowing.

“Damn it, this broken hatchet has swallowed up 20% of my power!”

“In this case, I’ll let you make up for it!”  Xie Jun swept his eyes, staring at the cultivator.

“Shoo …” The blood fog in the vicinity was flowing quickly toward the cultivator. When a cultivator saw this scene, his face changed drastically, and he ran frantically. However, before he ran two steps, he was enveloped by the blood fog.

“Ah …” He let out a scream that pierced the sky. The skin on his body was decaying, and the blood in his body was flying out. It merged with the surrounding blood fog, and you couldn’t tell the difference.

The blood qi that was drawn flew to Xue Sha and merged with his body. His disappearing arm grew rapidly with a speed that is visible to the naked eye.

“Ah!” There were constant screams everywhere. The cultivators kept falling down. In less than a moment, hundreds of cultivators died.

The other cultivators were so frightened that they fell to the ground with a look of despair.

“First is the human puppet, then the blood demon. How can we survive this?”

“Who will save us?”

“I don’t want to die, God, save us!” Many cultivators knelt on the ground and shivered.

However, It was useless.

“Ah!” The screams continued to sound. Cultivators were falling down quickly everywhere. Chen Daoming looked at Xue Sha; he clenched his fists, and his veins were bulging.

“Damn it, damn it!”

“Dare to take the treasure that the Young Master gave me, you must die!” Chen Daoming gritted his teeth and growled.

“Om …” The hatchet seemed to hear his call, trembled frantically, and flew back. A force flowed from the hatchet to the arm, through the meridians, to his dantian. At this moment, he could make another move.

“Die!” Chen Daoming had no reservations and poured all his strength back into the hatchet again. It waved gently.

“Hum …” The sky darkened again. A white light quickly fell from the sky.

When Xie Jun saw this, he couldn’t help but yelling, “Brother Sha, be careful!”

“This … this is impossible!” Xue Sha raised his head, and his face changed drastically. This white light was twice as powerful as the one just now.

“Damn it!” Xue Sha roared, madly mobilizing his blood qi, forming a huge bloody hand, and grabbing the white light.

“Zi …” Black smoke billowed. The bloody hands disappeared quickly.

“Aahh!!” Xue Sha roared. He used his strength madly, and with his relentless efforts, he finally wiped out the white light.

“Not good!” Seeing that his move was blocked again, Chen Daoming was helpless and sat on the ground.

“Damn it, damn it!”

“I lost 30% of my strength. Today, you must die!” Xue Sha looked at Chen Daoming and said bitterly.

“Brother Sha, let me refine him into a human puppet. This way, it is better than killing him!” At this moment, Xie Jun hurriedly stopped.

“That’s good!” Xue Sha nodded, his eyes fixed on the cultivators again.

“If this is the case, then you will all become my strength!”

“Fighting with me is your supreme glory!” After he said that, Xue Sha waved his right hand. 

The blood fog was surging. It enveloped quickly toward those cultivators.

“Whoosh …” Anyone who was covered by this fog would have their blood burst out, and the blood would flow out of the skin uncontrollably. Flying into the sky, mixing with the blood covering in all directions, they couldn’t distinguish each other.

“No, don’t!”


“I have worked hard to cultivate, my Lord, let me go!”

“Ah!” Such a voice kept ringing. The whole scene was like a Shura hell, terrifying. Like cutting wheat, all the cultivators kept falling down one by one.

Lord Liu Ruo, who saw this scene, let alone rescue the cultivators, collapsed directly to the ground in fright, shivering.

“What the hell is going on? The Evil Race has eyes on it and even teamed up with the Demon Race to deal with a small Jiangyang City!”

“Are they trying to kill the entire Jiangyang City?”

“What to do? Who will save us!” Liu Ruo muttered to himself and began to pray.

Soon after. There are less than eight thousand cultivators left. At least two thousand cultivators had died in Xue Sha’s hands.

“Ah!” The screaming continued as the cultivators fell into pieces. No one could stop him.


“What strong blood qi, just what I want! If this goes on, I will not only recover but also breakthrough!” Xue Sha was laughing with his face turned upwards, like a lunatic.


“Bold Blood Demon, dare to invade the human race and seek death!” A loud shout came from the sky. Then, two figures slowly fell from the sky. These two people were Luo Liuyan and Su Yiling. They stood in the air, staring at Xue Sha coldly.

“Perfect Void Transformation Realm!?” Xue Sha looked at Luo Liuyan with a look of fear. However, he soon recovered.

He grinned. “Two female dolls, are you here to become our food?”

“Humph!” Luo Liuyan snorted coldly. Her right hand flickered lightly, and it was full of charm.

“Woosh …” The air vibrated, and the blood around him evaporated into nothingness. Xue Sha flew out like a broken kite.

“Puah …” Xue Sha spit out blood. He was seriously wounded in one blow!

“How … is it possible?” Xue Sha muttered to himself, his face full of disbelief.

“The fairy has come to save us, great!”

“They are from Jade Lake Palace!”

“What, the seventh-class power Jade Lake Palace? They are here! We are saved now!”

“Thanks to the fairy for saving our lives!” All the cultivators knelt down and bowed their heads at the two women.

“Well, get up. You all leave this place first!” Luo Liuyan said.

“Yes!” The cultivators got up one after another and fled out one by one.

Chen Daoming also struggled to get up, followed the crowd, and walked out.

“To be honest, I can give you a good time!”

Luo Liuyan stood in front of the blood evil spirit, coldly said.

“Just by yourself, you alone want to kill me too?” At this point, Xue Sha laughed.

“Master, don’t watch the show; come out soon! Otherwise, you will never see the disciple again.” Xue Sha yelled.

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