It Turns Out I am a Dao Ancestor Chapter 28 Entering Ling Xu Cemetery

A few days later. On the second level of Ling Xu Secret Realm, Luo Liuyan and Su Yiling stood on a stone platform. The platforms were small, only tens of square meters.  They were square-shaped and what was beside was a bottomless abyss.

At first glance, it made people feel dizzy, as if they were about to fall. This kind of platform spread to the entire space.  Its edge was nowhere to be seen. On each platform, there were different numbers of cultivators, ranging from two to a dozen.

“What broken place is this? I can’t fly! “

“Damn, I feel dangerous underneath. If I fall down, I will die without a doubt!”

“How can I pass through this level?” There were rebuking voices everywhere.

Luo Liuyan and Su Yiling stood still, frowning and thinking.

At this time.

“Swoosh …”

A spectre doppelgänger slowly condensed above everyone’s heads. It looked down at every cultivator with its blank eyes, comparable to a ray of soul.

“Being able to enter the second level proves that you are one in mind. Now is the time to witness the truth of your friendship!”

“On each platform, only half of you will be alive, and the other half must jump into the abyss. Otherwise, the people on the entire platform will die!”

“After an hour, if there are more than half of the people left on the platform, everyone will die!”

“Now, the countdown starts!” The voice was mechanical, emotionless, and unforgiving.

Everyone stood there blankly, unable to believe this was true for a while. On the platform, half of the cultivators must jump into the abyss. Only then could the others survive.

This kind of test was simply ruthless. However, for cultivators, it was nothing at all. It was the cultivator’s rule to die as a friend and never die as a poor man!

All the cultivators understood.

“Ding …” The sound of fighting started everywhere. On each platform, there was constant fighting. Suddenly, it was difficult to tell who was the winner.

On one of the platforms, a man was pointing to a group of his men, “You guys! Jump down by yourself!”

These men looked flabbergasted, and their faces were full of fear. Then, they pointed their swords at the man, “Asking us to die? No way, don’t ever think about it. It’s you who are going to die!”

“Get him down first, and then we will fight!”

“It makes sense!”

“You … you don’t … don’t, ah …”

A scream from the platform spread to the bottom of the abyss. Then the voice gradually disappeared. Next, the remaining men on this platform started another duel again. Such scenes were transpired on every platform.

Luo Liuyan and Su Yiling stared at the four sides blankly, their expressions fluctuating.

Suddenly, Su Yiling moved. She ran in one direction, and at the same time, shouted, “Master, goodbye, you must help the Young Master to get the treasure!”

Soon, she ran on the edge of the platform, ready to jump down. However, she failed to jump down. Luo Liuyan grasped her arm tightly and lifted her up.

“Disciple, you have saved your master once! The master is old. This time, let the master save you!”

“Pass the test and get the treasure. Everything will depend on you! Jade Lake Palace’s future is in your hands!” After speaking, Luo Liuyan jumped down, and the abyss rapidly swallowed her body.

“Master, you are not old! You are only 80 years old, no … don’t! “

“You treat me like a daughter. How can you die?”

“Don’t! Jade Lake Palace can’t do without you! ” Su Yiling only felt the sky whirling. She felt listless and empty.

“Master, the disciple will come to rescue you now!” Without any hesitation, Su Yiling also jumped down and fell quickly. There was a terrifying force, and then she was sucked into it at once and passed out.

Didn’t know how long it took. Su Yiling woke up faintly and opened her eyes, and saw Luo Liuyan looking at her with a smile.

“Master? Are we in hell? ” Su Yiling asked.

Luo Liuyan smiled slightly, “Naturally not, we are still alive!”

“What? Alive? ” Su Yiling was full of disbelief.

“Yes, we are not only alive but also passed the test! Moreover, we are the only two who passed the test!” Luo Liuyan explained.

“Master, it seems that if you want to pass the test, everyone has to jump off?”


“Daoist Ling Xu’s thinking was beyond everyone! Who could think of a test like this? It’s amazing!”

“Let’s go, let’s find the treasure!”


The two of them were now on an underground corridor seemingly without end. Along the way, there were no obstacles. The endpoint was a tomb of nearly 1,000 square meters.

In the middle of the tomb, there was a pair of crystal coffins. Inside the coffin laid a man. He didn’t seem to have any color, as if he had died for many years.

“What, Daoist Ling Xu is dead?!” Luo Liuyan and Su Yiling exclaimed at the same time. They naturally had seen the portrait of Daoist Ling Xu.

It was 80,000 years ago, and he was the top powerhouse of the human race, which created a legend. During that period, no one dared to challenge Daoist Ling Xu. It was said that he later fought in the void of the universe and never came back.

Unexpectedly, he actually appeared here and lying dead in a coffin?

The top powerhouse of the human race just died like this?

For a while, it was hard to accept.

Luo Liuyan kept shaking her head, unwilling to believe the scene before her, “This is impossible, this is impossible!”

“Master, look here!”

Su Yiling said, pointing to the tombstone. Luo Liuyan ran to the tombstone, and after a glance, her face was ashen

He saw the words above, and it said: The Tomb of Beloved Husband Ling Xu.

The signature was: Beloved wife, Ruo Xi.

“Master, you see, this is the tombstone set up by Daoist Ling Xu’s wife. It seems that Daoist Ling Xu is really dead!” Su Yiling said.

“How can such a powerful man die so easily?” Luo Liuyan muttered, standing up. She lowered her head to think, constantly pacing in the tomb.

“Master, accept the reality, Daoist Ling Xu is really dead!”

“Disciples, Daoist Ling Xu, that’s an immortal! How easy is it for him to die, and why does his body appear here?”

“His wife, who is Ruoxi?”

“Also, there are hundreds of secret realms left by Daoist Ling Xu. It is said that this is just a secret realm left by Daoist Ling Xu before he became an immortal!” Luo Liuyan explained.

Hearing these words, Su Yiling stood there, for a moment, not knowing how to answer.

“If Daoist Ling Xu didn’t die? Where would he be?”

“Or the man in the crystal coffin is not Daoist Ling Xu at all!”

“Daoist Ling Xu is practicing sentient beings!” The more she thought about it, the brighter Luo Liuyan’s face become. She seemed to have caught something.

“I understand!” Suddenly, Luo Liuyan shouted, shocking Su Yiling.

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