I am an Evil Sword Chapter 78 The Qian Family Confrontation

Soon, Qian Weifeng rushed over

Qian Weifeng ultimately inherited Qian Zetian’s appearance, handsome and burly, with an extraordinary appearance. He was a newly rising genius in Dongyue City and a well-known beautiful man in Dongyue City.

Qian Zetian was very satisfied with his second son, and even decided to pass on the future position of Patriarch to him, and then find him an identity and powerful daughter-in-law!

He explored the thoughts of his father, Qian Yichen, and Qian Yichen also determined that Qian Weifeng was more suitable to inherit the position of the head of the family.

“Father, what can I do for you?”

Qian Zetian asked eagerly, “I want to ask you, have you offended the Lan Family in Yiyang City recently?”

He knew that with the Lan Family’s arrogant and domineering style, today, If the matter was not handled properly, the disaster of destruction may come at any time.

Qian Weifeng denied it, “No!”

“Really not?” Qian Zetian said solemnly, “We can’t provoke the existence of the Lan family, not only we can’t provoke it, but there are not many forces in the Nanyun Kingdom that can provoke it. You have to think about it before you say it. This is very important to us!”

“Father, I really haven’t provoked the Lan family!” Qian Weifeng asked, “Think about it, and I lied to you since I was a child. right? “

“Well, let’s go and meet the Blue Shadow Guard. Maybe they made a mistake!” Qian Zetian whispered, “I have informed your grandfather to come over … When you see them, you should show respect!”

“Father, I understand. I will definitely not cause trouble for the family!”

“Well, if your brother Weixiong can work half as hard as you, I can live at least several years longer.”

The Qian Mansion’s door was opened, and Qian Zetian personally took Qian Weifengto to greet the Shiqi’s party.

When he arrived in the hall, before he had time for tea, Evil Tiger said straightforwardly, “Patriarch Qian, today our Blue Shadow Guard is here to investigate something!”

“What is it?”

“Seven days ago, three of our children from the Lan family were killed on their way to the Moya Mountain!”

Qian Zetian’s face froze after hearing this.

He remembered that his second son had indeed traveled across Moya Mountain in ten days, and after returning, he went one step further and became a warrior in the late Qi Ocean Realm!

He glanced at his second son, Qian Weifeng, who was standing next to him. Seeing his calm face, he let down most of his worry.

Perhaps, this was a coincidence?

“Then what are you doing here?” Qian Zetian smiled enthusiastically, “If there is anything that needs help from our Qian family, our Qian family must do our best!”

Suppose we can take advantage of this matter to climb up with the Lan family. A relationship that is enough to make the Qian family gain a foothold in Dongyue City!

“I really need your help!”

Qian Zetian looked happy when he heard this sentence, but what Evil Tiger said behind made him unable to laugh.

“We suspect that your second son killed the three Lan family children!”

Qian Zetian desperately squeezed a smile from his face, “How is it possible, how dare Weifeng to attack the Lan family children? You must have misunderstood!”

Qian Weifeng, who stood on the side, also said, “My lords, I did enter Moyun Mountain a few days ago, but I did not kill the Lan family. Please believe me!”

“Have you seen them?”

“No!” Qian Weifeng said, “Moyun Mountain is massive. It is not easy to meet it by chance!”

“Well!” Evil Tiger noncommittally patted the table with his hand, as if thinking about something.

“pa pa …”

The atmosphere was very solemn, Qian Zetian saw sweat on his forehead, Qian Weifeng lowered his head, pursed his mouth, and said nothing.

“Huff!” Evil tiger slammed the coffee table, stood up fiercely, suddenly raised his voice, and asked in a fierce tone, “Then I ask you Qian Weifeng, did you break through a few days ago because you got Zhu Lingguo in Moyun Mountain?”

At this moment, he was really like a tiger who chose people and ate them!

Shiqi noticed that when Captain Tiger was angry, even the Black Bull’s feet shook.

“No, absolutely not. I have never seen any Zhu Lingguo!” Qian Weifeng hurriedly defended, “My breakthrough was entirely the result of my life and death experience in Moya Mountain. I have been stuck in the Qi Ocean realm for a year. The breakthrough is a matter of course!”


Captain Evil Tiger smiled suddenly.

Even if he was wearing a mask, Shiqi could see his muscular expression.

He sat back in his chair, picked up his teacup, sipped his tea, and said slowly, “Since you said you had never seen Zhu Lingguo … Master Ji, give him a blood test!”

Alchemy Master Ji stood up and held his hand. He also held a small porcelain bowl and dagger that he had touched from somewhere.

It seems that the captain was well prepared!

Alchemy Master Ji smiled and said to Qian Weifeng, “Zhu Lingguo is a rare spirit fruit. Even a warrior in the early stage of the True Origin Realm can use it to make the strength even further… Zhu Lingguo has extraordinary medicinal power. Suppose you take Zhu Lingguo, even if you rely on the drug additionally Zhu Lingguo, but there will still be a majority of the drug remains in your blood. In that case, it happens, I have eaten a Zhu Lingguo, as alchemy teacher, the taste, I still have not forgotten! “

Alchemy Master Ji smacked his lips and said, “Give me some of your blood, let me taste it, and I will return your innocence!”

Qian Weifeng bit his chin, looked at his father again, and then turned and fled!

But how could he escape?

White Wolf grabbed him tightly and broke his leg with a decisive blow!

Qian Zetian shouted loudly, “What do you want to do?”

He wanted to rush but was stopped by the Evil Tiger.

Evil Tiger smiled and said, “you shouldn’t ask me what we want to do. You should ask your son what he has done!”

“Master Ji, take his blood!”

After cutting Qian Weifeng’s wrist, the blood flowed into the bowl. Alchemy Master Ji took a sniff and put some blood into his mouth with his index finger. Some people were intoxicated and said, “This is the taste, the taste of Zhu Lingguo, which smells a little nose-flushing. It just tastes a slightly sweet taste of sucrose. Soon after, there will be a unique bitter taste that permeates the root of my tongue. I feel that the true qi in my whole body is active … This brat doesn’t know what saving is, just swallowing it directly.”

Shiqi looked at Master Ji’s expression, a little dumbfounded.

Master Ji pointed to the small bowl and asked Shiqi, “Little brother, didn’t you understand? Would you like to have a taste? Try it, and you will understand! “

Shiqi shook his head again and again.

He didn’t have that heavy taste yet!

“Patriarch Qian, what else do you want to say?”

“Father, help me!” Qian Weifeng shouted loudly.

Before Qian Zetian spoke, a burly old man stepped through the door and said, “This is indeed my Weifeng’s fault, but can you give him a chance to turn over a new leaf and spare his life? Our Qian family will definitely double the compensation!”

Evil Tiger looked at the old man in front of him and asked, “I don’t know who you are?”

“Qian Yichen!”

“Very well, people are coming up! Do it! “

As soon as the words fell, Qian Weifeng was smashed to pieces with a stick, and Captain Evil Tiger slashed directly at Qian Zetian.

Shiqi, Black Bull, Scorpion desperately fled to Evil Tiger.

Qian Weifeng died, and Qian Zetian was seriously injured in an instant. All of this happened between the lightning and flint, and Qian Yichen did not reflect it at all!

Only Master Ji was lying on the ground, catching Qian Weifeng’s soft fallen body. He lowered the body gently, quickly blocked the hole in the head with cotton cloth, and said in his mouth, “What a waste! Too wasteful! “

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