I Am An Evil Sword Chapter 83 Evil Spirit Aura Breaks The Array

Chen Hao was delighted to see Shiqi struggled for a long time and finally carried the heavy sword towards Evil Tiger.

Between self-sacrificed and self-sacrificing, Shiqi chose the latter.

With his help, Shiqi would soon grow up!

No longer the simple and honest boy.

As long as the swordmaster could decide, Chen Hao would never force the swordmaster to do anything.

At best, he would only give some pertinent suggestions to the swordmaster. As for the choice of the swordmaster, he never interfered!

Am I a demon sword?

Occasionally, Chen Hao doubted himself.

But that kind of doubt about oneself never lasted for long.

He didn’t care about whether he was a demon sword or not.

Why bother with your identity?

In this world, the unpleasant people occupy the vast majority, and there would always be a cruel reality, forcing the swordsmen to choose to be possessed.

As for why Chen Hao had been suppressing the growth of Shiqi’s strength, one of the reasons was to witness what is about to happen.

He liked watching, watching the swordsman make his own choice.

Evil Tiger, the late True Origin Realm master, if he were not crazy, even three Shiqin would not be his opponent.

But now they were completely crazy!

Dali was nowhere to be seen, and Scorpion was in danger.

Shiqi stood behind the evil Tiger and whispered, “I’m sorry, everyone!”


As soon as he attacked, it was a killer move!

Shiqi was very clear that once Evil Tiger could not be killed immediately, the crazy Evil Tiger would probably target him!

The “beheading” was even more terrifying in the array array, and Evil Tiger fell to the ground before he could even react.

The corpse that fell on the ground shrank into a mass and became a mummy, and the Crimson Demon Sword absorbed all the blood and soul.

The condition of the corpse looks very much like being killed by an evil array array!

Chen Hao had adjusted the feedback mode of killing feedback skills, with a feedback ratio of 99% and a feedback purity of 80%, which was his most significant concession ever!

After all, he was reluctant to fall into the hands of the array master.

Array master’s method was strange and unpredictable. What if the other party saw something and sealed him directly?

The feedback purity is 80%, which would make the demon sword absorb the mottled power from the dead to a greater extent, which should have been abandoned.

As for why the feedback rate is 99% instead of 100%, Chen Hao can only say that it is a matter of principle as a demon sword!

Shiqi gritted his teeth, beheading Black Bull and Scorpion one by one!

After Evil Tiger, Black Bull, and Scorpion’s death, the energy was absorbed by the sword, and then the energy surged in, drilling into his meridians and converging to the abdomen.

The energy passed by the sword with red was very complicated, which also contained the breath of tyranny.

The thick killing aura in the array array seemed to be attracted, all rushing to Shiqi, poured into his body through his six orifices, and blended into his meridians!

Even Chen Hao watched this scene with some surprise.

Shiqi seemed to have absorbed all the murderous aura in the array during the breakthrough process!

Chen Hao didn’t know what abnormality would be produced.

But he didn’t stop it, so he just wanted to see what happened.

The blood in Shiqi’s dantian was raining all over the sky, and the blood rain fell down, condensing into a sea of ​​blood and a sea of ​​innocence, staining his dantian blood red!

The blood-red sea of ​​qi was surging and boiling, mixed with a raging red killing aura, exuding an icy atmosphere.

There was a “bang.”

Shiqi had a breakthrough!

He became a warrior in the early stage of the real Origin realm!

However, the sword’s energy was not weakened by his breakthrough and continued to be transmitted.

Shiqi did not take a break but continued to make breakthroughs in a rush.

After killing Evil Tiger, Black Bull, and Scorpion, he was already on the verge of madness under the array array and crimson sword’s influence.

Mid-True Origin Realm!

The killing aura within the array formed a weird killing vortex with the breakthrough of Shiqi. These killing auras penetrated his body and blended into his true Qi!

When he succeeded in breaking through to the True Origin Realm, Chen Hao discovered that the killing aura in the entire array array had been reduced by half, and the boy had absorbed all!

Shiqi opened his eyes, his eyes glowing with blood.

Chen Hao could feel the boiling killing intent in his body.

It was like… the evil aura opened in his body!

Chen Hao asked in a low voice, “Shiqi, tell me, what is 16 plus 28?”

Shiqi lowered his head, then raised his head again, gritted his teeth, and said in a problematic tone, “I, I’d better find that … Array Master!”

He half absorbed the heavy killing aura in the array array, and the power of the entire array was also reduced by half.

The killing aura in the outside world still existed, but the killing aura in his body was equally powerful. The two murderous auras came from the same source, and they even left him in a strangely balanced state.

He was still on the verge of madness.

Half crazy but not crazy!

It was like an explosive barrel, and it burned when touched!

Seeing Shiqi sprinting for thousands of meters in the array array but still unable to get out of the array array, Chen Hao knew that the array array master must have deliberately let Sun Jiacheng out of the array!

He used this to give the follow-up pursuers an illusion, thinking the late True Origin Realm warriors had a chance to break through the array array!

If Sun Jiacheng’s body were not outside the array at that time but directly trapped inside the law, perhaps Evil Tiger would not choose to continue tracking!

“You can’t go out. The strength of the array master is stronger than you estimated!”

“Then use the last resort!”

Chen Hao reminded, “Well, you have to be prepared and start. In your current state, you may lose your mind instantly, but you have to recover as soon as possible!”

“Let’s start!”

Shiqi raised the Crimson Blood Demon Sword, and a blood-red killing aura spewed out from the sword!

The killing aura spread and soon filled the whole array array.

However, Chen Hao made an all-out effort, and the terrifying killing aura continued to gush from the Crimson Blood Demon Sword.

Finally, the killing aura in the array array seemed to have reached its limit!


Like the sound of glass breaking, the array’s power was half absorbed by Shiqi, and now the evil aura controlled by Chen Hao had reached the upper limit and ultimately collapsed.

Outside of the array array, the array master has been observing the abnormal movements within the array.

When he saw that Shiqi, who was still sober at the end, actually attacked his companions, he thought the overall situation was settled.

But what happened next made him completely unexpected!

That young man actually broke through directly from the Qi Ocean Realm peak to the late True Origin Realm within the array array!

How can the mage not covet such a horrible speed of ascension?

The pursuit of power by the demon martial artist far exceeded that of the ordinary martial artist!

The array was broken, but the world around Shiqi was still red.

That was the evil aura of the Crimson Blood Devil Sword!

The array master did not look at the blood-coloured long sword in the center of the killing aura array’s eyes, but with a fiery look at the heavy sword held high in the young man’s hand, a voice echoed in his mind: it was a real demon. The demonic weapon that I have always longed to own, get it, get it!

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