It Turns Out I am a Dao Ancestor Chapter 29 The True Daoist Ling Xu

“Master, what do you understand?” Su Yiling asked.

“In this coffin, that is not the real Daoist Ling Xu at all!” Luo Liuyan explained.

“What? Then who is he? “

“He should be Daoist Ling Xu’s lover!” Luo Liuyan said.

“Daoist Ling Xu’s lover is also called Ling Xu, Master, this is impossible!” Su Yiling said.

“Let me tell you this. In fact, the real Daoist Ling Xu named Ruoxi. To commemorate her lover Ling Xu, she turned into his appearance and claimed to be Daoist Ling Xu who traveled all over the world!”

“Maybe Daoist Ling Xu lover wanted to be the supreme powerhouse before his death, where …” Luo Liuyan was calculating.

When the words had been just said.

“Hum …” There was a loud sound. A figure slowly appeared in front of the two women. She was a woman with a haggard face and a blank eye. She stood in front of the crystal coffin and gently stroked the crystal coffin as if looking at her beloved. For a long time, she just stood up in place.

“You are right!” The woman looked at Luo Liuyan and nodded, “I am the Daoist Ling Xu!”

“What, you are Daoist Ling Xu?” Luo Liuyan and Su Yiling were startled and pointed at Daoist Ling Xu. At the same time, she clasped her fists and saluted, “I have seen Daoist Ling Xu!”

“No need!”

Daoist Ling Xu sighed secretly, “Since you can figure out my true identity, you have passed my test. This is the dao of compassion that I have realized throughout my life. You two have a good understanding!”

Daoist Ling Xu waved her right hand after finishing speaking, and dao rhyme in her hand flew quickly, covering the two women.

The two women closed their eyes and began to realize the epiphany.

Half an hour later.

“Shoo …” The two women opened their eyes, and their faces were full of joy.

“Thank you, senior!” The two women clasped their fists. Daoist Ling Xu’s body trembled slightly. Her face was full of disbelief.

“Are you all finished?” Daoist Ling Xu asked.

“Yes, senior!” The two leaned forward with respect. Daoist Ling Xu stood in place, a flash of light shining from her eyes.

“Fine, nothing!”

“Your talents are really rare. Since I inherit it, then I will tell you about a big event!”

“The evil race is ready to move, and I think they will attack the human race in the near future!” Daoist Ling Xu said.

As soon as this came out, the faces of the two women changed drastically. They looked at Daoist Ling Xu and clasped their fists together.

“Senior, if the evil race invades, you need to lead the human race against them!”

“Yes, senior, the human race is now in loose sand, fighting each other. Please unite the human race!”

Hearing these words, Daoist Ling Xu secretly shook her head.

“My heart is tired, and I don’t want to fight again!”

“If it weren’t for accompanying Ling Xu, I would have fallen!”

“Everything in the future depends on you!” Having said that, Ling Xu waved her right hand.

“Hum …” A stone tower floated in Ling Xu’s hands.

“This is a stone tower I got from the Sea of ​​Asura, and even I can’t see what it is!”

“Maybe it will be of some help to you, take it and leave! I will close the secret realm and never open it!” Daoist Ling Xu has a sad voice and a firm attitude.

When Luo Liuyan heard these words, she looked at the stone tower with a lonely face. A human race’s top powerhouse, but now she was self-proclaimed would stay in the secret realm and never appear. What was the difference between this and death?

Without her, who would stand up and fight the evil race? Luo Liuyan frowned, thinking secretly.

“The Young Master, let us come here. Is it only to get back a stone tower?”

“The Young Master’s hint could never be that simple!”

“Daoist Ling Xu is Ruo Xi!”

“Before we left, the Young Master gave us a pair of spirit painting!”

“Ling Xu, Ruo Xi!”

“I see!”

“The Young Master, let us give the Ling Xu painting to Daoist Ling Xu, and let her lead the human race against the evil race! That must be the case!”

Luo Liuyan thought more and more. She was excited, and she took out the “Ling Xi Diagram” from her space ring without any rush.

At the same time, she said:

“…Though I have for my body no wings like those of the bright- coloured phoenix, yet I feel the harmonious heart-beat of the Sacred Unicorn!”


After she finished speaking, “Boom!” There was a thunder sound above Daoist Ling Xu’s head. Like lightning, she stood behind Luo Liuyan in an instant.

“The dao of compassion, this is the real dao of compassion!” Taoist Ling Xu stared blankly, her eyes gleaming.

At this moment, she realized. “It turns out that this is the way to love!”

“Affection is not all about giving! But you have me in you, and you in me!”

“Ling Xu, I understand!”

“From today onwards, I am Daoist Ruo Xi! Instead of becoming your shadow!”

Daoist Ling Xu, no, it should be said that Daoist Ruo Xi. Two lines of tears shed in her eyes. At the same time, it bloomed with a strange glow. Her state of mind was growing rapidly. It took a long time for her to calm down.

Daoist Ruo Xi looked at Luo Liuyan and asked, “What is this?”

“Senior, this is a gift from an expert to Senior!” Luo Liuyan said.

“What?” Su Yiling stared at this scene blankly, looking confused. Wasn’t this a gift from the Young Master? Why was it a gift to senior Ling Xu?

I don’t understand! What exactly did the Master realize? How can I be so stupid? The test given by the Young Master is too difficult. Fortunately, there is my respected master. Otherwise, this test I will not pass at all.

“Is this an expert drawing?” Daoist Ruoxi asked.

“Not bad!”

Luo Liuyan nodded, “The expert learned that the senior is here. He specially asked me to wait to deliver it to you. Presumably, you will understand after you read it!”

“Humm…” Daoist Ruo Xi took a deep breath. In this world, there are such high-level people unexpectedly. It was simply terrifying. The human race had such an expert, and by this, the small evil race wouldn’t be able to get through the storm!

“I understand, rest assured, I will stand up and lead the human race against the evil race!”

“However, before that, I will be in seclusion for a period of time. I feel that I am going to breakthrough!”

“As for this painting, I will give it to you two. Please cherish it!”

“After going back, thank the master for me!” Daoist Ruo Xi said.

“Thank you, senior!”

“This stone tower can’t be inserted into the space ring!”

“You use the tower in your hands, take it well, and I will send you away!” Daoist Ruo Xi explained.

“Thank you, senior!” Luo Liuyan clasped her fists and bowed, placing the stone tower in her palm.

Daoist Ruo Xi waved her right hand, two air currents immediately wrapped the two of them and sent them out of the Ling Xu Secret Realm.

“Woosh…” The scenery changed, and the two came to the outside world.

“Master, I still don’t understand! Didn’t the Young Master ask us to find treasures? How did it become sending paintings to Ling Xu? No, if you cherish the Taoist?” Su Yiling asked in confusion.

“So, Master wants you to keep your eyes open and think more about everything!”

“Think carefully about the three words Ling Xi Diagram!” Luo Liuyan said.

“Ling Xi Diagram, Ling Xi! Oh, I understand. This is alluding to Ling Xu and Ruo Xi!”  Su Yiling showed an epiphany.

“Not bad!” Luo Liuyan showed a teachable expression.

“Young Master is very awesome, and he knows that this Ling Xu secret realm is open, and he also knows that Ling Xu, oh no, if the Daoist Ruo Xi is in it!”

“Moreover, he calculated that the Daoist Ruoxi has a hurdle and is unwilling to lead the human race. Let us give this painting to her so that she can understand, right?” The more her master said, the more shocked Su Yiling’s face became.

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  1. Thank you for the chapter. I’m not a big fan of sitcoms, but I must be a fan of misunderstandings, because when I’m reading this, I always seem to have a big smile.

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