It Turns Out I am a Dao Ancestor Chapter 38 The Scholar in White

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“This?” The silver spear guard looked at Huang Rumeng with fine beads of sweat on his forehead. By pressure alone, she knocked him off. This woman was definitely a top master. She must not be offended. 

When he looked behind the woman again, there was a handsome-looking man. The earthy qi on the man’s body makes people aware of it. However, like a woman, he does not have any spiritual power fluctuations. There were only two possibilities, either he was a mortal or a top master like the woman. This kind of character was not something you could offend.

“The two masters, I have eyes but failed to recognize Mt. Tai(1), please come inside!” The silver spear guard made a ‘please’(2) gesture.

You could enter the gate just by knocking the guard back. In this world, strength was genuinely respected! You must be careful, not make a fool of oneself.

Entering the city, what greeted the two of them was a bustling scene. There was an endless stream of horse carriages and pedestrians. Mortals and cultivators travelled around without any conflict.

With such an orderly appearance, it seemed that Jiangyang City was in good order. “This way, I can rest assured. In the future, Rumeng and I will go back to help gather herbs, and I will live here and treat the people!”

“Presumably, I will be able to collect the blessing point soon, and then I can start cultivating!” Thinking of this, there was excitement in Sun Hao’s eyes.

“Rumeng, let’s find an inn to stay in today and then find a store tomorrow. How about it?” Sun Hao said.

“I’ll listen to the Young Master’s instructions.” Huang Rumeng said.

“Don’t always listen to me! Say what you think. ” Sun Hao said chidingly.

“My idea is to listen to you,” Huang Rumeng replied.

“……” Sun Hao was speechless.

“Okay, let’s stay in Yuejun Inn today!” Sun Hao said, pointing to the inn in front of him.

“Yes, Young Master.” Entering the Yuejun Inn, a girl named Xiao Er immediately greeted them.

“Two respected guests, please tell me what kind of room you need!”

“The best one.” Huang Rumeng inquired.

“Miss, there is no problem, but the price …” Xiao Er said.

“Is this enough?” Huang Rumeng took out a high-grade spirit stone. 

The dazzling white light made Xiao Er’s face change drastically. It surprised not only Xiao Er but also many guests in the inn.

“It turned out to be a high-grade spiritual stone, too rich!”

“That is equivalent to 10,000 low-grade spiritual stones. It is no problem to live here for three years!”

“Naturally! Who are they? Why is there no spiritual power fluctuation at all?”

They looked at Sun Hao, and their eyes were filled with envy.

“Two immortals, please go upstairs!” Xiao Er nodded and bowed, extremely respectful to them. Under the guidance of Xiao Er, Sun Hao went upstairs quickly. Many people stared at them with complicated expressions.

“I am afraid these two people are not simple!”

“There is no spiritual power fluctuation but they carried treasures. Could it be an immortal cultivator?”

“How can that be? an immortal cultivator is not something you can see on the street every day!”

“No matter what it is, this kind of character is not something we can covet!” After talking for a while, everyone dispersed one by one

Yuejun Inn had a circular shape with eight floors. From a distance, it looked like a circular tower.

“Two immortals, you are fortunate. There is just a set of top-notch guest rooms. If it is any later, I am afraid that someone will take it,” Xiao Er smiled.

“Is your business always so good?” Sun Hao asked probingly.

“Of course not! The main reason is that the annual Sect Grand Competition will be held tomorrow.” Xiao Er explained carefully.

“The Sect Grand Competition?” Sun Hao was puzzled.

“Two immortals, there are many sect competitions, but countless immortals will come to watch the battle held in Yangzhou …”

Next, Xiao Er introduced the sect competition in detail. Sun Hao inwardly nodded after hearing this. His eyes were shining. 

So many cultivators came here. It seemed that this Jiangyang City was indeed a good place to open a medical clinic.

Shortly after, the two were placed in a suite on the eighth floor, which was very large and contained three rooms.

“Two immortals, we will serve the two of you from today!” After speaking, Xiao Er stood at the door, waiting for Sun Hao’s instructions.

“Please!” Sun Hao and Huang Rumeng walked into the room. In the corridor opposite their room stood a scholar in white. With a delicate appearance, his gestures and movements were full of elegance. At a glance, people would know that he was a scholar.

He looked at Sun Hao with surprises in his eyes. “Why is there such a person in this world? It seems that this young man is also a scholar. I have to find a chance to get to know him!” The scholar in white murmured to himself, waiting for Sun Hao to close the door before he looked back.

Then, he also walked back to his room and closed the door. Sun Hao didn’t know about this scene.

“Rumeng, I am going to paint. If you feel bored, just go out and play. It’s safe here. You don’t need to guard me all the time.” Sun Hao said to Huang Rumeng.

“Young Master, when I’m with you, I won’t feel bored. Let me help you grind the ink!” Huang Rumeng replied calmly.

“That’s good.” Sun Hao nodded.

Huang Rumeng took out the utensils Sun Hao had prepared before going out from the space ring and put them aside one by one. Brush and ink, scriptures, kitchen utensils, scented tea and herbs … They brought a lot of daily necessities.

“I don’t know if I can gain a blessing point if I paint here?”

“People here, there should be someone who likes painting and calligraphy? If I give it to them then I will get blessing points, right?”

“What should I paint? Right, then let’s paint the Great Demon Mountain!” Sun Hao thought in his heart, and after spreading the drawing paper, he started to move. The brush moved without resting like a swimming dragon and snake. His movement was smooth and flowing, without any stagnation.

A few moments later, you can see a mountain peak, laid out in the clouds and mist, is majestic and unshakable. Above the mountain peak, a temple was built on it, illusory and cannot be captured. Halfway up the mountain, a traveler, ran to the mountain, seemingly in a hurry. 

In the blank space of the painting, was written down two sentences: 

*No one is free from self

And neither empty nor color sees the Buddha. 


Title: Worship Buddha.

The artistic conception of the painting was incredible. Huang Rumeng stared at this painting blankly and stood there stupidly, motionless. The scenery in front of her was changing rapidly, and a giant Buddha stood proudly in front of her.

The Buddha stood proudly in the sky and could not be moved. Words of chants come from the mouth of the Buddha. It formed a magical layer and wrapped Huang Rumeng in it.

Heaven and man unity! Huang Rumeng stood in place, feeling it in solemnity. Her state of mind was rising rapidly. 

“Click …” There was a sound. At this moment, the barrier that was stuck on Huang Rumeng’s body split at the sound. Her strength, in an instant, having a  breakthrough. She reached the ascension realm!

Reaching the ascension realm was a qualitative improvement. The demonic power on her body was transforming into immortal power. Once the transformation was completed, she would become a half immortal. By then, no one could differentiate her from the demon.

After a long time, Huang Rumeng withdrew her expression and opened her eyes. “Finally, I reached the ascension realm! Young Master, thank you!”

Huang Rumeng muttered, looking at Sun Hao. Her face was full of gratitude. She saw that Sun Hao started painting again. With that serious look on his face, Huang Rumeng’s eyes gleamed.

“When the Young Master’s mortal experience is over, he won’t forget me, will he?”

“Why are you asking for more? To me, being able to follow the Young Master is a great blessing! I can’t repay it in ten thousand lifetimes!”


  1. Failed to recognize an important person.
  2. Mystified: Hello I am sorry for not releasing any chapter yesterday since I was working out of time and had no access to good internet.

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