It Turns Out I am a Dao Ancestor Chapter 33 Young Master I Am Willing To Protect You

Huang Rumeng looked at Sun Hao but stopped talking, and everything was awkward.

“Rumeng, do you have something to ask me?” Sun Hao said.

“Young Master, do you want to open a medical clinic in Jiangyang City?” Huang Rumeng asked.

When Sun Hao heard it, his eyes bloomed.

This girl, yes. By saying it casually, she can guess what I think in my heart. Amazing!

“Yes.” Sun Hao replied.

“Are you looking for a cultivator to protect you?” Huang Rumeng asked again.

“En!” Sun Hao nodded.

“Young Master, if you don’t mind, I am willing to protect you!” Huang Rumeng said.

“You?” Sun Hao looked at Huang Rumeng up and down, staring blankly. Huang Rumeng didn’t have the breath of a cultivator at all. How could a mortal protect him?

“Can you protect me?” Sun Hao asked.

Huang Rumeng smiled, walked to Sun Hao, stretched out her weak boneless hand, and grabbed Sun Hao. “Young Master, come with me!”

“Alright!” Sun Hao followed Huang Rumeng with doubts on his face, and his thoughts turned to anxiety.

She’s not a cultivator, is she?

If so, there will be a lot of trouble.

For the first time, I touched several places that I shouldn’t feel.

These days, the two have been getting along, but they were as close as a Dao couple, so it was hard to fix it.

If she went back on her word and slapped him, wouldn’t she have to … At this point, Sun Hao’s heart was trembling.

“Young Master, can I take you to fly?” Huang Rumeng asked.

“Flying?” Sun Hao’s eyes sparkled. He was dreaming of flying in the world and enjoying himself. It was a pleasure to let such a beautiful woman fly with him.

“Okay.” Sun Hao nodded.

“Young Master, please stand over here a little.”


“Come a little more.”

“Is this okay?”

“Hold me tight.”

“This is not very good.”

“If you fall down, I may not be able to catch you up!”

“Well, is this all right?”

“A little tighter.” Hearing these words, Sun Hao wrapped his arms around Huang Rumeng.

A gust of sweet wind rushed into his face. There was something strange in his chest, and Sun Hao reacted unconsciously. Huang Rumeng’s face turned red, and she hugged Sun Hao tightly, ” I’m about to start.”


“Woosh …” The two people slowly soaring, soon, then leapt over the stone tower.

“Hey, there seems to be a piece missing from this tower!” Sun Hao was taken aback.

“It seems so!” Huang Rumeng nodded.

In Sun Hao’s eyes, the stone tower shrank rapidly. He looked at the ground, and soon dizziness came. He hugged Huang Rumeng tightly, not daring to let go.

“How is it?” Huang Rumeng asked.

“So this is flying. It feels good!” Sun Hao said.

“Young Master, this is not flying. Next, it is flying. I want to speed up!”

“Boom …” There was a roar in Sun Hao’s ears. His body fell from the sky, like riding a roller coaster. The terrifying acceleration made his chest breathe hard, and his heart seemed to jump out.

“Woosh …” The wind and waves blew and hit his face hard, causing pain for a while. Sun Hao couldn’t even open his eyes.

Terrifying, it was scary. His heart was beating violently, and he couldn’t stop at all. Uncomfortable, it was extremely uncomfortable.

“Rumeng, stop…stop, stop, let me catch my breath!” Huang Rumeng slowed down and gradually stopped. She watched Sun Hao sweating profusely, her eyes blooming with a strange glow.

“The realm of the Young Master is already unimaginable. This mortal pretends to be so alike, and even I can’t see the slightest difference!”

“Young Master, are you feeling better?” Huang Rumeng asked.

“Rumeng, slow down and take me back. Your speed is almost the same as that of an airplane.” Sun Hao said.

“Airplane?” Huang Rumeng looked puzzled.

“It’s a flying spirit weapon, and people can sit in it.” Sun Hao changed his mind and said.

“Young Master is a swift boat? The swift boat is not so fast. ” Huang Rumeng said.


“Does it need to consume spirit stones?”

“No, it consumes kerosene.”


Huang Rumeng looked at Sun Hao with a look of admiration.

I have never heard of these things. It is something that the higher world has. It seems that the Young Master came here from a particular higher world.

“Young Master, you are so amazing. You know so much.” Huang Rumeng said. Seeing Huang Rumeng’s fiery eyes, Sun Hao quickly retracted his gaze.

These things are common sense. I only say it casually what’s so powerful about this. Now, Huang Rumeng is also a cultivator, so I must be careful and not annoy her.

“Not so good, take me back!”

“Yes, Young Master!” Huang Rumeng accelerated again, and Sun Hao almost vomited. He kept shouting to slow down until Huang Rumeng’s speed dropped to one-tenth, which was much more comfortable. Well, it seemed for his mortal body, even riding was a test.

Back in the yard, Sun Hao said, “Rumeng, why don’t you have the breath of a cultivator ?”

“I have a special cultivation technique that can hide my breath.” Huang Rumeng explained.

Sun Hao secretly nodded after hearing this.

I see.

“Rumeng, in the future, we will have one more class every day, that is, you will take me to fly until I fully adapt, we will go to Jiangyang City, how?”

“It’s all based on the Young Master’s orders.” Huang Rumeng leaned slightly.

“Well, let’s have a look at this stone tower!” Sun Hao raised his head and looked at the stone tower towering over the sky, his eyes flickering constantly.

This stone tower had dozens of floors. Look at its height, at least a few hundred meters. If you stood on it, you would be able to bring the scenery under the mountain into your eyes. It was a perfect viewing platform. Compared with flying, it was safer.

“Yes, Young Master.” The two stood in front of the stone tower and patted the door lightly.

“Bang …” A dull voice came.

“Young Master, let me try it!” Huang Rumeng stood up and moved her mind, drawing his body strength, blending it into his palm, and releasing it in the stone gate.

“Hum …” The stone gate shock. The dust on it drops, revealing incomparably complicated lines. It seemed that the vicissitudes of life were primitive. In many places, the lines have been wiped clean.

After Huang Rumeng’s physical strength poured into the lines, a red glow appeared, and it began to flow along the lines.


Huang Rumeng drew out his dantian power but couldn’t fill a striped line. She took back her strength.  Huang Rumeng touched the stone with shock on her face.

“These are formation patterns, very ancient, at least in the Middle Ages, right?”

“This stone tower is not simple!”

Huang Rumeng stood in front of Sun Hao and apologized. “Young Master, my strength is too low to open it.”

“It’s okay!”

“This thing, if you can open it, you don’t have to force it!”

Sun Hao touched the lines of the stone gate and shook his head for a while. “Who portrayed this pattern? This painting skill is too bad. Let me do it myself!”

Sun Hao took the carving knife from the carving room and stood in front of the stone gate.

“Young Master, what are you going to do.?” Huang Rumeng asked.

“I think these lines are portrayed very bluntly, and some places are obliterated. I’ll fix it!” Sun Hao said.

“What?” Huang Rumeng was shocked.

This kind of ancient pattern was portrayed by a certainly a powerful man at first glance, but the Young Master actually said it was awful?

No way?

Does he really regard himself as a mortal? This thing may seem ordinary on the surface, but in fact, it is incredibly complicated.  Not to mention repairing even a touch will be a fatal counterattack.

However, the Young Master has no magic power, and it should be fine if he encounters it.

Thinking like this, Huang Rumeng relaxed.

The next second, She was stunned and did not calm down for a long time.

She saw that the carving knife was in Sun Hao’s hand, and it was as flexible as flying dragons and snakes. It carved the ancient formation pattern without any backlash. The lines quickly appeared on the stone gate.

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