I Am An Evil Sword Chapter 86 Great Art of Burning Blood

It was pretty challenging to produce a spirit-level demon weapon. To refine the demon weapon, Qu Fei was ready to slaughter tens of thousands of people. Even if the right path pursued him, he would not hesitate!

However, he never expected that he would have had a great fortune. Just after hundreds of people’s blood sacrifices, someone took a demon weapon and took the initiative to deliver it to him.

Qu Fei had some doubts about whether he was the son of destiny!

This sword was what I deserve!

Qu Fei’s breathing gradually became rapid when he looked at the sword’s seal pattern becoming progressively complete.

But at this moment, a blood-red shadow suddenly appeared in front of him, rushing straight to the demon sword in the seal formation at lightning speed.

“Stop it for me!”

Qu Fei was furious and slashed towards the blood shadow.

 But the blood shadow didn’t evade, and he abruptly took the sword slash.

He rushed into the array, grabbed the Crimson Blood Sword, and then rushed for hundreds of meters before stopping.

Leaving the demon weapon seal array formation, the Crimson Blood Demon Sword pattern instantly collapsed, and Chen Hao regained his freedom!

“Well done, Shiqi!”

Qu Fei was burning with anger, and he stared at the bloody young man in front of him, wishing to cut him a thousand times.

Because of his obstruction, almost all of Qu Fei’s wealth has accumulated over the years has turned into running water!

He didn’t understand. The place he chose was already concealed enough why the boy could still find it here.

But he didn’t think much about it. Regaining the demon sword and solving the young man in front of him was a big deal.

Qu Fei shouted angrily, “I will skin you and cramp you!”

“Shiqi, kill him for me!” Chen Hao roared in the sword, “He almost sealed me!”

Shiqi had recovered a little clarity at this time, but when he heard that the opponent had almost sealed Lord Sword Spirit, his eyes were red again.

He wanted to kill the array master in front of him, but he found that he couldn’t move just after lifting his foot.

He looked down at his legs!

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Bang! Bang! Bang!

After six explosions in a row, Taixi, Dazhong, and Zhongfeng points on his feet burst instantly.

“Lord Sword Spirit, I can’t seem to move!”

“How did your leg hurt?”

Shiqi concisely said, “Flash step!”

“Hahaha!” Seeing this, Qu Fei laughed.

The young man was severely injured by him before, but now he had suffered badly on his feet for some reason, and he couldn’t figure out how to lose!

His face showed an unusually ferocious smile, “Hehe, I won’t let you die so easily!”

Chen Hao asked Shiqi a question, “What should I do?”

Shiqi lowered his head, looked at his legs angrily, and whispered, “Lord Sword Spirit, use that forbidden technique!”

“But then you will die!”

Chen Hao said with some concern.

Shiqi whispered, “At least, Lord Sword Spirit will be fine!”

Shiqi found Lord Sword Spirit, not speaking as if lost in thought.

Qu Fei didn’t know that the teenager in front of him communicated with Sword Spirit, and he was eager to cut him into a stick!

Shiqi looked at the vast sky, took a deep breath, and whispered: “The last elegy!”

The last elegy belongs to the skill of Crimson Blood Sword. As the master of the sword, he could use it.

“Wait, you stop!”

Chen Hao shouted at Shiqi.

“What’s the matter, Lord Sword Spirit?”

“Can the secret technique “the Great Art of Burning Blood” in “Blood River Secret Art” be used?”


“Then why do you use the forbidden skills, you pig head!”

“Blood River Secret Art,” the fascinating knowledge of the ancestors of the Red River in the past, in addition to various strange and bloody ways to enhance skills, also records some demonic secret techniques.

“Great Art of Burning Blood” was one of them. Burning the martial artist’s true qi and blood stimulated the body’s potential, allowing the martial artist to explode doubled combat power. The side effect was a permanent loss of power.

After the reminder of Lord Sword Spirit, Shiqi suddenly woke up.

This couldn’t be blamed on him. Too many things happened today. He was affected by the evil spirit refining array formation, evil spirit aura, and killing aura in his body. He even lost his sanity entirely for a time. Now he was seriously injured and dying… He could persist until now. Chen Hao has already taken a look!

“Great Art of Burning Blood!”

Shiqi roared, his face flushed like blood, and blood mist was all over his body.

“Chasing Wind!”

He rushed to Qu Fei.

Shiqi was born tall and strong, and his eyes were red when he held the heavy sword. The blood on his body did not make him weak but strengthened his aura!

A trapped animal still could fight!

This was Qu Fei’s first reflection.

Qu Fei next consciously touched his storage bag in the face of this enemy and found that he could only take out seven spirit stones.

Seven spirit stones…not enough!

In desperation, he could only greet him with a sword.

“Chiyan Sword Technique!”

The long sword was fierce.

It had just collided with the demon sword, and Qu Fei only felt a sudden surge of force.

The long sword was split directly by Shiqi and almost cut Qufei open!

“So strong!”

Previously, in the reverse universe array formation, Shiqi’s heavy sword never touched Qu Fei!

Has been beaten passively!

But it was different now, and Shiqi’s physical strength of using “Great Art of Burning Blood” has doubled!

How could Qu Fei resist?

Qu Fei violently retreated more than ten meters, still in shock.

However, Shiqi didn’t give him the slightest breathing time. A flash step slammed towards Qu Fei, Qu Fei turned around awkwardly, and the heavy sword made a ten-meter-long hole on the ground.

“Thousands Jun Heavy Sword!”

Qu Fei’s body was unstable in the next move, so he could only resist with the longsword in his hand.

Shiqi struck again, Qu Fei’s long sword flung away, and the back of the long sword was slammed into his chest by the heavy sword.


A big head rose to the sky.

Shiqi sat on the ground, gasping for breath.

He said happily, “Lord Sword Spirit, I won, I won!”

“Good, good!”

Chen Hao praised.

If there was no Shiqi today, he might be dead!

At the same time, vigilance and urgency arose in Chen Hao’s heart.

He escaped by relying on Shiqi today. What if Shiqi was gone in the future?

He was still too weak!

It wasn’t until the night came, Shiqi slowly got up from the ground.

He had used up the healing pills in the storage bag, so he could only rely on his own body.

If it hadn’t been for killing Qu Fei during the day to give him a bite of blood, he would probably die directly!

However, to kill Qu Fei, he also paid a heavy price.

Using “Great Art of Burning Blood,” his strength was directly reduced from the late stage of the True Origin Realm to the middle stage of the True Origin Realm. After using “Flash Step” many times, his legs and meridians burst, completely losing consciousness and forcibly improving the strength. The blood attribute in the body was mottled and impure, and a lot of killing intent was mixed, and the influence of killing intent existed all the time, leaving him in a state of semi-possession.

Chen Hao suspected that it might be because Shiqi had fixed the evil aura in his body many times. The evil aura affected his physique, causing him to inhale a lot of killing aura when he broke through the spirit of heaven and earth!

The mottled and impure qi in Shiqi’s body was mixed with a lot of filthy killing aura that affects the mind. If it were an ordinary warrior, the martial arts of this warrior would have been abandoned!

A golden-toothed jackal sniffed the smell of blood and pursued it. It saw two fresh corpses on the ground.

One was already cold, and the other was warm.

Even scavengers preferred to eat fresh meat.

It waited for a long time, found that the warm body did not move, and leaned up carefully.

At that moment, a pair of blood hands grabbed its neck.

Shiqi drank the blood of the golden-toothed jackal, raised the fire, threw the clothes of the Array Master into the fire, and watched the fire burn more and more. Only then did he read a broken book he had found from the Array Master by the light of the fire.

The array master used the Reversed Universe Array n, the Evil Qi Refining Array, the Demon Seal Array, and the Blood Refining Array came into his sight.

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