I am an Evil Sword Chapter 76 Blue Shadow Mission

Following the man to the edge of a plain cliff in the Lan family residence. The man stopped and said, “Follow me!”

Then he slammed into a rock on the cliff, and his body vanished. It was almost gone. Shiqi touched the rock wall with his hand, and his hand sank directly into the rock wall, it was just an illusion.

Entering the rock wall, he was a little surprised.

Why is it a cave again?

Chen Hao muttered inside the Crimson Blood Sword, “Do all the families like to make caves? Or only the Lan family?”

It was still a cave made of hard granite. He followed the man for about two hundred meters. Shiqi felt the wind stroke. Soon after, he saw two warriors in blue robes guarding at the end of the cave.

“This is a newcomer!” said the warrior who led Shiqi.

The two watchers nodded and stepped aside. Shiqi walked out of the cave and saw the sun radiating warm and warm sunshine, wildflowers everywhere, and villages on the hillside in the distance.

He clearly remembered that it was winter and it was snowing heavily this morning. But the scene before him clearly told him that it was spring.

“This is?”

“This is the secret realm!” the man explained, “This is the first secret realm discovered by our Lan family!”

Inside the sword, Chen Hao looked at the scene before him curiously. He, like Shiqi, came into a secret realm for the first time!

“This secret realm has the size of five towns. It has been developed for so many years, and this is also the headquarter of our Blue Shadow Guard!”

“The purpose of our Blue Shadow Guard is to guard the Lan family and eradicate all enemies that threaten the Lan family. You have to remember this!”

“You can call me Evil Tiger, a late-stage True Origin Ream, I am the captain of the Blue Shadow Guard’s thirteenth squad. You will be my team member in the future, and I will be responsible for your mission and training!”

“Evil Tiger? Not your real name, right?? ” Shiqi asked curiously.

“Yes, in the Blue Shadow Guard, my code name is Evil Tiger. As a blue shadow guard, we have no name, only code name, and you have to remember this!”


“Just call me captain in the future!” Evil Tiger said, “I know you are an orphan adopted by our Lan family. Your name is Lan Shiqi. I want to ask; do you have any favorite nickname?”

“Any nickname will do?”

“You can’t repeat the existing nickname!”

“Can I be called God Killer?” Shiqi tried to ask.

Evil Tiger smiled sarcastically, “If you are not afraid of trouble, you can be called God Killer!”


“If the nickname is too distinct from the strength, it will cause some trouble!” Evil Tiger laughed, “If You really dare to call the God Killer, I think there will be many Blue Shadow guards who will personally weigh the quality of your name! Newcomer, I advise you to keep a low profile!”

“Can I be called Crimson Blood?”

“Crimson blood? Crimson blood? ” Evil Tiger thought for a moment and said, “I think so.”

There were no old people and children in the so-called villages, but all of them were blue shadow guards wearing blue clothes. All of them had indifferent faces and strong evil aura, and it could be seen that they were not benevolent people.

Entering the largest house in the middle of the village, Evil Tiger quickly completed Shiqi’s registration. He was lucky. The owner of the nickname Crimson Blood died five years ago. No one had used this nickname again for five years.

Evil Tiger handed a blue jade waist badge to Shiqi and said, “You must bring your waist badge with you when you enter the secret realm. It is proof of your identity; understand?”

Next, Evil Tiger introduced some basic information about the Blue Shadow Guard to Shiqi. The Blue Shadow Guard was a powerful force overseen by the Lan family. The minimum strength required to join was a warrior who was extremely loyal to the Lan family in the mid-Qi Ocean Realm.

Therefore, the vast majority of the Blue Shadow Guard members were branch members of the Lan family, descendants of the family servants, and some soldiers who came from the army.

Blue Shadow Guard had 30 teams, each with five to eight team members, and every five teams had a captain, above which there was a leader. If you wanted to hold a position in the Blue Shadow Guard, you must have specific merits and have enough strength! The late True Origin Realm was eligible to serve as the squad leader, and the Blue Shadow Guard in the Early Innate Realm was qualified to serve as the squad leader.

“What strength does it take to be the leader?”

“Innate pinnacle!” Evil Tiger expalined slowly.

With a solemn voice, evil Tiger said, “Most of our blue shadow guards’ missions are directly assigned by the above. Don’t ask why, no matter what the price is, they must be completed, understand?”


“You can rest assured that the family can see our efforts. As long as you complete the mission and get merit points, you can exchange many good things to improve your skills!” Evil Tiger patted Shiqi on the shoulder and said, “Originally, every newcomer who joined the Blue Shadow Guard must be assessed, Yes, but someone recommended by your eldest son personally, and we also know that you are now an executioner in Yiyang City, and the assessment of newcomers can be completely ignored for you!”

“Next, I’ll take you to meet other members of Team 13!”

Blue Shadow Guard Team 13 plus TShiqi now had five members, all of whom lived in a courtyard. They were White Wolf, Dali, Scorpion, and Black Bull! It was worth mentioning that Scorpion was an ordinary-looking woman with a good figure. The five people introduced their strengths and skills to each other, so they didn’t communicate anymore.

Evil Tiger, the late stage of the true origin realm, was good at swordsmanship. White Wolf, in the middle stage of the true origin realm, was good at physical arts. Da Li’s strength was in the early stage of the true origin realm, good at staff skills. In the early stage of the true origin realm, Black Bull was strong and good at boxing and practiced to a very high level.

When there was no mission, Blue Shadow Guard could practice on his own. Once there was a mission, he must work hard to complete it.

On the third day of joining the Blue Shadow Guard, Shiqi received a mission notice, and when he arrived at the secret realm, the other members of the team had not arrived yet, only the captain Evil Tiger sat in the chair in the middle of the lobby.

“Wait for them, and you are the first to arrive!”

Soon White Wolf, Dali, Scorpion, and Black Bull arrived one after another.

Evil Tiger said, “Our mission is straightforward. Three days ago, three collateral members of our Blue Family were killed while training in Moya Mountain. At the scene, we found the rhizome of Zhu Lingguo. Through investigation, we initially determined that the murderer was Qian Weifeng, the second son of the Qian family in Dongyue City!”

Evil Tiger then told the information of Qian’s family in Dongyue City. The Qian Family in Dongyue City was just an ordinary small family. The strongest in the family was the former Patriarch Qian Yichen, the True Origin Realm’s peak strength.

Qian Weifeng, the second son of the Qian Family, was a young genius who had recently risen in Dongyue City. He was sixteen years old and had a mid-Qi Ocean realm strength. The three collateral members of the Lan family who were killed were all in the mid-Qi Ocean realm.

White Wolf asked, “Is the mission an investigation?”

“Yes!” Evil Tiger nodded and said, “The first step of the mission is to confirm whether Qian Weifeng is a murderer.”

Shiqi asked in a low voice, “If he is the murderer.” What do we supposed to do? Kill him directly?”

Scorpion said with a smile: “If there is no accident, of course, the Qian family will be destroyed!”

Evil Tiger gritted his teeth and said, “If you dare to touch our Lan family children, you must pay the price by blood. Otherwise, others will think that our Lan family is easy to bully!”

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