I am an Evil Sword Chapter 77 Dongyue City’s Qian Family

“Shiqi, it is true that our blue family belongs to the deep-rooted top family in the Nanyun Kingdom, but you should not relax for this!” Evil Tiger emphasized to Shiqi, “Those other top-class, first-class and second-rate families are always unwilling to expand their sphere of influence and enhance the strength of their families. If our Lan family is weak or slightly weak, they will pay attention to us and then make a test. Once people test and confirm it, they will rush like hungry wolves and eat us up!”

“The land is so big! Resources, that’s all! The demise of another force accompanies the rise of almost every force, and what we have to do is to let the blue family continue as strong as possible! “

Evil Tiger made a slashing action in mid-air with his hands. He said maliciously, “Our Lan family can’t show any weakness, and we must be strong, no matter who harms our interests, we must fight back strongly, whoever dares to extend his claws, we will cut off his head, we must let everyone know our strength, let them fear, let them fear, let them not have any confrontational heart!”

The words of Evil Tiger, let Shiqi be a bit deafening!

“What if the other party is stronger than our Lan family?”

“Bow to forces stronger than us. No one will laugh at us!” Evil Tiger said, “we just need to wait for the opportunity!”

“How long will it take?”

“One year, ten years, one hundred years … who knows?” Evil Tiger said with a smile, “If you look at the history of the rise of our Lan family, you will know that today’s Lan family was not built by one person but was watered with the blood of our Lan family ancestors and the blood of the enemy!”

Evil Tiger said with a sigh of relief, “Now, all of us here, like the ancestors of the Lan Family, are fighting for the prosperity of our Lan Family and its descendant

Black Bull held up the teacup and said, “OK, captain, let’s do this cup!”

Scorpion also said with a smile, “OK, do it!”

Shiqi also lifted the cup!

No one cares whether tea or wine was poured into the mouth.

It took an hour to get ready and take all the things you need.

There was basically nothing to prepare for.

The Crimson Blood Sword was in his hand, and there were seven gold coins in his pocket. Those were all his belongings.

He looked at the shining “sun” at the top of the secret realm, and all he thought about was what Captain Tiger just said, remembering the passion and fighting spirit in their eyes, such as Tiger, White Wolf, Da Li, Scorpion, and Black Bull.

I feel quite out of place.

“What’s wrong, Crimson Blood?”


“If you have something in your heart, say it directly, or you will feel uncomfortable!”

“Well… Captain, you know, I’m an orphan…”

“Don’t mention to me what an orphan!” Evil Tiger roughly interrupted Shiqi’s words, “Don’t tell me anything about orphans! Since you entered the Lan family, you have been the Lan family!”

Shiqi raised his head and looked at the captain facing away from the sun.

“Lan family?”

Is he a Lan family?

Shiqi really couldn’t tell. He only knew that he was an orphan adopted by the Lan family and was a Lan family servant.

“Yeah, when you enter the Lan family, you are the Lan family!” Evil Tiger whispered, “Even if you don’t identify with yourself, but I know, the eldest son at least agrees with you. Otherwise, he won’t recommend you in, for so many years, you are the only person he personally recommended!”

Shiqi felt a warm feeling in his heart, and his nose was a little sour.

“Let’s go. Scorpion is here!”

Evil Tiger held out his big hand.

Shiqi held it tightly and took advantage of the strength to stand up.

The north wind was icy and snowy outside, where the sun shined on the earth, and it was warm like spring.

Blue Shadow Guards often performed secret operations and needed to be dressed in disguise, but this operation did not need to be kept secret. Shiqi, they wore blue Blue Shadow Guards uniforms and sky blue masks. The masks were light and breathable, as if they were attached to their faces.

Dongyue City was in the south of Yiyang City, and a group of six people rushed all the way to Dongyue City by riding the cloud horses cultivated by Lan daily stable.

Cloud Horse had a part of monsters’ blood, and its endurance and explosive power far exceeded those of ordinary horses. The six of them did not encounter any resistance along the way.

It was a three-day journey.

On the third day, when they passed through Broken Cloud Mountain, they stayed on the horse.

On the road ahead, corpses were everywhere, and the road froze into ice before the blood could stain red.

Captain Tiger rode slowly. Shiqi, they followed him. He pointed to the broken carriage wreck beside the road and said, “It should be that the caravan met bandits and all died.”

He glanced and stretched out. Cloud horse, whose tongue was licking the blood ice cube, said, “It should have happened this morning.”

Shiqi asked, “Captain, what are we doing now?”

“We are going to Dongyue City now!”

Working day and night, two days later, the six people came to Dongyue City and rested directly in the largest inn in the city.

They could not stand it on the road in succession and fell asleep when they touched the bed. The next day, White Wolf woke him up.

A group of people gathered in the captain’s room. Tiger, a man in a gray robe, caught everyone’s attention.

His gray robe has a tripod pattern on his chest.

“This is Alchemist Ji!”

 Alchemist, one of the most expensive professions on the mainland.

The Lan family also has a medicinal Alchemist master, but Shiqi rarely saw him.

“We need to trouble Master Ji Dan for this mission!” Evil Tiger said flatly.

“No problem, I will definitely check it carefully!”

Evil Tiger said to everyone, “According to the latest information, Qian Weifeng, the second son of the Qian family, became a late warrior in the Qi Ocean realm three days ago. This time, I specially invited MasterJi to help us confirm whether Qian Weifeng is a murderer!”

“If he is really a murderer, Scorpion and I are responsible for Qian Yichen. White Wolf is responsible for holding the current Patriarch of the Qian Family. Dali, Black Bull, and Scarlet Blood, you are responsible for the other Qian Family members!” said Evil Tiger, “The Qian Family rises in Dongyue City. For more than ten years, the foundation is insufficient, and there are no allies in the city. Just rely on Qian Yichen to support it. Don’t be afraid!”

Shiqi didn’t ask the captain how to get the information. With the Lan family’s strength in the Nanyun Kingdom, it was easy to set up an intelligence network.

After breakfast, a group of people rushed to Qian’s family directly.

Knocking on the door of the Qian family, Evil Tiger directly reported the name, “Tell your Patriarch, the blue shadow guard of the Lan family is here to visit, and let him bring Qian Weifeng to see us!”

The guard looked at the masked Shiqi, and the group of people did not dare to neglect them, so they ran in to report to the owner.

Qian Tian, ​​the Qian family owner, heard that the Lan Family came to visit, and his first reaction was the Yiyang City Lan Family!

Ask him to take Qian Weifeng to see them. Could it be that Feng’er provokes the Lan family outside?

Qian Tian immediately ordered, “Immediately inform Qian Weifeng to come and see me!”

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