I Am An Evil Sword Chapter 79 Thank You Yor Your Teaching

“Scorpion, you and I are responsible for dealing with Qian Yichen!” Evil Tiger instructed, “White Wolf, after you kill him, then the others will come to support us. Da Li, Black Bull, Crimson Blood, you are responsible for wiping the others!”

Evil Tiger seriously injured Qian Zetian. He was already at the end of the battle. It was not too easy for the White Wolf to deal with him. Dali, Black Bull, and Crimson Blood immediately dispersed; they broke into the Qian’s inner courtyard and killed anyone they saw.

Shiqi executed the mission for the first time, but it was not the first time him killing people! If you talk about the kill’s number, he was definitely not at the Blue Shadow Guard’s bottom.

As an executioner in Yiyang City for several months, it was not that he had never met a criminal who killed people. His heart had been tempered cold enough. Shiqin didn’t leave any survivor, and Evil Tiger’s order was to destroy Qian’s family with its sect, that was, to destroy the sect!

If he didn’t do it, Dali and Black Bull would do it too. The three killed all those who are fighting, running around and hiding under the bed.

Apart from Qian Yichen and Qian Zetian, there were almost no decent masters in the Qian family. The strongest was probably Qian Weixiong, the young master of the Qian family. His cultivation was at the early stage of the True Origin realm but was besieged to death by Dali and Black Bull! After completing the task, the three men rushed to Qian family Hall.

Evil Tiger could only resist Qian Yichen’s True Origin Realm peak cultivation base in the late True Origin Realm cultivation base. Scorpion and White Wolf were only assisting, and the three of them couldn’t help at all.

In the hall, Qian Yichen was quickly defeated. Evil Tiger showed a fighting power that was not inferior to the True Origin Realm peak and finally killed Qian Yichen. If he tried desperately to run, Captain Evil Tiger might not be able to stop him. Unfortunately, he was already angry and went crazy!

Evil Tiger cut off Qian Yichen’s head, panting and laughing with satisfaction, “It’s rare to annihilate a family in a justified way. Let’s clean it up first and see what we have gained!” As he said, he tore off the storage bag around Qian Yichen’s waist.

“This is my favorite time!” Black Bull said with a smile. Meanwhile, Shiqi still didn’t understand the meaning of Evil Tiger? The Qian family could be regarded as a powerful party in Dongyue City; even if its background were insufficient, there would be good things in their family!

Looting the corpse and rummaging through the boxes, Shiqi felt like a robber. However, after finding a dozen spirit stones, his guilt was quickly replaced by excitement. The last five people gathered all the gains in the Qian Family’s hall.

A copy of the black-level inferior martial arts “Sharp Gold Art,” the supporting swordsmanship, the black-level inferior posture “Chasing Wind Step,” seven yellow-level martial arts, one top-grade sword, two middle-grade swords, three swords, seventy-six spirit stones, more than 7,000 gold coins, and some land titles for shops and fields.

“This time, the harvest is not bad. You copy all the cultivation method and then hand them over to the family. I will take forty spiritual stones, a high-grade profound weapon long sword, four thousand gold coins, Scorpion and White Wolf. Take ten pieces for each of the spirit stones and two profound swords, each divided into one thousand gold coins!”

Evil Tiger began to distribute the spoils, “The remaining shops and fields contract, we simply handed over to the family, and exchanged for the success award from the family. Do you have any comments?”


“No opinion!”

“Listen to the captain!”

Shiqi actively said, “I didn’t help much this time. I already have a sword. I don’t need a profound sword!” Dali and Black Bull smiled with satisfaction. They didn’t need a sword either, but they could sell it. In the end, Shiqi got more than five hundred gold coins and six spiritual stones. Of course, he had got the most precious thing.

The black-level inferior exercise technique “Sharp Gold Art” and the supporting sword technique “Sharp Gold Sword Technique,” and the black-level inferior body technique “Wind Step.”

The five of them left the Qian family’s house with Master Ji, and they didn’t have to worry about the follow-up ends. When the Qian’s family fell down, there were the Zhao, Sun’s family, and Li’s family. People who thought they had strength would clean up the mess, occupy the Qian’s family and replace the Qian’s position in East Yuecheng.

“Brother Black Bull? Can we have such a harvest every time?” The harvest was too rich, and Shiqi felt that he was dreaming. Black level cultivation method, black level martial art was the sample at hand?

Scorpion smiled in front of him and said, “How is it possible? This kind of task of destroying the family is scarce. Your sister, I have joined the Blue Shadow Guard for ten years. This is the second time I have encountered it!” Scorpion was in an excellent mood.

Captain Evil Tiger explained, “Even if our Lan family is a top family, we still have to abide by the rules. Without a good reason, we can’t destroy other families at will. This is a rule established by conventions between families. Together, those small families are also an extremely powerful force!”

“Shiqi, when you go back, you have to learn “Sharp Gold Art,” “Sharp Gold Sword Art,” and “Chasing Wind Step”!” Chen Hao, who had not spoken for a long time, suddenly said, “Also, if there is time, then you can learn a few of those yellow-level martial arts together.”

Shiqi had to learn the black-level lower-grade body technique “Wind Step”. For a warrior, it was also imperative, whether it was for escaping or hunting down.

But why did he learn “Sharp Gold Art” and other yellow-level cultivation methods? Only an idiot will put the Xuan-level middle-quality cultivation method “Blood River Tactics” without practicing the low-level yellow-grade cultivation method!

“Lord Sword Spirit, I won’t talk about the black level martial art. Why should I learn those yellow martial skills?”

Chen Hao said with a smile, “As the swordmaster of the Crimson Devil Sword, your talent and understanding are far beyond ordinary people. However, I hope that you will not be confined to the martial arts of your predecessors and follow the path of others, and you will never reach the highest state of martial arts!”

“What does Lord Sword Spirit mean?”

Shiqi seemed to guess the idea of Lord Sword Spirit, but he was not sure.

Chen Hao continued, “Have you ever thought about where the” Blood River, “Thousand Jun Sword Technique,” and “Flash Step” actually came from?”

“Created by the predecessors!”

“Yes, it was created by the predecessors!” Chen Hao asked with a smile, “Shiqi, haven’t you ever thought about creating your own martial arts?”

“Can I do it?”

Do you want to create your own martial arts? Of course, I do! Even if it’s just a dream!

Like fans who were addicted to reading novels, they always made up their own stories in their minds, imagining that they could write stories and be accepted by readers. Shiqi enjoyed practicing martial arts, so he also fantasized about creating his own martial arts.

But if he wanted to create your own martial art, he had no confidence. It was like asking students to write textbooks. It didn’t feel comfortable.

“Why not? You are the swordmaster of the Crimson Blood Demon Sword!” Chen Hao bewitched, “Think about Fu Yuanming, his talent is not as good as you, but he can still create a mysterious martial art, he can create his own sword skills. Of course, you can!”

“I want you to learn more and see more martial arts, just to lay a good foundation for you to create your own martial arts!”

Chen Hao continued to say, afraid that Shiqi disagreed, “Rest assured, you only need to cultivate martial arts to the entry-level. Just a little bit of true energy is needed! It will not delay your cultivation time too much, and I will compensate you so that you can improve your cultivation level faster!”

“Shiqi, I have great expectations for you!”

Shiqi said very seriously, “Thank you for the teaching of Lord Sword Spirit, and I will surely work hard!”

Mm…This is the advantage of being a young man!

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