I Am An Evil Sword Chapter 84 The Reverse Universe Array Formation

Array Master Qu Fei originally was a civilian warrior. When he was thirteen years old, he undoubtedly broke into a cave where he found a skeleton and an incomplete array secret book.

If an ordinary warrior accidentally discovered the incomplete array technique, it would be challenging to get started with the array technique after exhausting his life’s energy. However, Qu Fei was a man of fortune. After several years of pondering, he could barely learn the array secret book’s array method.

One of them was the evil spirit refining array that Shiqi had just forcibly broken through! The evil spirit refining array was an evil array that sacrificed people to produce demon weapons. It could make the warriors in the array completely crazy and kill each other, and finally, their blood would become the nourishment of the demon weapons.

And what Qu Fei wanted a sacrifice for was a demon sword! He was good at swordsmanship! As for why he didn’t do it with a good array master but wanted to make sacrifices for the demon sword, Qu Fei also had his lasting difficulties.

If he could become an array master, he would certainly not practice martial arts! The problem was that the array secret book he got was incomplete. Besides the basic knowledge of basic arrays, only four arrays were left in the secret book. The four arrays were all auxiliary formations, and three of them were about refining demon weapons!

Array master was a rare profession on the mainland. Regarding the inheritance of array mage, it was even rarer. Qu Fei had been searching hard for decades, he had seen the array master’s legacy twice, but they were all taken by the giant forces!

Forced to do so, he could only practice martial arts concurrently. Among all weapons, he preferred the sword technique! So he began to use the evil spirit to refine the magic circle for himself to refine a handy demon weapon!

But where was it so easy to have a demon weapon out of thin air? Qu Fei looked at Shiqi in “horror,” “You can break through my evil spirit refining array? You are not an ordinary true-origin realm warrior. Who are you?”

He looked like a despicable figure who ran out of cards and wanted to make a living at the end of his tether! It was a pity that even if he realized that he was horrified, Shiqi did not look up at him.

Since the array was forcibly destroyed, Shiqi knelt on the ground with one leg, and the magic sword in his hand was held on the ground by him, motionless, like a statue. So, he wasted his expression. But QuFei didn’t know! He continued to implore, “Please, let me live. As long as you spare my life, I will be willing to serve you after I die!”

Is Qu Fei, the Array Master, really at the end of his rope?

Of course not! Qu Fei didn’t go forward to deal with Shiqi because he was better at the array. Almost all arrays had range limitations. Unfortunately, he had not arranged other arrays in the evil spirit refining array, and he did not have that ability!

When Shiqi broke through the evil spirit refining array, he just hurriedly arranged the reverse universe array around him. Shiqi did not attack. Qu Fei did not dare to go! He and Shiqi were both martial artists in the late True Origin Realm. If the two were fighting head-on, and he was not sure of winning!

Qu Fei hoped that the young man in front of him would not run away … If he did run away, he would be in trouble!

“Can you listen to me?” By this time, Shiqi was still motionless, making Qu Fei a little bit uncertain. He didn’t want to be in a deadlock here. What if the other party’s support came?

It didn’t take long for QuFei to realize that something was wrong. Could it be that the opponent had exhausted all his energy in order to break through the evil spirit refining array and couldn’t even stand up?

It was not impossible! Relying on the three sets of arrays to roam outside, Qu Fei relied on the three sets of arrays to overshadow many warriors. He knew very well how powerful the evil spirit refining formation was! Even a warrior in the late True Origin Realm, once trapped in the array, was very likely to die.

In front of him, the young man used an unknown evil method to break through to the late True Origin Realm and then forcibly broke through the evil spirit refining array, exhausted. That was extremely possible!

But after all, Qu Fei had a rich experience, not the kind of bold warrior. He pulled out a dagger from behind and shot hard at Shiqi. With the sound of “dang,” the heavy sword stood in front of Shiqi. Looking at the big hand, holding the heavy sword, Qu Fei smiled fiercely, “I knew it was impossible!”

“Boy, how did you feel when you killed all your teammates by yourself? Wasn’t it thrilling?” Qu Fei said with a grin, “Do you know why I like to use evil spirits to refine the demon formation? That’s because I like watching you kill each other the most. Look! To tell you the truth, when you killed a few of your teammates just now, I was almost reaching orgasm!”

Qu Fei took a deep breath and continued, “What is the relationship between your teammates and you? Like? Will it be good compared to you? After all, it is a mission performed many times. Can brothers and sisters’ lives intersect …? They are dead and die in your hands. Do you think it will be very uncomfortable? “

Looking at the young man slowly raised his head, the smile on Qu Fei’s face was wider! But when he saw the boy’s crimson eyes, he froze, and a freezing chill filled his mind.

Shiqi fiercely stood up, ejected his legs directly, and rushed towards Qu Fei.

“Possessed?” Qu Fei asked in surprise. This time he was astonished. However, Shiqi’s possession was both unexpected and reasonable. He broke directly from the peak of the Qi Ocean Realm to the late True Origin Realm. If there were no side effects, it would be strange!

However, Shiqi’s attack was in the midst of Qu Fei’s arms! Ordinary warriors would be tough to deal with possessed warriors who were not afraid of life and death, but for QuFei, possessed warriors were more comfortable to deal with than ordinary ones!

They didn’t think well, and they didn’t want to escape! It was bad luck for the possessed teenager to meet him as an Array Mage! Qu Fei took out a spirit stone from his pocket and placed it under his feet, and laughed in a low voice, “The Reverse Universe Array!”

With Qu Fei as the center, the array was activated, a white light rose within a radius of 50 meters! Shiqi’s figure who rushed towards Qu Fei shook, obviously running forward. The actual situation was that he was continually backing away!

Qu Fei saw this situation, showing a proud smile on his face, then pulled out the long blood-red sword from his waist, and rushed to the front of Shiqi and slashed at his right shoulder! Shiqi instinctively wanted to dodge to the left, but the reality was that he swerved to the left.

The long sword slashed dangerously on Shiqi’s left shoulder. If he hadn’t reacted quickly, the sword could directly split his head! Qu Fei smiled again! The reverse universe array arrangement was straightforward, but Qu Fei’s trump card dealt with powerful enemies!

The principle of the array method was also straightforward, which was to reverse the universe. People in the array moved forward, but they actually moved backward! People in the array dodged to the left, but they swerved to the right!

Simply like the Shiqi’s situation now! Fighting for life and death among fighters at the same level would not tolerate any negligence. Most of Qu Fei’s enemies didn’t think about it until the end. He clearly backed away to avoid Qu Fei’s attack. Why was the actual result facing the blade of the long sword?

Even if a small number of powerful and savvy warriors could discover the mystery of the formation, they would die in the hands of Qu Fei because it was challenging to adapt to the new “rules” in a short time!

After all, the habit cultivated in ten or several decades did not mean that it could be changed immediately. Qu Fei was different. After learning how to use the reverse universe array, he continuously practiced the array. He was familiar with all the rules of the array!

Therefore, in the array, Qu Fei had an absolute advantage! Martial artists of the same rank, almost no one could rival Qu Fei!

Shiqi became a bloody man who was irrationally shocked by the killing aura in his body and the killing aura in the evil aura refining array. His real strength definitely surpassed Qu Fei, but no matter how strong he was, he could not touch Qu Fei.

Just when Shiqi fell, Qu Fei smiled and was about to kill him. The Crimson Blood Demon Sword suddenly broke away from Shiqi’s palm, rushed out of array the formation, and flew to the distant dense forest.

Qu Fei was utterly unprepared. He didn’t react until the sword with crimson blood broke through the array.

“Want to run, no way!” He left Shiqi and chased the crimson blood sword! Shiqi was just a nobody to him. What he longed for was that demon weapon!

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