It Turns Out I am a Dao Ancestor Chapter 35 The Thunder Tribulation Giant Becomes A Licking Dog

In the sky.

“Zi …” The nine-color thunder lights gathered more and more. It seemed to light up the whole world. The power of its terror appeared to destroy the world.

Seeing, the first sky thunder was about to brew.

At this time, “Zi …”

The nine-color thunder light disappeared one by one. Immediately afterward, the dark clouds dispersed.

In less than a moment, the sun was shining, and the sky was clear.  Just like everything just now, it was illusory.

“This?” Sun Hao stood still, full of disbelief.

“It disappeared? I haven’t spoken yet!” Sun Hao murmured, showing a wry smile. It seemed that swallowing the black cloud had nothing to do with me!

Control the weather?


Fortunately, do one more experiment.

Otherwise, it will be a great shame.

It was not a good thing to watch too much. I always had the dream of being the leader of cultivating immortals! Withdrawing his mood, Sun Hao looked at Huang Rumeng.

She closed her eyes and didn’t move.  At the corner of her mouth, a smile seemed to be raised. In her dantian, the 18-color electric light is intertwined and slowly merged. The demon infant in her abdomen turned into a green phoenix.

Eighteen-color thunder lights blend with the green phoenix. There was no pain in this process.

On Huang Rumeng’s head, “Fuck!”

Fen Zhao, the heart demon, exclaimed.  Others did not notice, but he clearly saw what had just happened.

Not long ago, the terror of tribulation rolled in. In the dark clouds, hide a thunder giant. Its body was full of thunder lights. Taking a look at it made people’s souls split apart, and it was very uncomfortable.

As the inner demon, he also glanced at it, then withdrew his gaze.

However, In the next scene, what happened was incredible.  The Thunder Tribulation Giant was gathering the first Thunder Tribulation. But when he saw Sun Hao staring at him, he was so scared that he knelt down at Sun Hao and kept kowtowing without even thinking about it.

Moreover, he also said the voice of his mind, “Sir, I was wrong, and I never dare to do it again! My Lord, you can rest assured that I know what to do!”

After these two sentences, with a wave, the nine-color electric light flew into Huang Rumeng’s body from his hand. Not only was there no punishment, but it also gave Huang Rumeng supreme good luck!

This was licking? Thunder Tribulation Giant, in order to beg that mortal, became a licking dog?

Was he dreaming? No, no, it’s too terrifying, too shocking. This mortal is definitely not a human being!

“What should I do? I’m done! I’m dead!”

“He must have found me long ago, and he didn’t finish me, only disdain!”

“The heart demon ancestor, you are in the spirit of heaven, save your eighty-eighth generation grandson!”

“I beg you!” Fen Zhao hid in her hairpin, shivering and praying.

“No, I want to escape, I want to escape!” Fen Zhao carefully floated out of her hairpin.

“Zi …” A burst of black smoke rose. Almost dissipated Fen Zhao electricity. He hurriedly hid in the hairpin, afraid to move.

“Damn licking the dog, trapped the old boss, Thunder Tribulation Giant, I…” The words did not finish.

“Zi …” A few strands of thunder light were rapidly condensing, and Fen Zhao was so scared that he covered his mouth, dare not say a word.



Sun Hao looked at Huang Rumeng and saw that she was relieved and could not help but let out a long sigh of relief.

“This girl, it seems that her identity is not simple!”

“There must be an expert in secret, knowing that she was afraid of thunder, she broke the dark clouds!” Sun Hao secretly thought.

For a long time, only then Huang Rumeng opened his eyes. The corners of her mouth rose, and the spring breeze filled her face. She could clearly see everything just now.

The Young Master was afraid that she would have something wrong, so he stared directly at the Thunder Tribulation Giant. That Thunder Tribulation Giant was a coward.

Trembling with fear, the giant gave the nine-color thunder light to her. This good fortune had never existed in the past. The Young Master’s great favor, there was no way to return it.

By the way, the Young Master was pursuing immortality, and now he was a mortal, so she must not break it. Huang Rumeng thought secretly, walked in front of Sun Hao and gently held his hands.

“Young Master, didn’t you say that you want to take me to see your pets, is that okay now?” Huang Rumeng said.

“Oh, I almost forgot about it. Okay, I’ll take you to see it today!” After speaking, Sun Hao stood up.

“Where exactly do you keep your pets? I searched all over the backyard, but I didn’t see them.” Huang Rumeng said.

“That’s because I didn’t raise it in the backyard.” Sun Hao said with a smile.

“Where is it then?”

“In the West Courtyard!” Sun Hao said.

“West Courtyard?” Huang Rumeng was startled. Was there a west courtyard here? I don’t seem to have seen it before.

With doubts, Huang Rumeng closely followed Sun Hao.

“Rumeng, only I can open the West Courtyard at the moment. Starting today, I will give you permission, and you can open it in the future!” Sun Hao said.

“Authority? Young Master, is it the formation?” Huang Rumeng asked.

Sun Hao only smiled and made no answer. Such a scene saw Huang Rumeng’s eyes. It was totally unpredictable. The method of the Young Master’s formation was incredible. She couldn’t even sense a trace of the formation.

Too tough! Young Master, are you an omnipotent immortal?

In Huang Rumeng’s eyes, all that was revealed was the spirit of worship.

“Here we are!” Sun Hao said with a smile when he stood in front of a stone wall.

“My son, this is a wall. Are we going to go through it?” Huang Rumeng asked.

“Of course not!” Sun Hao raised his mouth, full of arrogance and pride.

This was a piano technique! His piano skills have reached the highest level! Rumeng presumably also didn’t see that it existed.  This showed that ordinary cultivators couldn’t see through his piano skills.

Sun Hao stood in front of the rock wall, flipping it back and forth, seeing Huang Rumeng dazzled. Gradually, the scenery in front of her changed rapidly. She seemed to see a peerless powerhouse, showing a set of techniques.

The power of terror destroyed the world. These techniques, as engraved in mind, cannot be forgotten.

“Nirvana hand?” Huang Rumeng’s heart was shocked. The technique that I had just realized was actually the Nirvana Hand. According to the legend, if the Nirvana Hand was trained to great success, one finger could break a star.

The Young Master actually taught her this peerless, immortal skill. There was no way to return this great kindness.

“Young Master, you are so kind to me!” Tears were moving in Huang Rumeng’s eyes and looking at Sun Hao, motionless.

A moment later.

“Hum …” The sound of the heavy stone friction. The stone wall slowly sank. What greeted them was an incredibly vast farm. It was golden and dazzling. The fragrance of rice rushed to the face.

“Young Master, is this?” Huang Rumeng asked.

The corners of Sun Hao’s mouth raised, his expression smug. This was a farm rewarded by the system, which could contain everything. But unfortunately, he couldn’t take it with him. Otherwise, he could go anywhere with this farm!

“This is my farm. Does it look good?” Sun Hao said.

“Farm?” Huang Rumeng was stunned.  Young Master actually developed the space ability specifically. There were rules of its own.

Compared with the Secret Realm of the Strong, it was not a class at all. The Young Master’s farm was totally a world.

“Young Master, you are such an endless treasure house!” Huang Rumeng looked at Sun Hao. For a while, she did not return to absolute being.

“Aren’t you going to see my pet? Don’t freeze. Let’s go in!”

“Yes, Young Master!” Huang Rumeng followed Sun Hao and walked inside.

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