I Am An Evil Sword Chapter 81 Demonic Array

Under the guidance of the guide, Shiqi and his party came to Lijia Village. It was a remote small village in the south of Juyuan City, might not find this small village if they didn’t have a guide. There were no villagers in the small village, and all of them died in the disaster.

“Where’s the body?”

The guide replied, “They are all buried behind the village!”

The guide provided by Juyuan City was a hunter who lived not far from Lijia Village. He was also the first person who discovered the slaughter in Lijia Village. Zhou Lihao, in his thirties, was at the pinnacle of his strength. Those who had no strength were not qualified to be a hunter.

Evil Tiger ordered, “Take us to have a look!”

“Okay!” Behind the Lijia village, a large bag of soil stood out in front of them.

Zhou Lihao pointed to the earthen bag and said, “There are 327 people in Lijia Village all buried in it.”

“Dig it!” Evil Tiger ordered. It was unrealistic for the hunter to dig alone, and they didn’t have much time. Therefore, they simply started digging the grave.

The soil was almost frozen in one piece in the winter, but it was not difficult for the Blue Shadow Guards and the powerful warriors. After only a quarter of an hour, the others dug up the corpses of the buried villagers.

Almost all the corpses had become dry corpses, their skin was black and grey, and each corpse had different wounds. They all curled up into a ball as if all the water in the body had been sucked away alive.

Scorpion asked, “This looks like the remnant of the Blood God Sect, and there may not be one.”

Blood God Sect, the Demon Sect that swept across the Southern Territory two hundred years ago, the sect’s inner sect disciples all used the martial artist’s blood to practice the cultivation, and they were eventually eliminated by the many strengths of the Southern Territory.

Although the Blood God Sect was eradicated, the cultivation method left by it was not wholly extinct. Occasionally, there would always be a few evil heads who practiced the techniques left by the Blood God Sect were revealed.

The evil Tiger pinched the hard-bodied corpse and said, “It’s not a technique. The latest information from Juyuan City said that it was an array that caused this tragedy!”

Zhou Lihao, the guide, also said, “Yes, last time, Commander Sun also believed that the formation caused it. Almost all the corpses were piled up in the middle of the small village. Commander Sun also found a few spirit stones that had lost aura inlaid around the corpses. Commander Sun said that the opponent is more likely using some evil formation. Let all the villagers go crazy and kill each other to achieve a certain goal!”

“I hope we don’t meet the array master!” Said Black Bull with a little worry.

Shiqi nodded.

He also didn’t want to meet an array master.

Array Master was a very rare profession, and it was impossible to get started without super talent and insight.

In the case of preparation, the array mage’s battle power far exceeded that of ordinary warriors. As long as they were given enough time and enough spirit stones, they would be able to kill the enemy in with higher realm.

“Okay, you will take us to another village next!”

In another village, Captain Evil Tiger did not ask to dig the corpse again because he found the city guards’ traces when they left.

“White Wolf, you take the lead and track the trace of the guards in Juyuan City!”

In addition to the unexpected posture, White Wolf was also a good tracker. The city guards of hundreds of people didn’t want to cover up their own traces when hunting for the murderer. It was easy for him to track.

The lord of Juyuan City asked the Lan Family for help because the leader of Juyuan City, Sun Jiacheng, planted it!

Sun Jiacheng’s strength was powerful. In the late True Origin Realm, he was the top master of Juyuan City, the right-hand man of the city lord, and when Sun Jiacheng was dead, the city lord of Boulder City had no stronger manpower to investigate.

By following White Wolf in the mountains and forests for a whole day and killing the low-level monsters they encountered several times accidentally. When approaching 10 in the evening, they heard the sound of the water in the small river. White Wolf stretched out his hand and gestured for everyone to be careful.

“What’s the matter?”

“There seems to be something ahead!”

When they were approaching the river slowly, they saw a large open space piled with pebbles by the river.

Bodies were lying on the vacant lot, and a group of wolves with blue manes were feasting around the bodies. The bodies that had lost moisture were very hard, and they were hard to chew meat on the ground.

These bodies were dressed in ordinary leather armor from a distance, and they died just like the villagers in two villages, with no water on them, and all the withered bodies were rolled into a ball.

Dali lowered his voice and asked, “Are they all dead?”

Evil Tiger nodded calmly.

One hundred city guards, a leader of the late True Origin Realm was all folded here-the opponent was powerful!

White Wolf asked in a low voice, “Should I go over and take a look?”

“No!” Evil Tiger shook his head and said, “Let’s check if there is anyone nearby!”

Soon, everyone gathered in the same place again.

“No one!”

“I have also checked it over there, and there is no one!”

“Me too!”

White Wolf took out a long knife and said, “Judged by the armor and the profound long sword, the body is probably Sun Jiacheng. He has not been drained of water, and then I still found some blood on several grass leaves. That array mage may be injured!”

“Except for White Wolf, let’s drive away from the greenwood wolves together and be careful about the surrounding situation.” Captain Evil Tiger thought for a while and said, “White Wolf, you are responsible for checking the body to see if there are any clues, be careful!”

In front of the greenwood wolf pack was only a medium-sized group, with almost thirty heads. Except for the head wolf, which was the peak of the Qi ocean realm, the other adult wolves were all in the early stage of the Qi ocean realm.

When the Shiqi party came out of the bushes and released their aura without concealment, the wolf looked at the food unwillingly and then left the house with the tail and the wolf pack.

After a few steps, White Wolf came to the vicinity of the corpse, and then he approached cautiously, and after confirming that there was no danger, he began to search the corpse.

“Captain, they should all have been killed by the ambush of the array master. I found these things!” White Wolf took out a few white spirit stones and squeezed them lightly, exhausting their energy. The spirit stones turned into powder.

Evil Tiger thought for a moment and said, “Sun Jiacheng was careless. An array master ambushed him. The strength of this array mage should not be strong. Sun Jiacheng broke through his array, but he failed to kill the array master in the end, and the array master may be injured.”

Evil Tiger ordered, “Keep tracking!”

Finding Sun Jiacheng’s corpse’s position, White Wolf pointed to the grass and said, “The array master should have escaped from this direction.”

Shiqi glanced in that direction, with thick grass and no lodging.

“The array master is cautious. Even if he is injured, he tries to hide the blood on his body.” White Wolf smiled and opened the reddish-brown trace on the back of a leaf and said, “But he may not have noticed that when he left, some blood stained the grass from the leaf. Last night, a heavy rain almost destroyed all the clues, but on the back of the leaf, the blood was still there.”

Evil Tiger thought for a moment and said, “Let’s keep chasing, but be careful. This array master is very sinister!”

“No matter how powerful the array is, there is always a limit to the scope. We should simply separate a little, every 300 meters, and don’t leave the sight of others. Once we are in the array, don’t rescue. Give priority to finding the position of the array mage and killing him!”

“Do you understand?”


Everyone knows that the evil Tiger’s arrangement was undoubtedly the most reasonable!

But at this moment, the ground trembled slightly, a violent aura wave appeared, and the whole world seemed to turn blood red!

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