It Turns Out I am a Dao Ancestor Chapter 27 The Demon Lord’s Death

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“What? The thunder light in the hands of the princess is the light of tribulation thunder? How could this be possible!”

“What kind of good fortune did the princess get? it was terrifying!”

“It’s over, finished, we are finished!”

“Princess, we ask for your kindness, don’t kill us. We are forced to do that!”

A crowd of old demons bowed to the ground and kept kowtowing.

“Princess, I was wrong. Please spare my life!”

The thunder burned Lieyang Golden Crow, and black smoke was all over his body. He prostrated in the giant hands, asking for mercy.

“Haha …”

Huang Rumeng smiled slightly, with cold killing intent all over her face. Lieyang Golden Crow’s face changed radically when he watched this scene. The kind and timid princess had changed entirely. Not only had her strength become stronger, but also her character had also become tougher.

What happened to her?

Why did it become like this?

“Young Master is right; you should throw away things that have already broken!”

“I will also let you feel the pain!” After speaking, Huang Rumeng pointed her right hand out.

“Om …” 

Another giant hand covering the sky took shape. This giant hand held a wing of Lieyang Golden Crow and gently pinched it.

“Kacha …”  A sound of broken bones was heard.

“Ah!” Lieyang Golden Crow let out a painful scream. His body was scorched black, and endless pain flooded his body.

“Mercy, please have mercy… I…”

Lieyang Golden Crow’s face was distorted, and he kept begging for mercy.

“Lieyang Golden Crow, be patient; you will be finished soon.” Huang Rumeng said.

When Lieyang Golden Crow heard this, his eyes paled, and he almost fell unconscious. In the beginning, he said this. Unexpectedly, it was only a few days before it was his turn.

If he had known this, why would he do it at the beginning!

“Kacha …” There was another sound of broken bones.

The other wing of Lieyang Golden Crow was broken.

“Ah!” He screamed harshly; it was echoing faintly. These voices were horrifying in the ears of the old demons. They kowtowed to the ground, shivering, not daring to move in the slightest.

“Kacha…” There was another sound. A claw of Lieyang Golden Crow turned into a powder.

“Kacha…” The other claw exploded into dust.

Pain … Endless pain. All Lieyang Golden Crow could feel was a pain. After passing out several times, he was tortured into soberness by Huang Rumeng.

“Princess, you can’t kill me!” Lieyang Golden Crow tried his best to squeeze out such a sentence.

“Hehe!” Huang Rumeng smiled coldly, completely ignoring it.

“Princess, my son is an immortal’s mount!” Lieyang Golden Crow said in one breath. For fear of speaking too late, he blew everything on the spot.

Upon hearing this, Huang Rumeng’s expression stagnated and stopped.

Immortal, that was a powerful existence. On Ziyang Planet, there were only a handful of immortals. Every immortal could mobilize a great power, and his strength was unimaginable. Unexpectedly, this Lieyang Golden Crow’s son turned out to be an immortal mount. This was indeed a bit troublesome.

“Hmph, even your son can become an immortal’s mount. Do you think I can believe it?” Huang Rumeng said.

“Princess, it’s true!”

“500 years ago, I met the love of my life in Ancestral demon Mountain: Yuexin, she is the Sky Devourer Golden Crow, and lives happily with her. Later, I gave birth to my son, Lie Shang!”

“The good times are not long. When Yuexin’s family sees us together, they want to break us apart and kill Lie Shang and me!”

“Yuexin tried to stop them as I took Lie Shang to escape from The Ancestral Demon Mountain to the sea. However, we were still caught up. We were going to corpses on the spot in an instant. At this time, an immortal passed by!”

“When he saw Lie Shang’s gifted talent, he stopped and rescued us. He then left with Lie Shang.” Lieyang Golden Crow finished quickly. Huang Rumeng frowned, thinking secretly.

“Princess, you have tortured me like this, and the anger in your heart should have been diminished!”

“My son, Lie Shang, is a mount of an immortal. Let’s not say how strong the immortal is. Perhaps my son too will soon become an immortal!”

“If he knows that you killed me, it must be a bad thing. I don’t need to say more!”

“You don’t just think about yourself. You should also think about the future of Ancestral Demon Mountain!”

“Is it worth it to offend the immortal?”

Lieyang Golden Crow were persuasive and told her the pros and cons.

“Threatening me?” Huang Rumeng laughed emotionlessly.

“Young Master is right, happy for lifetime, free for a lifetime, isn’t it happy!”

“Why should I be afraid of this? I, Huang Rumeng, killed you! So what?”

After finishing, Huang Rumeng gently pressed with her both hands.

“No!” An unwilling cry came to an abrupt end.

“Bang …” Lieyang Golden Crow’s body burst into powder at once. A strong demon lord didn’t even have a chance to struggle.

“Princess, be merciful, be merciful!”

“Princess, we have nothing to do with us. We are innocent!” All the demons bowed to the ground, shivering. Huang Rumeng looked at them. Her face didn’t change.

“Die!” Huang Rumeng silently sentenced them to death.

“No!” Some demons flew up and ran away quickly. However, in front of two giant hands covering the sky, how can they escape?

“Bang …” They burst into blood fog one by one, without even a chance to struggle.

A moment later. Huang Rumeng stood in place. She closed her eyes and felt quiet.

“Is this what the Young Master calls a happy life?”

“If people don’t offend me, I don’t offend people!”

“Young Master, I understand!”

“In the future, if anyone dares to offend me, I will destroy them completely!” Thinking like this, Huang Rumeng faintly opened her eyes.

She looked at the demon core everywhere, and with a wave of her right hand, she received it all.

The demon core of Lieyang Golden Crow emitted a red flame that was especially very hot.

“Young Master treats me like a relative. I don’t know if Young Master likes these things?” As Huang Rumeng thought like this, her figure flickered and disappeared. When she reappeared, she had already returned to the backyard.

“Rumeng, why is it so long?” Sun Hao asked.

Huang Rumeng’s face turned red, “Young Master, just now, I found some beautiful stones in the backyard, so I picked them up.”

After speaking, Huang Rumeng handed the demon core to Sun Hao. Sun Hao’s eyes shone when he saw this colorful demon core.

“Gem? Why haven’t I found it before?”

“It’s so beautiful. Rumeng, thank you!” Sun Hao held the demon core in his hand and kept looking at it.

“Young Master, as long as you like it, you don’t have to be polite to me!”

Huang Rumeng looked at Sun Hao, her eyes full of worship. The flames of Lieyang Golden Crow’s demon core, in the hands of the young master, did not even react at all. There were no injuries.

It must be known that the Young Master now sealed all his magic power and relied on physical contact.

What realm did the Young Master’s physical body reach?

“These gems are so beautiful. They are glowing! They look much better than diamonds!”

“If they are used to decorate a room, it will be wonderful!”

Sun Hao secretly nodded.

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