I Am An Evil Sword Chapter 87 Flew Into a Rage

“Did he just want to use this array to seal Lord Sword Spirit?”

Shiqi stared at the demon weapon seal array on the array remnant and asked with gritted teeth.

Chen Hao quietly looked at him, “Hmm!”

“Damn it!”

Shiqi angrily tore the precious fragment of the arrayin half, then threw the book’s pages into the bonfire and burned them to ashes.

Chen Hao looked at Shiqi silently, then suddenly thought, “Shiqi, don’t burn that one!”

“Why? Lord Sword Spirit, the array was too powerful. It threatens you.”

“Leave the piece of “Evil Qi Refining Array”. It is useful for me!”

Thinking of “Evil Qi Refining Array”, Seventeen was a little reluctant, but he still chose to obey Lord Sword Spirit’s instructions.

In the light of the fire, Shiqi asked in a low voice, “Lord Sword Spirit, do you want to use the arrayto become stronger?”

“This is an effective way to become stronger. What do you think?”

“Yeah!” he nodded.

“Today, I almost fell!” Chen Hao said depressedly, “When I evolved into a spirit weapon before, I thought I was invincible in the world. Now that I think about it, I’m a little bit arrogant. I merely sit on my back and watch the sky!”

Shiqi scratched his head, and he barely understood what the sword spirit said.

“I just found out now that I am not strong enough!”

Shiqi could feel the anger of Lord Sword Spirit!

Thinking of the blood refining array method, he could understand where the anger came from.

After a long time, Chen Hao asked in a low voice, “Shiqi, can you help me?”


Shiqi merely held the hilt of the sword, and his killing aura rose from his body.

This was not only the sword spirit’s wish but also his desire.

Shiqi, who had experienced blood, had deeply understood that strength was necessary!

He crawled back and climbed to the place where the Array Master ambushed Evil Tiger and Scorpion.

When he climbed to array the formation, his teammates’ body had disappeared, leaving only their weapons to the side.

Three days later, he was found by the Blue Shadow Guard and returned to the Lan family. The captain of the Blue Shadow Guard personally asked about the situation at the time. After learning about Evil Tiger’s death, he didn’t say anything but asked Shiqi to recover from his injuries.

Shiqi was given fair treatment, and after ten days, he was finally able to walk in the fields.

He heard that the Chen family of Mingjian City had recently been a guest in the Lan Mansion, and they were also learning martial arts with the children of the Lan family.

The Chen family in Mingjian City, the top family of the Southern Clouds Kingdom, the most important thing was that the Eldest Miss of the Lan Family and Young Master Chen have a marriage agreement

Shiqi had gradually put down Lan Yanlin.

He knew that there were countless top masters in the Lan family. As Miss Lan Family, Lan Yanlin was born noble.

She was hardly in danger!

When he came to the martial arts training ground, he failed to meet the Chen family.

So he would go to his hut, at the door of the eldest lady’s house, where two little maids were sweeping snow at the door.

A majestic figure stood in front of them, and the two girls raised their heads just to meet Shiqi’s gaze, and they took two steps back in fright.

“Is it you?”

“Are you back?”

Shiqin nodded, and he didn’t care about the fear of the two maids.

Since the forced breakthrough, his killing aura was too much and too strong!

In the past few days in bed, few people dared to approach him.

He asked in a low voice, “Have the Chen family come to see the eldest lady?”

Cui Er whispered, “I came here today, but …”

Another little maid pulled her.

Chen Hao pretended not to see it and went to see her mother-in-law first.

When Cui Er brought food to Shiqi, she was blocked by him.

“You, what do you want to do?” Cui Er looked at the burly man in front of her and said in terror, “I’m the maid of the eldest lady!”

Shiqi was taken aback.

He didn’t expect Cui Er to react like this.

“If you really like me, you can tell the eldest lady…”

The killing aura on him certainly made the little girl afraid, but the powerful killing aura would also produce a powerful charm.

After all, Shiqi was a genius in the Lan family. No matter how fierce he was, there were still many girls who couldn’t help thinking of him!

The killing intent was strong, proving his strength.

The strong were always any girls’ dreams.

Murderousness was also a kind of charm.

At least, it was recognized in this world.

If Shiqi is really interested, no maid will refuse.

Shiqi cleared his throat and said, “Don’t think about it. I just want to ask you what happened just now. Just now, I asked you if the Chen family had come to meet the eldest lady. What are the things you haven’t finished talking behind?”

“Nothing! You heard it wrong! “

Shiqi’s eyes narrowed; his killing intent made Cui Er chills all over.

“Tell me, tell the truth, or I will find you trouble, believe me, I mean it!”

Cui Er resisted and said, “No! Sister Lu Ya said that we are not allowed to gossip!”

Shiqi won’t let go of Cui Er this time.

“If you tell me, I won’t tell anyone, even if the eldest lady asks, I won’t tell her!”


Cui Er hesitated.

As a servant girl, she was well-informed, and she knows that she really can’t afford to anger Shiqi.

And she was terrified.

“The Chen family’s young master is not a good person at first glance. He has squirrel-headed eyes and squinted eyes and tries to peek at the eldest lady… We don’t like him, but Sister Lu Ya said that we are not allowed to go out and talk nonsense, or her tongue will be pulled out!”

Hearing Cui Er’s words, the killing aura on Shiqi’s body became more vigorous.

“Do you know where he is?”

“I heard that they are going to Drunken Moon Tower for a drink at noon today!”

“Well, you go back!”

Shiqi, who had no appetite to eat, went straight out of the Lan family’s mansion and came to Yiyang City. It is the famous Drunken Moon Tower.

Drunken Moon Tower was the industry of the Lan family. By virtue of his waist card, Shiqi quickly found the private room of the Chen family’s descendants and ordered a table of dishes next to the secret room.

He came to the window with a glass of wine, and the window next door was wide open.

Looking at the bustling Yiyang City in the distance, he paid attention to the people’s conversation next door.

Through the conversation, he quickly learned that the other party was the fourth young master of the Chen family, and drinking with him was a group of youth of small families attached to the Chen family.

They all called him the Fourth Young Master!

Chen Yuxuan was out for training. A table of people drank wine and talked about exciting things that happened during the training time… Then the topic turned to the ten cities that passed along the way from Mingjian City to Yiyang City, which city had the best, the most beautiful and the most delicious girls.

As a result, the girl from Yunhe City stood out.

They seem to be drunk too much. The more they talk, the more explicit.

Shiqi shook his head helplessly.

Is this still going out for experience? It’s almost the same when travelling out!

However, Seventeen did not expect Mrs Liu, the city lord’s concubine, to come from Xiangmanlou!

“By the way, fourth young master, how do you feel when you meet the future sister-in-law today?”

Shiqi pricked his ears.

He only heard the fourth young master of the Chen family said, “A rare and charming beauty, I have only seen it in my life!”

Shiqi silently took a sip of wine. The eldest lady was indeed very beautiful, and they still had a little vision.

“Hey hey, if she’s a great beauty, it’s too bad. It’s just that she married your eldest brother. It’s …”

“If it wasn’t that the eldest brother had physical problems, how could he marry the eldest lady of the Lan family. Who doesn’t know about Miss Lan’s body problem?”

“That is, her body is a big problem, and I heard that her mother is a civilian villager woman …”

These Shiqi had never known before.

Perhaps someone in the Lan Family knew about it, but the news damaged the Lan Family’s reputation, so it was blocked.

He was not sociable at ordinary times. He had few friends. He was dedicated to practicing, and he could hardly know some secrets.

But he knew that there were a lot of pickles behind every family! Only the unexpected, nothing they could do!

Even the Lan family!

Does Young Master Chen have any physical problems?

Shiqi silently thought.

But this also made sense. If he had no problem, how could he marry the eldest lady?

The aristocratic family attaches great importance to their offspring, and the young lady’s body was indeed a big problem.

As for the eldest lady’s mother, he didn’t care at all.

Chen Yuxuan exclaimed, “What if her mother is a village woman? She is good-looking enough!”

“No matter how good-looking she is, you can only look at it!”

Young Master Chen Yuxuan said, “Hehe, it’s hard to say! I know women. How can a woman stand that loneliness? When the time comes, as long as I just …, she will…”

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