It Turns Out I am a Dao Ancestor Chapter 25 The Enlightened Tea Tree

The tea garden was not big, with a size of more than ten acres, taking up a small hill.

“Rumeng, look, this is the tea garden!”

“Look at that piece, and it is the Dahongpao tea tree!” Sun Hao said.

When these words came out, Huang Rumeng looked flabbergasted. She took three steps and two steps before running to the Dahongpao tea tree. Stretch out her hands and touch them gently. It looked like she was touching a child.

“Enlightenment tea trees, all enlightenment tea trees!”

“I…my mother! This…this…at least there are thousands of them!” Huang Rumeng’s voice trembled, and her whole person was totally dumb.

In the outside world, a piece of enlightened tea could cause a river of blood. Here, a piece of enlightened tea tree could be seen everywhere!

There was no way to compare!

“My God, tell me, this is a dream!” Huang Rumeng pinched herself gently, “Oh, it hurts!”

“This is not a dream!”

“The Young Master actually has so many enlightened tea trees!” Huang Rumeng muttered. It took a long time for her to calm down.

There was a famous saying in the whole cultivation world: If you have a piece of enlightened tea, no matter how cold she is, she will take the initiative to become a dao couple with you!

For the Young Master, with this piece of enlightenment tea, finding hundreds of thousands of lovers was not a problem!

At this point, Huang Rumeng huffed. However, she soon recovered.

“How can a character like the Young Master be fascinated by beauty!”

“I even drank dozens of enlightened teas! Enough to be proud of the world!”

“Young Master saved my life and treated me like a relative. As long as he doesn’t drive me away, even if I become a servant, I am willing!” Huang Rumeng muttered to herself. Her mood improved a lot.

“Rumeng, you see Biluochun here, and Longjing over there…” Sun Hao introduced Huang the teas to Rumeng one by one.

“Spirit tea, the best spiritual tea! Such a large piece, at least thousands of plants!”

“What? Immortal tea! This is immortal tea! I’m afraid that every leaf contains the immortal power, which is worth a middle-grade immortal crystal!”

Every time she saw a variety, Huang Rumeng would be astonished for a long time. Seeing Huang Rumeng’s astonishment, Sun Hao raised his mouth faintly.

“It seems that Ru Meng is also admiring my planting technique!”

” The planting technique of the supreme realm is not ordinary!” Sun Hao secretly thought about it, waiting for Huang Ru Meng to come back to her senses. He took her to the medicine garden.

“Immortal medicine, this is an immortal medicine!”

“What is this? It’s even scarier than immortal medicine. It seems to be a top-grade immortal medicine! My God! “

“There are so many. There are thousands of plants!”

“Only one strain is released to the outside world. Those old monsters who are self-proclaimed in the source of God will jump just to claim it for themselves!”

“Terrifying, so terrifying,” Huang Rumeng screamed again and again. She was so surprised that he didn’t stop at all. The farther behind, Huang Rumeng became shocked even more.

Slowly but surely, she became calm and calmer. Huang Rumeng only regained awareness after walking back from the backyard.

“Rumeng, how about it, I am a treasure house!” Sun Hao said.

“Of course!” Huang Rumeng nodded. “Young Master, with these, I don’t have to worry about eating and drinking at all!”

“Of course!”

Sun Hao nodded with a haughty expression. “In a few days, I will take you to see my pet!”

“Pets?” Huang Rumeng was taken aback. “Young Master, why don’t you take your pet with you?”

Sun Hao showed an embarrassed smile. “Rumeng, that’s because I originally raised it to be eaten. Later, when I saw that it was very energetic, I couldn’t bear to eat it!”

Upon hearing this, Huang Rumeng nodded, showing expectation. Time flies, and another day in a blink of an eye.

On this day, Sun Hao and Huang Rumeng finished their breakfast. As usual, they prepared to make a small cup of tea.

Huang Rumeng opened the tea bag and saw that the tea had become decayed, so she took it to the well to wash it.

“Rumeng, where are you going?” Sun Hao asked.

“Young Master, the dahongpao is decaying. I’ll take it to wash it.” Huang Rumeng said.

“Decayed? This rainy weather is really annoying!”

Sun Hao secretly shook his head. “Rumeng, if something is broken, you have to throw it away!”

“No matter how good it is cleaned, there is mold in it, which affects the taste!” Sun Hao took the tea from Huang Rumeng’s hand and walked to the pond.

“Young Master, this is …” Huang Rumeng looked shocked. This was enlightenment tea! Something that the cultivator had to get even after breaking his head! Not to mention decaying, even if it rotten, they wanted to get their hands on it somehow.

The Young Master actually said to dispose and throw it away. After the amazement, Huang Rumeng became numb.

When I was with Young Master, I realized that I was a frog at the bottom of the well. Enlightenment tea was extremely precious in my own eyes. In his view, however, it is not worth mentioning.

Despite being numb, it was a pity to discard such exquisite things.

I will wait until the Young Master throws it away, then pick it up secretly.

Think about it like this. Huang Rumeng followed Sun Hao. “Young Master, where are you going to throw the tea?”

“Naturally, throw it into the pond. This thing is not for us to drink, but for the lotus flower, it is good nourishment!” Sun Hao said.

“Hum …” Huang Rumeng’s head thundered and suddenly realized. No wonder the lotus monster was so powerful. All the nutrients it used to eat were enlightenment tea.


Initially, she wanted to pick it up secretly. Now, she did not dare have the slightest idea. Fight with an immortal monster for the tea? She was not tired of living yet.

She raised her head to look at the Baise God Lotus. She saw it swaying in the wind, and the petals collided like it was flapping a cheerful song.

“Bang …”

After the enlightenment tea was thrown into the pond, the Baise God Lotus stretched out countless roots and wrapped all the tea leaves together, like a whale swallowing, and devoured them frantically.

Huang Rumeng could clearly see that the Baise God Lotus’ petals were growing rapidly, and the petals that grew later were different in color from before.

“Nine hundred colors, soon she will break through one thousand! I am afraid that at that time, her strength will be even higher!” Huang Rumeng muttered, green with envy.

“Rumeng, don’t freeze, come and learn the guqin!” At this moment, Sun Hao’s voice awakened Huang Rumeng.

“Yes, Young Master!” Walking to the pavilion, Huang Rumeng sat beside the guqin and began to play. Her movements were becoming more and more skillful, and her whole mind was relaxed.

Her strength, as her mood improved, was also rapidly improving. Soon, it reached the late stage of the crossing calamity.

At this time, the tribulation began.



Over the sky of the Great Monster Mountain. A huge black cloud was flying fast. In the dark clouds, there were tens of thousands of great monsters. The one that led them was Lieyang Golden Crow.

“Confirm that there is a tribulation thunder in front?” Lieyang Golden Crow asked.

“Yes, Monster Lord! I clearly remember that the Tricolor Thunder Tribulation is terrifying, and it frightened me away!” said a little monster.

“Tricolor Thunder Tribulation? It should be a strong cultivator of Crossing Calamity Realm!” Lieyang Golden Crow’s face was vigilant.

“Monster Lord, could it be the grand princess?”

“Princess your head, she had just broken into the crossing calamity realm and was seriously injured. I’m afraid she will become a waste!”

“However, if I didn’t catch her one day, my heart would be uneasy every day!”

“I have to see this tribulation thunder!” Lieyang Golden Crow said.

“Yes, the monster lord!” After the words finished, everything fell silent. At this time, abnormal changes extended beyond.



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  1. Thank you for the chapter. I wonder what exactly is the difference between a princess and a grand princess. Is it like an archduke?

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