I Am An Evil Sword Chapter 82 Losing Sanity

Dali whispered, “Oh no, we were ambushed!”

Scorpion stomped fiercely!

White Wolf cursed fiercely, “Damn it!”


Shiqi held the crimson sword tightly, staring at the blood-red sky.

The corpses five days ago, the hordes of greenwood wolves, the Sun Jiacheng who broke out of the formation, the wounded array mage, the bloodstains left behind on the grass leaves… These sights and traces all hinted that the array mage had gone far away!

No one thought that the array mage who killed the city guard of Juyuan City a few days ago and was injured did not leave!

Even squatting here prepared a big surprise for them.

The whole world was dyed red. Shiqi found that the blood-red earth, blood-red trees, blood-red sky… He could only barely distinguish the sky, the earth, the trees, and the sky by the blood red’s degree and shape. People were different.

The surrounding temperature dropped drastically. Even for Shiqi, it was overwhelming.

He soon discovered that this cold did not come from the outside world but the heart.

His whole person’s spirit was in extreme depression, he had a kind of madness that wanted to raise his sword to kill and vent, that kind of growth spreads and grows, and the urge becomes stronger and stronger, almost destroying his reasoning!

This was a very familiar feeling. Shiqi had experienced it many times. If it were not in the array formation, he would have doubted whether the evil aura in the Crimson Devil Sword had opened!

No wonder the villagers and the city guards would kill each other frantically!

In the array formation, Evil Tiger, White Wolf, Dali, Scorpion, Black Bull, and Zhou Lihao, everyone felt the same!

Evil Tiger struggled hard and shouted with only reason, “Let’s rush out together!”

This was the only way he could think of in this case.

Their reasoning and sanity had been affected, and it was impossible to think about countermeasures seriously!

White Wolf, Dali, Scorpion, Black Bull, Shiqi, and the guide followed Evil Tiger’s footsteps and rushed in one direction.

Just rushed a few steps, Shiqi saw Zhou Lihao’s sword stabbed on the back of Black Bull. He roared and punched with his backhand. The two directly fought each other without leaving any room, as if they were enemies of life and death.

Dali turned and shouted, “Black Bull!”

But Black Bull didn’t respond. He had completely lost his mind.

Dali went back and knocked on Zhou Lihao’s back with a stick, but then he attacked the Black Bull again!

Shiqi knew Dali had completely gone crazy!

Captain Evil Tiger shouted, “Why are you still standing? Follow me and escape!”

However, it was the weapons of White Wolf and Scorpion that responded to him.

“Captain, let me help you!”


Seeing that the White Wolf and Scorpion entangled Evil Tiger, Shiqi immediately wielded the heavy sword and rushed to help. He clearly knew that Evil Tiger was the strongest among them. It was almost impossible to escape the array formation and kill the sinister array mage without his help!

However, Shiqi overestimated his strength too much, and the power of the pinnacle of the Qi Ocean Realm simply couldn’t compete with White Wolf and Scorpion. Besides, he could hardly help.

“Lord Sword Spirit, 10% evil aura!”

Chen Hao sneered inside the magic sword, “Boy, you have to think about it clearly. You can’t support it anymore. Turn on the evil aura, and you will immediately follow those people. Losing your sanity!”

Evil Tiger forced back White Wolf and Scorpion and immediately fled without looking back.

White Wolf was already crazy, he madly chased the evil Tiger, and Scorpion turned back and rushed towards Shiqi.

Damn it!

Shiqi did not know when he was abandoned. In the face of Scorpion, Shiqi was not incapable of making a move. He spelled out all his hole cards, and it was still possible to kill Scorpion, who had lost his mind.

But what should I do after killing scorpions?

The evil spirit aura was very similar to the array formation he was currently in. Shiqi had experienced many evil spirit aura trials. His mental concentration was far superior to ordinary martial artists so that he could persist until now. Still, he was unequivocal that every time killing a warrior makes it harder to stay awake in the array formation!

Once you lose your mind in the array, the consequences will be unimaginable!

Shiqi rushed to the place where Black Bull, Dali, and Zhou Lihao were fighting, and the Scorpion who lost his mind really got entangled with them!

“Chasing the Wind!”

He ran in the direction where Evil Tiger disappeared!

But just over ten meters away, a blood-red human figure appeared.

Looking at the figure, that is undoubtedly the captain Evil Tiger.

“Captain, why are you back?”

The answer to Shiqi was a sharp sword aura!

Damn it! All went crazy!

“Step aside!”

Shiqi tried his best to run to Scorpion.

Fortunately, they were not far away. Otherwise, he was really not sure to escape under the crazy attack of Captain Evil Tiger.

Most white wolves were dead!

The completely irrational Evil Tiger, Black Bull, Dali, Zhou Lihao, and Scorpion fought together, and soon after, five humanoid blood shadows disappeared.

“Even the captain Evil Tiger has lost his mind?”

Chen Hao whispered with a smile, “Maybe it is an illusion that the array master deliberately gave you?”

“Lord Sword Spirit, what should I do? Do you have a way to wake up the captain? “

“Sorry, I have no way to wake them up … but I am sure to make them crazier!” Chen Hao thought about the current situation and decided to help Shiqi.

He didn’t want to be acquired by the array master, even if the opponent was powerful! He thought for a moment and replied, “I do have a way to destroy the array.”

“What method?”

“The evil aura of this array formation is very similar. If the evil aura is fully opened, it is likely to break it!”

Shiqi urged, “Then open it!” He felt that his reason was about to disappear.

“But if you think about it, really fully open the evil aura and break the formation. The secret of the Crimson Blood Devil Sword will probably be discovered by someone who is awake! Chen Hao whispered, “At that time, I will probably be taken away by the Lan Family!”

Could the Lan family find the Crimson Blood Devil Sword? Of course, it was possible!

Let the Crimson Blood Devil Sword release its evil aura with all its strength. The terrifying vision could not be concealed.

Especially the experienced and loyal captain Evil Tiger was still there! They only temporarily lost their sanity, and it did not mean that they would lose all their memories when they were sober. Shiqi had been mad during the first execution, but afterwards, he still remembered some things that happened after losing his mind.

After doing so many tasks, Shiqi didn’t believe in the Lan family’s integrity at all.

Chen Hao added, “I need to make it clear to you that a new swordmaster can only replace the Crimson Blood Devil Sword after the death of the former swordmaster!”

“Lord Sword Spirit means … when they die, we will try to break through the array again?”

Shiqi didn’t even dare to think about it. He couldn’t beat Evil Tiger, Black Bull, Dali, and Scorpion.

“No, I mean, kill them while they are crazy!”

“Why killing them?” Influenced by the law, his thinking began to stagnate.

“You forgot, there’s an array mage waiting for you outside!” Chen Hao said thoughtfully, “You only have the opportunity to live by using the power of the crimson blood sword and greatly improving your cultivation in a short time.”

“But if you kill them, I will break through to the early stage of the true origin realm at most!”

“No, I am sure to let you break through to the middle or late stage of the true origin realm, but the side effects will be great!” Chen Hao whispered, “You have three choices. The first choice, do nothing, you all die together; the second choice: I will directly open the evil aura and have the opportunity to destroy the array formation. If successful, Evil Tiger, Black Bull, Dali, and Scorpion may all survive, and then the Crimson Blood Devil Sword is very likely to be taken, and you die in the end; the third option: kill them to increase your strength. I will try my best to destroy the array formation. You have a good chance to escape and live. Fulfil your unfinished vows… which one do you choose, tell me!”

“Shiqi, I finally warn you; it is better to control your destiny in your own hands. Don’t believe in imaginary luck. Evil Tiger knows everything about your abilities. Don’t gamble on the possibility that the Crimson Blood Devil Sword will not be discovered. To be honest, my previous swordsmen are not lucky!”

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