It Turns Out I am a Dao Ancestor Chapter 26 Swallowed The Tribulation Thunder

“Zi zi …”

Dark clouds were gusting up, blocking the sunlight. The entire sky dimmed in an instant. In the dark clouds, the six-color thunder light kept soaring up.

“Zi …” The terrifying crackling thunder sound made everyone terrified.

When Lieyang Golden Crow saw this scene, his scalp exploded, “It’s not good, the six-color tribulation thunder!”

“Demon Lord, what should we do? We are within the coverage!”

“Demon Lord, it will not be the strong one who is crossing calamity again! Right?” All the great demons’ faces changed noticeably.

“Run, run, fly into the forest and hide!” Lieyang Golden Crow hollered.

Following after, a crowd of demons flew down one after another, hiding in the dense forest, not daring to escape the surroundings. Even the Lieyang Golden Crow was hiding behind the tree, quivering in fear.

There was no way to withstand this kind of thunder.



“Look at this, and it’s going to thunder again!” Sun Hao looked at the sky and frowned slightly.

He glanced at Huang Rumeng, but he saw her sitting on the chair, closing her eyes and slightly grimacing her eyebrows.

“Rumeng is also fearful of thunder!”

“This Thunder God; it’s hard for me!” Sun Hao murmured, stood up and looked at the sky with thunder and lightning. His heart was frightened. He built up his courage and pointed to the sky.

“Thunder God, do you dare to come?” Sun Hao shouted. As soon as his words came out, the six-color thunder lights vanished one by one. The dark clouds also seemed to be frightened, quickly dissipating. In less than an incense burned, the sky was clear and warm.

“Fuck, really vanished?” Sun Hao was surprised, and his eyes swept away. But he didn’t find anything unusual. He might be lucky to chase off the dark clouds for the first time. He might be not lucky again if he tried swallowing back the dark clouds.

“Is it a high-ranking person who gets rid of the dark clouds while I am speaking?”

“Or is this dark cloud made by him?”

“Or, someone who has come to see me and secretly tested my courage? “

“Is it possible that I am the one who absorbed the Thunder Tribulation by myself?” The more he thought about it, the more puzzled Sun Hao became. It could be anything.

These days, cultivators come to his residence from time to time. Probably, it was their elders who secretly made it happen. The elders salvaged them, but they didn’t show up, which made people suspect that they were the elders’ disciple.

Who on earth is it? Have the ability to control the weather?

Is he invincible that dominate and control everything?

Or was it just luck again? No matter what, try again next time. It will be clear.

Thinking about this, Sun Hao nodded secretly and looked at Huang Rumeng.

He saw her standing up slowly. There was a light shining in her eyes. Just now, the six-color tribulation thunder was absorbed by the Young Master. The terrifying tribulation thunder was smart as a licking dog.

Moreover, before retreating, the six colored thunder lights were engraved into her body. With the addition of the previous three colors, now, in her dantian, there was already a nine-color thunder light. It was a terrifying result.

Unexpectedly, the tribulation thunder sent such good luck to her in order to please the Young Master!

Young Master, who the hell you really are?

So kind, so good to me.

Huang Rumeng’s eyes sparkled with gratitude, and she looked at Sun Hao blankly. She squeezed Sun Hao into her chest, the fragrance was tangy, and a strange feeling filled Sun Hao’s body.

In some places, a dragon was going out to sea. It was violent and arrogant (* don’t how, but it is a common thing happen to male). Sensing Sun Hao’s strangeness, Huang Rumeng’s face was blushing.

She lowered her head, afraid to look at Sun Hao’s eyes. Young Master had a crush on her! Young Master, if you want Rumeng’s body, do it.

She thought so in her heart but didn’t dare to say it. The two of them just hugged, motionless.


“Huang Rumeng, the Great Demon Mountain is coming. You should handle this, don’t let the Young Master find out!”

At this moment, a voice was heard in Huang Rumeng’s mind.

“Yes, senior!” Huang Rumeng nodded.

“Ouch …” Huang Rumeng yelled, showing some kind of pain.

“Rumeng, what’s the matter?”

“Young Master, my stomach hurts. I have to leave first!” Huang Rumeng said.

“Go quickly!”

“Yes, Young Master!”

Huang Rumeng ran to the backyard, her figure flickering and vanished instantly.

In the Great Demon Mountain, A crowd of demons slowly stood up. They looked at the clear sky with doubts all over their faces.

“What’s the matter? The Six-Color Thunder Tribulation didn’t fall?”

“Could it be that everything was fake just now?”

Lieyang Golden Crow stood up from the ground, shaking slightly. Although the six-color tribulation thunder had not fallen, its power was extremely terrifying.

Will he be able to resist the tribulation thunder in the future?

At this point, Lieyang Golden Crow repetitively shook his head.

“Be quiet!” Lieyang Golden Crow roared, and all the great demons were quiet.

“Assemble, with this seat, search for the whereabouts of the princess!” he commanded.

However, no one responded to him. Every demon looked behind him and panicked.

“What happened?”

Lieyang Jinwu frowned, looked back, and his pupils shrank. He saw a woman standing in the sky. She was dressed in white, with pointy ears and blonde hair tied behind her head. She looked too picturesque beyond description.

She was the grand princess Huang Rumeng.

Lieyang Golden Crow laughed after seeing it clearly.

“It takes no effort to break through the iron shoes.”

“Princess, if I were you, I would find a place to hide, practice well, and wait for my strength to recover. Oh, no, you’ll never recover!”

“With that kind of poison, even the god cannot save you!”

The moment Lieyang Golden Crow spoke, a group of great demons flew into the air. In an instant, Huang Rumeng was surrounded. Not even the water couldn’t get through.

Seeing this scene, Huang Rumeng turned a blind eye. She calmly looked at Lieyang Golden Crow and said lightly, “Let’s talk. How much benefit did you receive?”

Lieyang Golden Crow was taken aback, then the corner of his mouth raised, “Princess, what benefit? I don’t understand what you are talking about? “

“Are you surrendering? Or want us to do it” Lieyang Golden Crow was full of confidence.

“Haha…” Huang Rumeng smiled slightly. She flicked her finger at that moment.

“Zi …” Nine-color thunder light wrapped around her fingertips and rushed out quickly.

“Hum …” Heaven and earth roared.

A giant hand covering the sky, formed by the thunder lights, came down from the sky, shaking and billowing the air. The pressure of terror, like Mount Tai, crushed the crowd of demons. They were gasping for air in an instant.

Seeing this scene. Lieyang Golden Crow’s scalp exploded.

“How can this…maybe? Her strength has recovered?!” Lieyang Golden Crow’s voice trembled, and his words were unclear.

Without saying anything, he quickly transformed his body.

“Burst …” There was a loud cry. A red golden crow with a length of 100 meters rose into the sky.

The terrifying flames burned the heavens and the earth, and everyone who touched them was burned to fly ash.

“No, demon lord, forgive me!”

“Ah …”

Besides Lieyang Golden Crow, all great demons were burned to ashes.

“Hmph, this seat has also reached the stage of crossing calamity. I’ll meet the princess head-on!” Lieyang Golden Crow growled and went straight to attack the giant hand.


“Hum …” There was a shock. Covering the sky with the giant hand, Huang Rumeng immediately held Lieyang Golden Crow in her hand, as if grabbing a chicken and letting him struggle without any result.

“Zi …”

The Nine-colored thunder light constantly swayed on him, bursting with a powerful and roaring current. Every time it flew, the power of the Lieyang Golden Crow’s feathers becomes blackened. Lieyang Golden Crow repeatedly roared, using all his power to attack the giant hand that covered the sky.

It was useless. He used every method in his sleeves, but it failed to cause damage to the giant hand.

“This…this power actually contains the power of tribulation thunder? This…how is this possible!”

“My God! What good fortune did the princess encounter?”

Lieyang Golden Crow’s eyes were full of panic.

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