It Turns Out I am a Dao Ancestor Chapter 32 Master, What Have You Realized

In the pavilion. On a square table, there were five or six side dishes. All looked full of flavor and delicious.

The three women and  Sun Hao took their seats one after the other. “Two girls, you don’t have to be polite. Let’s eat!”

Sun Hao started first, and the others started picking up vegetables one by one. Luo Liuyan took a bite of the radish and took another bite, instantly stunned. Infinite spiritual power filled her entire mouth.

In the spiritual power, there are a few strands of celestial power. It entered meridians and rushed all over her body. Luo Liuyan could clearly sense that her physical body was rapidly becoming stronger.

Below the Void Transformation Realm, relying on the physical body alone, She was afraid that she could withstand all harm. Just one bite, it had such an effect. If it was swallowed whole, what was it worth?

Luo Liuyan secretly invoked her cultivation method and chewed carefully. Under her guidance, wisps of immortal power rapidly strengthen her whole body, meridians and flesh.

Less than a moment.

“Kacha…” There was a sound. The cultivation barrier that held Luo Liuyan split instantly.  At this moment, Luo Liuyan reached the perfection of the Void Transformation Realm.

“How can this be a mortal food? This is clearly the supreme elixir!”

“I didn’t expect that what the Young Master ate turned out to be such a thing!”

“It’s really worth staying today!” Luo Liuyan thought secretly and clipped it again. She took a piece of radish and chewed it carefully.

Su Yiling ate more slowly than her. She looked like walking on thin ice, meticulous.

“Girls, eat slowly!” Sun Hao secretly shook his head, picked up a piece of radish, and took two bites.

Shortly after,  Sun Hao looked at Luo Liuyan and asked, “Miss Liu Yan, let me ask you something!”

Luo Liuyan’s body trembled when she heard this. “The test is coming!” Be careful; write down every word! “

“Young Master, please say!”

“What do you think of opening a medical clinic in Jiangyang City?” Sun Hao said.

Open a clinic? Jiangyang City?

For a while, there was no clue. Luo Liuyan was full of doubts and could only answer truthfully, “Young Master, Jiangyang City is the main city of Yangzhou, and its location is excellent!”

Sun Hao secretly nodded and continued to speak, “Is Jiangyang City safe?”

Safe? Open a clinic? Jiangyang City?

It seems that there is no connection. Write it down first.

“Jiangyang City has the rudder management of the Supreme Court, which is very safe!” Luo Liuyan said.

“You two are from Jade Lake Palace?” Sun Hao asked.

“Yes, Young Master.” Luo Liuyan nodded.

“Can a mortal ask the Jade Lake Palace to protect it?” Sun Hao gathered up his courage to test the two men.

If they say yes, then say that he invited them!

That way, I can be at ease when I open a medical clinic.

On the other side, Luo Liuyan frowned and thought.

Does Mortal ask the Jade Lake Palace for protection?

Can so many mortals be protected? Totally impossible!

What is the meaning of the Young Master’s question?

Why can’t I figure it out?

“Young Master, in Jiangyang City, mortals are safe and don’t need protection!” Luo Liuyan said.

Hearing this, Sun Hao secretly shook his head. It seemed that the cultivator had an arrogant attitude and did not want to protect mortals at all. Cultivators really look down on mortals.

Seeing Sun Hao’s face change, Luo Liuyan’s body trembled.

Apparently, I didn’t understand what the Young Master meant!

Trouble, trouble!

“Why am I so stupid!”

“Who will give me pointers! What does it mean when the Young Master had just said something? “

Thinking of this, Luo Liuyan fidgeted. Those dishes that contain immortality were tasteless when eaten in the mouth. Su Yiling, who was eating, saw Luo Liuyan’s face, silently put down her chopsticks.

“Young Master, thank you for your hospitality. The sect has something to do. Let’s say goodbye!” Luo Liuyan stood up, clasped and bowed her fists.

“Miss Liu Yan, go after eating!” Sun Hao said.

“Thank you, but the sect affairs are urgent. I’ll come again next time!” Luo Liuyan said.

“If that’s the case, then I won’t keep the two of you. Remember to come often!” Sun Hao said.

“Definitely, definitely!” Luo Liuyan quickly walked out of the gate with Su Yiling.

Along the way, Luo Liuyan’s face was pale and extremely ugly.

“Master, what happened to you?”

Su Yiling spoke, but Luo Liuyan didn’t hear it, aside from talking by herself.

“Why am I so stupid?”

“What do the Young Master’s words mean?” Su Yiling’s face was confused when she heard this.

“Master can’t be turned to a stupid person?”

“What should be done? The evil race invades the human race! Master is stupid. How can I face it?” Su Yiling muttered, her face full of bitterness.

Unexpectedly, after eating a meal, the Master became like this. Those dishes were so delicious. I didn’t eat enough myself. Why did the master react like this?

“What did you say just now? Repeat it! ” Su Yiling looked up and saw Luo Liuyan staring at herself thoughtfully.

“Master can’t be turned to a stupid person?”

“Next sentence!”

“What should be done? The evil race invades …”

“Yes, that’s it, I understand, haha…”

“Young Master, you can rest assured that I will finish the task when you told me!” After finishing speaking, Luo Liuyan pointed in Sun Hao’s direction, bowed her fist.

Su Yiling looked at Luo Liuyan with a puzzled face, “Master, are you okay? What have you realized?” Luo Liuyan sighed and relaxed.

I didn’t understand the son’s meaning just now, and it was really like a throat.

After comprehending it, I realized how profound the Young Master is!

She glanced at Su Yiling and touched her forehead with her finger. “You only know how to eat and eat so that you can’t keep your eyes open and never listen!”

Su Yiling pouted. “Master, that is the supreme elixir. Wouldn’t it be a waste if you don’t eat it!”

“It looks like Master taught you for nothing !” Luo Liuyan shook her head for a while.

“Well, let’s not talk about it. We must return to the sect as soon as possible, mobilize the elite disciples, and go to Jiangyang City!” Luo Liuyan said.

“Master, why?” Su Yiling asked.

“The Young Master was waking us up just now, saying that there are evil races in Jiangyang City and want us to protect the mortals!” Luo Liuyan said.

“Is there?” Su Yiling scratched her head and couldn’t think of what Sun Hao had said.

“Master, how did you realize it?” Su Yiling asked in curiosity.

“The Young Master had just asked questions. Can you remember?” Luo Liuyan said.

“Of course, I remember!” Su Yiling nodded. “The son asked, what do you think of opening a medical clinic in Jiangyang City?”

“Opening a medical clinic for what?”

“Save the wounded and rescue the dying!”

“Good! Next, the young Master again asks, ‘is Jiangyang City safe?’ Doesn’t this tell us that Jiangyang City is dangerous!” Luo Liuyan said.

Su Yiling was full of thought, “The Young Master said can mortals ask the Jade Lake Palace for protection? Is this telling us to protect the mortals?”

“Not bad!”

At this point, Luo Liuyan showed a bitter expression. “But I replied that mortals are safe and don’t need protection. I am a fool!”

“Master, why don’t you explain to the Young Master now?” Su Yiling asked.

“Absolutely not! We can only use actual actions to prove it to the Young Master!” Luo Liuyan said.

“Master is wise!”

Su Yiling nodded, but there was a trace of doubt on her face. “Master, but I still don’t understand. Where did the Young Master point out that the evil race will invade?”

“Bang …”

Luo Liuyan slammed Su Yiling’s head. “Did the Young Master know that the evil race would invade?”

“It seems to me, Master, how could your brain be so brilliant? Awesome! “

“By the way, master, don’t we tell the Supreme Court of this matter?” Su Yiling asked.

“No!” Luo Liuyan smiled and shook her head.


“First, the evil race has been silent for many years, and the Supreme Court may not believe it.”

“Second, the Young Master’s test, how can he use his hands on others?”

“Third, the evil race has just been dispatched and will only tentatively attack. We will be able to block it!”

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