It Turns Out I am a Dao Ancestor Chapter 34 Cultivation Base Breakthrough and Welcome Thunder Tribulation

Huang Rumeng looked at Sun Hao, her eyes gleaming sharply. She saw that Sun Hao painted on the stone gate. The movement is smooth and flowing, without any stagnation. The speed was so fast that Huang Rumeng was dazzled.

In just a quarter of an hour.

“Om…” There was a shock. All the lines on the stone gate had been all depicted. It seemed to be natural, without any flaws.

“Shoo …”

Spirit energy that could not be detected by the naked eye quickly penetrated the stone gate. The stone gate seemed to have added a kind of spirituality.

“How is it? Isn’t it much better?” Sun Hao’s voice awakened Huang Rumeng.

Young Master, this is more than just good-looking.

It’s totally uncanny workmanship. It’s fantastic!

Repairing ancient patterns is so easy and straightforward.

In this world, except for the Young Master, who else can do it?

“It looks good.” Huang Rumeng nodded.

Hearing these words, Sun Hao’s mouth rose, and his face was full of love. Someone finally appreciates his carving skills.

Moreover, she was also a beautiful cultivator. This feeling was quite good.

“Young Master, I think I can open the door.” Huang Rumeng said.

“Then, you open it!” Sun Hao said.

“Okay!” Huang Rumeng invoked her strength and gently pressed against the stone gate.

“Huff …” All the lines on the stone gate were lit up.

“Om …” A dull stone friction sounded. The colossal stone gate slowly opened.

“Cracked …” A breath of primitive simplicity, coming from the door. When the stone gate opened, the two looked around, revealing a look of disappointment. Inside it, there was only space with an area of ​​100 square meters.

Thick dust accumulated inside. The surrounding stone walls were also wrapped in the dust, and no traces could be seen. Moreover, this stone tower had no stairs! In other words, you can only stand on the first floor?

“Who designed this? It is hundreds of meters high, but the first floor is only 3 meters high, and there is only one floor!”

Sun Hao shook his head for a while and walked out of the stone tower.

“Rumeng, clean it tomorrow. Today we continue to practice the guqin.” Sun Hao said.

“Yes, Young Master.”

A moment later, the two were sitting in front of a guqin. Sun Hao made the one in front of Huang Rumeng.

“Ding … Zheng …” The melody sounded and oscillated. The two tunes blend and create a moving melody. Hearing the melody it made people feel comfortable.

The Baise God Lotus in the pond, no, it was wrong. It should be said that it was a Thousand Color God Lotus.  At the moment, she was clapping her petals happily. Two cherry trees, swaying in the wind, their branches danced wildly. The fruit trees, tea trees, anthers in the backyard…At this moment, the branches were trembling, like a passionate dancer, extremely enthusiastic.

“It’s so comfortable…” A voice that ears can’t hear. Above Huang Rumeng’s head, a transparent phantom slowly condensed. He was Fen Zhao.

“This song is so beautiful, and I feel that I am getting stronger!” Fen Zhao stretched out and said lazily. Suddenly, he raised his eyebrows and looked at the two cherry trees not far away, sweating profusely.

“My god, two demon immortals, so… terrifying!”

“What? The flower in the pond is also a demon immortal, with a stronger aura!” Fen Zhao hurriedly hid in Huang Rumeng’s hairpin. Inside, one of his eyes was exposed, peeking out.

When he saw the guqin in Sun Hao’s hand, his scalp exploded.

“That … what’s that? I … I can’t see through it.”

“At least it’s also a supreme weapon! Isn’t it an immortal weapon?”

“Fortunately, the song he played didn’t kill me. Otherwise, it’s the end for me.”

“He looks like a mortal. How can he use this kind of thing? Is it true that he has reached the point of returning to nature, and I can’t see through it?”

Thinking like this, Fen Zhao was so scared that his liver and gallbladder were torn apart, and sweat on his forehead rolled down.

“What the hell is this? It’s terrifying!”

“Escape, I must escape quickly. If late, it will be even worse !” Fenzhao’s face is full of regret. He climbed carefully to the ground and was about to move.

“Om…” The chair shook when he saw it.

“Howl…” Like dragons, shocked in his mind, his soul rippled. He almost shattered his soul and died tragically on the spot. Fen Zhao quickly flew back to Huang Rumeng’s head, hiding in the hairpin, and dared not come out again.

“It looks like I’m going to die here.”

“Who will save me!” Fen Zhao shivered.



Time flies. It was three days in an instant. In these three days, Sun Hao and Huang Rumeng had a regular routine. Eating, sleeping, flying, playing music, cleaning stone towers, carving patterns…

After three days of hard work, they finally cleaned up the first layer of dust on the stone tower. Moreover, the stone tower’s inner layer lines were all repaired, even more than before. The inner layer was much more complicated, and Sun Hao must also stay focused instead of making mistakes.

Other than that. After three days of flight training, Sun Hao has adapted to Huang Rumeng’s one-fifth flight speed. Moreover, now he could open his eyes and observe the ground scenery.

Great progress.

Huang Rumeng also made rapid progress in playing the guqin. The music she played alone had already taken shape.

Huang Rumeng’s strength was as high as the sky, and it was infinitely close to the perfection of Crossing Calamity Realm.

It was a big hurdle to perfect Crossing Calamity Realm to be successful. Because of this hurdle, what to face would be the nine-color tribulation thunder.

This tribulation thunder power was a thousand times stronger than the previous six-color tribulation thunder power. It was not an order of magnitude at all. The first two tribulation thunder, the Young Master may be able to swallow it back.

But this time, the tribulation thunder might not sell this face. Huang Rumeng worked hard to suppress her cultivation base, but she finally couldn’t suppress it on this day.

“Kacha…” There was a sound. She broke through that barrier in an instant.

At this time.

“Crackling …” In the sky, dark clouds suddenly appeared. Layer upon layer piled up quickly and pressed toward the ground. Everything was shrouded in dark clouds within a few hundred miles, and the sun was not visible.

“Zi …”

Nine-color thunder light, wandering among the dark clouds, bursting with thrilling power. It made people’s scalp numb at first sight.

“Hey, tribulation thunder!”

“Great, the tribulation thunder is coming!”

“Heaven helps me too!”

Fen Zhao shouted excitedly over Huang Rumeng’s head. As a demon, he had his mission. This mission is to help the Thunder Tribulation and disrupt the host.

Once the host fails to cross the tribulation, he would be rewarded the host’s lifelong cultivation base and reward the inner demon as a reward.

This was also the meaning of the existence of the inner demon. After a few days of fear, he finally ushered in the day of crossing the tribulation. It was really refreshing and unspeakable.

“Come on, hurry down!” Fen Zhao looked at the sky and thunder tribulation, revealing the color of endless desire. Next to Huang Rumeng, Sun Hao looked at the sky, his eyes gleaming. “It seems to be thundering again, and I don’t know if I can swallow back these dark clouds?”

“If I really have this ability, wouldn’t I be a big boss who can control the weather?” At this point, Sun Hao was full of expectations.

“Rumeng seems to be very scared. Then I will wait!”

“Wait for the first thunder to fall, then swallow it back so that Rumeng will look at me differently!” Sun Hao looked at the sky and waited secretly.

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