I Am An Evil Sword Chapter 85 Forced Taming

The Crimson Blood Demon Sword failed to escape Qu Fei’s pursuit. Since the beginning, Chen Hao absorbed only the true qi of Shiqi’s peak Qi Sea Realm cultivation!

Even if Qu Fei’s strength were only slightly better than that, it would still be the late True Origin Realm.

Qu Fei clutched the struggling heavy sword with both hands. His face was ecstatic!

How could he not see it now, the extraordinary heavy sword in his hand?

A demon weapon that had the spirit of intelligence was the real demon weapon.

Spirit also had likes and dislikes, they would choose their favorite master, so there would be a demon weapon that chose the master.

Qu Fei knew that the demon sword in his hand also had a spirit, and it seemed that the spirit didn’t want to meet him and didn’t want to recognize himself as the master!

But Qu Fei didn’t care about the likes or dislikes of that demon sword to him. There were two ways to obtain a demon weapon with intelligence.

The first one, of course, was to let the demon weapon recognize yourself!

This one, Qu Fei, was not counting on it!

He didn’t have the patience to impress the spirit with “sincerity.”

Most of the demon spirits were fierce and violent. It was very difficult to control a demon weapon!

The second kind was to tame it forcibly!

Either completely subdue the demon weapon with absolute strength or used other auxiliary means to make it obediently bow down and obey.

It just so happened that there was this method in the array formation inheritance that Qu Fei obtained!

Among the four formations he obtained, three were actually used to refine demon weapons.

Evil Qi Refining Array: Place the best profound weapon in the center of the array, and the array absorbs the blood and soul of the dead to pour out a new spirit!

Demon Weapon Seal Array: a demon weapon specially used to seal generator spirits!

Blood Refining Array: First feed the demon weapon, and then use your own blood to make a sacrifice to the demon weapon repeatedly, and finally let the sealed demon weapon spirit completely identify with the owner!

It was very difficult to refine a magic weapon by yourself, and it took a lot of human lives.

But the entire Southern Territory was very unfriendly to the demon martial artist, especially the demon martial artist who liked to destroy villages and cities!

When his strength reached the late stage of the True Origin Realm, Qu Fei had a little self-preservation. He felt that it was difficult for him to improve in a short period of time before he began to refine the demon weapon.

“Struggle! Struggle! Soon, you won’t be struggling anymore!”

Qu Fei laughed and found a concealed place. With one hand, he firmly grasped the magic sword, and the other hand began to arrange the array formation.

The array formation was very complicated, but Qu Fei had studied the four array formations for more than ten years, and he was already too familiar with it!

After only half an hour, the complex array was engraved on the ground, and more than one hundred low-grade spirit stones were placed in a certain order.

The layout of the array formation was coming to an end!

Chen Hao already felt that something was wrong!

He didn’t know how to form an array formation, nor understand what array formation the array master in front of him had arranged, but he knew that this array formation was most likely aimed at him!

When the sense of crisis came, Chen Hao once again launched the evil spirit aura!

Blood-red killing intent instantly wrapped QuFei!

The spirit stone in Qu Fei’s hand fell to the ground. When he found something wrong, his face sank, and he bit the tip of his tongue. Then he quickly took out a small jade bottle from the storage bag and poured out a milky white pill into his mouth.

After a long time, he said with a sigh of relief and triumphantly, “Hey, do you think you can drive me crazy with this killing aura? I have the evil spirit refining array formation. Why can’t I be prepared? Xuan bing Qingling Pill, at least, can give me a quarter of an hour being not affected by you; a quarter of an hour is enough!”

“However, I am more and more satisfied with you!” The closer you get to success, the more excited you are. “As long as this array is opened, you will completely lose control of the demon weapon. After you are completely sealed, I will refine your blood. After the blood refining, you will never reject me again. You will agree with me as the master in your heart! I will help you wholeheartedly to become the top master of the demon path!”

After hearing the words of the Array Master, Chen Hao felt very uneasy!

He should not be changed in character and become a slave to the swordmaster!

Chen Hao counted his skills but found that none of them could be used!

The bad luck broke out, the skill he was most proud of, but he could only target the swordmaster, and now it was too late to change the swordmaster. Even if the array master in front of him were regarded as the swordmaster, it would take him five days.

Five days … It would be too late!

The martial arts in the killing master’s inheritance could use it, but the true qi stored in the sword was not enough!

“System, is what he said is true? Can he really change my character and force me to recognize him as the master?”

At a critical juncture, Chen Hao finally remembered that he still had a system!

His System was very mechanical, and it showed a sense of existence only when there was no change of swordmaster or upgrade.

If Chen Hao didn’t ask it, it could be silent for a thousand years.

“Of course, the host is not invincible now. If you are a demon sword, you will have the weaknesses of the demon sword. There are many ways in which the world can change you, such as completely changing your attributes, such as completely defeating you. Soul, for example, blood refining to recognize the master!”

Forcibly changing attributes? Forced brainwashing?

Chen Hao panicked!

Forcibly changing attributes was better, forcibly brainwashing?

It was better to let him die!

“But Seventeen is not dead! Wouldn’t it be impossible to recognize another master!”

“When you, the spirit, really approve of the Array Master, you will automatically kill Shiqi and change him to be the swordmaster. You have this ability, don’t you?”

Chen Hao had no choice but to turn to the System, “Then I What should I do now?”

The System said coldly and mechanically, “I am just an auxiliary system, and I can’t fight. Everything depends on the host!”

It said it, just like it didn’t say it!

Chen Hao knew that the System was unreliable, and if the System were really reliable, he would not have been refined into a demon sword at the beginning!

“It’s finally finished!”

Qu Fei let out a sigh of relief, wiping the sweat from his forehead.

He firmly pressed the Crimson Blood Demon Sword to the center of the array formation and then placed the last spirit stone on the last gap.

When the array formation was activated, a powerful aura instantly locked Chen Hao. They were like chains, shrinking continuously, slowly confining Chen Hao’s soul in the Crimson Demon Sword!

The powerful spiritual energy engraved patterns on the body of the Crimson Blood Demon Sword…Although it was only a part of it, the shape was very similar to the array formation of the Array Master on the ground!

Chen Hao discovered that he had slowly lost control of the Crimson Blood Demon Sword!

Glancing at the property panel, he found something even more terrible.

All the active skills of the Crimson Devil Sword under his control were disappearing.

Bad luck (sealed), bad luck broke out (sealed) …

Seeing that the Crimson Blood Demon Sword stopped struggling, Qu Fei said triumphantly, “It’s good now? I tell you, it’s too late! I’m so afraid of death. Yes, a demon weapon that cannot be completely controlled, I would rather lose it, rather destroy it, than use it!”

“So, I must let you completely surrender to me! Take orders from me completely! Completely agree with me as your only master!”

Another quarter of an hour passed, and the array formation’s spirit stones were almost exhausted.

Qu Fei looked at the Crimson Blood Demon Sword and only completed a small half of the pattern, and changed the spirit stone with heartache and joy.

He was heartbroken with the spirit stones. These spirit stones were all his belongings that he had accumulated over many years of life and death!

He was happy because, in the array formation, the stronger the demon weapon, the stronger the weapon spirit, the more spirit stones need to be consumed.

The demon weapon of the ordinary spirit level couldn’t even consume the spirit stone of the first arrangement of array formation … But the present sword needed to change the spirit stone three times, which undoubtedly showed that this sword was not an ordinary demon weapon. It was very powerful!

Fortunately, Qu Fei was well prepared!

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