I Am An Evil Sword Chapter 80 Evil Path Warrior

In Shiqi’s eyes, the Sword Spirit in the Crimson Blood Devil Sword was like a master, second only to Lan Yanlin. The sword spirit helped him grow and taught him advanced martial arts, and it was the sword spirit that helped him fulfil his long-cherished wish.

He remembered that almost all his achievements were accomplished with the guidance and help of Lord Sword Spirit!

Dali asked curiously, “By the way, Crimson Blood, why do you want to be called like that?” I am called Dali because of my strength. You are called Crimson Blood. Is it because your blood is crimson? “

It was incredibly dull to travel on the road. Dali and the others were not familiar with Shiqi before. After experiencing a mission together, the other members of the team were obviously close to him.

Shiqi pointed at the heavy sword behind his back and said, “My weapon is called Crimson Blood!”

Dali glanced at the Crimson Blood heavy sword. He said, “It seems that you like your sword very much, and all the names are the same as it!”


Black Bull beside them laughed, “That heavy crimson sword become crimson from their hands, and this was his lifeblood, ” When Chen Hao heard these words, suddenly there was an impulse to recognize him as the swordmaster!

After passing through Broken Cloud Mountain again, Captain Evil Tiger did not stop.

Shiqi glanced at the place where the incident occurred. The corpses on both sides of the road have been almost cleaned. Only a few broken skeletons and broken clothes were still left in the grass on the roadside.

Hungry beasts probably ate it. Winter was the season when food was extremely scarce. After returning to the Secret Realm, he received fifty-three merit points. It was really not too much, and he couldn’t spend it temporarily, so he returned to Lan Yanlin’s house to continue his job as a guard.

Every morning, he went to Yiyang City for execution. During his absence, Tu Yidao would take his place. Tu Yidao was not very happy about his return. But he dared not talk nonsense in front of him. After all, Shiqi’s identity was different. His defeat by Lan Haoyu’s sword had spread in Yiyang City. Now, he could be regarded as the newly emerging young genius of the Lan family, second only to Lan Haoyu.

Now, even if they meet the Lan family members on the road, they would take the initiative to greet him! The Lan family has affirmed his strength. Lord Sword Spirit said that he would help him improve his cultivation. Shiqi had clearly felt it.

During the execution, his energy and true qi were increased by half compared to before! Shiqi had already felt that his strength was approaching the late stage of Qi Ocean Realm. He did live up to the expectations of the lord sword spirit. He put the Sharp Gold Arts, Sharp Gold Sword Technique, and several yellow-level martial arts skills into practice in a short period.

Now, he began to practice “Wind Step”!

“Wind Step” was not as explosive as “Flash Step,” but “Wind Step” had its own advantages as it was suitable for long-distance attacks.

Black-level physical skills were scarce, and he was not picky. Ten days later, He became a late martial artist in the Qi Ocean Realm! Then he continued to follow Captain Evil Tiger to do the task of Blue Shadow Guard.

Captain Evil Tiger was an excellent warrior. From him, Shiqi had learned a lot and gradually changed from a newcomer with little experience to an experienced veteran. He slowly realized that the family was not as glamorous as it appeared. The filth and darkness behind him were enough to astonish many civilians!

He slaughtered bandits, rescued caravans, assassinated other families’ geniuses, and robbed important cultivation methods for the family. He had done all the tasks to safeguard the interests and authority of the Lan Family. It also changed his deeper understanding that there were countless corpses buried under the foundation of every top family!

But, so what? He was a vested interest! He was born and died for the Lan family, and the Lan family also provided him with various rich resources. Two months later, Shiqi successfully broke through and became the pinnacle warrior of the Qi Ocean Realm!

“Wind Step” was cultivated to the small success stage, “Thousand Jun Sword” was cultivated to great success, and the yellow top-grade “Flash Step” and the yellow top-grade “Bronze Body Forging Method” had been cultivated to perfection by him.

It was worth mentioning that the body forging method was worthy of being the most resource-intensive cultivation method. If the Bronze Body Forging Method were completed, he would spend all his accumulated feats!

The only thing that bothered him was that Lan Yanlin imposed a ban on him a few days ago. No summons; he is not allowed to approach the house within ten steps. The reason was that the killing intent on his body made the girl feel uncomfortable

In fact, Shiqi found that the killing intent on himself was getting heavier and heavier. He killed many people, but he did not kill as many people as Captain Evil Tiger! It happened that his killing intent was obviously more terrifying than Captain Evil Tiger.

“Lord Sword Spirit, could the killing intent on me be the cause of the crimson blood sword?”

“It should be!” Chen Hao would not shirk his responsibility. “When the swordmaster of the crimson blood sword kills people, it is easier to produce a more and stronger killing intent than ordinary fighters!”

When the crimson blood sword killed, even the soul would be killed and absorbed, and the resentment of the deceased before death was more potent than that of the ordinary deceased!

Let Shiqi give up the sword?

That’s impossible!

He can only choose to accept it!

“The latest mission. Recently, two remote mountain villages in the Juyuan City area were suspected of being slaughtered by evil warriors. It was found on the scene that all the corpses were so dry, and the water in the body seemed to have been absorbed. Five days ago, the city guard leader brought a hundred city guards to track down the murderer. There was no further news.”

“Then the city lord of Juyuan City continued to send people to search for them. They found their bodies the day before yesterday. The same method of death was found!” Evil Tiger then said, ” So the lord of Juyuan City asked Yiyang City for help, hoping that we could send a master to investigate, and the task was assigned to us.”

“Isn’t that the Juyuan City business? What’s our business?” Shiqi doubted.

“The lord of Juyuan City always regards Yiyang City as his head, and Juyuan City and Yiyang City are close together, and they send people to ask for help, so we will only intervene in this mission!”

After the Evil Tiger’s explanation, Shiqi understood all. It turned out that Juyuan City was the hardcore follower of the Lan family. Moreover, judging from the other side’s brutal slaughter of ordinary civilians, it might be possible that the culprit would attack the civilians within Yiyang City’s jurisdiction.

Once the evil martial artist begins to massacre civilians on a large scale, it would surely attract strong suppression from the government, the family, and the righteous path sect! Even if they often regarded civilians as dirt, they still couldn’t ignore ordinary civilians’ value!

Are evil path warriors Strong? Strong!

But they were murderous by nature, good at destruction, fond of plunder, poor in management, and lack of foundation! Their innate attributes determine that they could never compete with the official, the righteous clan, and the noble family!

They would always be a few of the warriors! Shiqi cultivated the Evil Dao Technique, “Blood River Secret Arts.” He knew very well that if Evil Dao martial artists were really high in numbers, what terrible consequences would happen!

Captain Evil Tiger said solemnly, “This time, we are facing an unclear Evil martial artist. Everyone must be fully prepared!”

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