It Turns Out I am a Dao Ancestor Chapter 15 Hundred Color Lotus God is Trivial

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“Nine color lotus god? No, Hundred-color Lotus God!”

Walking into the courtyard, Luo Liuyan glanced across the pond, full of astonishment.

In the center of the pond, she saw a lotus flower the size of a house blooming with colorful lights.

The lotus had hundreds of petals, and each petal had a different color. It looked brilliant and charming.

“Hundred-color Lotus God! This is most likely a supreme elixir!” Su Yiling stared blankly, shocked.

She remembered there was only one rainbow-colored god lotus here two days ago. Two days later, a Hundred-color lotus god grew unexpectedly, incredible. That colorful lotus still grows in place, without any change.

This Hundred-color lotus god had just grown out!

The Young Master’s Master was really powerful, and his methods were unimaginable.

“Does it look good?”

At this moment, Sun Hao’s voice awakened the two women. The two women nodded, their faces full of admiration.

“Young Master, is this lotus planted by your master?” Luo Liuyan asked.

When Sun Hao heard this, the corners of his mouth rose. He remembered that he planted a rainbow-color god lotus a few days ago.

Then, he said something. Presumably, when Chen Daoming heard it, he secretly tried to make the pond change. As a result, two days later, a Hundred-color lotus grew.

Sun Hao shook his head slightly, “It’s not; it’s a small trick of a friend of mine.”


Friends’ tricks?

The young master’s friend, unexpectedly, was so terrifying?

“PSST …”

Luo Liuyan gasped and looked at Sun Hao, full of admiration. A few tricks could make the pond grow such a large elixir. I’m afraid that the Young Master’s friends were not ordinary people.

Probably Mahayana or the old monster of Crossing Calamity!

“Liuyan came to disturb the Young Master today to thank you for saving my life!” Luo Liuyan bowed deeply to Sun Hao.

“You don’t have to worry about it!” Sun Hao said. Hearing these words, Luo Liuyan secretly frowned.

She deliberately didn’t point out the person who she was thankful for because she didn’t want to embarrass the Young Master.

Is it possible that the painting was not made by his master but by the Young Master in front of her?

“Young Master, you sent Yiling’s paintings with a far-reaching artistic conception, which has benefited us a lot. Who created it?” Luo Liuyan asked.

“I made a fool of myself and made Miss Liuyan laugh.” Sun Hao said.

“Boom!” Like a nine-day divine thunder, it fell on Luo Liuyan’s heads. The color of shock was written on the faces of the two people.

Did the Young Master make that painting?

Then, isn’t all of this calculated by him?

If so, why is there no spiritual power fluctuation in him?

In other words, the Young Master is not a mortal at all but an old monster of the Crossing Calamity realm.

He used small means to hide his strength, which I could not see?

Thinking about this. Luo Liuyan and Su Yiling took a deep breath.

Fortunately, they had a good bond with him.

“Young Master, Liuyan has prepared a little gift for you. Please accept it!”

After speaking, Luo Liuyan took out the prepared Jade Lake and placed it in her palm.

“This is?”

Sun Hao saw the Jade Lake in Luo Liu’s hands, and his face was puzzled.

“Young Master, it’s called Jade Lake, which can be used for bathing!” Luo Liuyan thought about it, then said.

“Really?” In Sun Hao’s eyes, a sharp light flashed.

“I’ll arrange it for you under the cherry blossom tree. What do you think?”

Luo Liuyan glanced away and just in between the two cherry blossom trees. There was a large open space. Putting the Jade Lake, there was more than enough space. The branches of cherry trees could completely cover the jade pool.

“Miss Luo Liuyan, please!” Sun Hao nodded.

“Of course!” Luo Liuyan waved her right hand after speaking.

“Woosh …”

The palm-sized Jade Lake grew rapidly with speed visible to the naked eye.

A lake of several hundred square meters was formed in less than a moment.

The water mist evaporated in the pool, against the pink cherry blossoms, as beautiful as a fairyland, making people reluctant to look away.

From time to time, the cherry blossoms fall and dot the water so as to make people unable to breathe when they see it.

“Master, the Jade Lake… the lake has changed, and the spring water in it has reached the level of the best spiritual spring!”

Su Yiling gave Luo Liuyan a divine consciousness transmission.

“I saw it!” Luo Liuyan looked bitter.

“Thinking of my Jade Lake Palace, several generations of palace masters have worked so hard to refine it with the array method so that the Jade Lake will produce a little bit of low-grade spirit spring!” 

“Unexpectedly, when it came to the front of Young Master, it honestly squeezed itself crazily to form a spirit spring, and all is the best spirit spring! Aren’t you afraid of being squeezed dry?” Luo Liuyan sounds bitter.

“Master, Jade Lake is such a licking dog(boot licker)!” Su Yiling said.

“Yes!” Luo Liuyan was heartbroken.

The two of them swept their gazes towards Sun Hao, and they were secretly relieved to see him smiling.

It seemed that the Young Master liked this thing, so no need to worry.

“Ms. Liuyan, you’re so polite!” Sun Hao said.

“Young Master, it’s just a little gift, I hope you don’t dislike it.” Luo Liuyan said.

“The two misses, since you are here, sit for a while before leaving.”

Sun Hao made a gesture of please.


The two women were not polite and followed Sun Hao into the tea pavilion together.

“Sit down, please!”

After speaking, Sun Hao sat in the accompanying seat.

When the two women saw each other, they sat there and honestly stood beside them.

“Two misses, why don’t you sit down?” Sun Hao was taken aback.

“Young Master, it’s good for us to stand.”

“How are you going to drink tea while standing, sit down, I’ll get the tea.”

Seeing Sun Hao leaving, the two hurriedly sat down to the accompanying seats.

“Huh? They don’t sit in the main position?”

“The cultivator is really different, very humble!”

Sun Hao secretly nodded.

He also deliberately surrendered the main position to show respect.

Unexpectedly, these two girls were more modest than himself. That said, I can talk to them about opening a medical clinic. I plan to ask them if they would be willing to be bodyguards?

No way!

If they become angry from embarrassment, I will be in trouble.

I have to know more for a while!

Sun Hao sat down and began to make tea. His whole movement was flowing and beautiful. For the worldly tea, the two women naturally disdain to drink it.

However, since Su Yiling ate the porridge last time, her taste buds have been completely opened, looking forward to the tea prepared by Sun Hao.

Luo Liuyan naturally heard Su Yiling’s words, and in her eyes, there was also expectation.

A moment later, the tea was sent to the two women.

“This is Dahongpao, you two, please have a sip!” Sun Hao said, offering the tea.

The two women nodded, and at the same time, picked up the cup, taking a sip. Sweet and fragrant, an indescribable fragrance filled the mouth. The tea turns into a wave of coolness, gathers in the meridians, and rushes to the brain. The soul was growing rapidly. Just a little sip, the soul strength was doubled!

“Enlightenment tea!” The two women almost screamed aloud. They looked at each other’s faces, revealing a full of shock.

“Master, is this tea for enlightenment?” Su Yiling’s divine consciousness transmitted sound.

“Yes, it is enlightenment tea!” Luo Liuyan nodded.

Although Luo Liuyan concealed it well, her hand that held the cup was shaking slightly.

Enlightenment tea!

This is enlightenment tea!

Only the supreme existence is entitled to drink it.

Unexpectedly, I have a chance to drink a mouthful of it. No, drink a cup.

“Master, it is said that there is only one enlightenment tea tree in that place. It has only a dozen leaves for three thousand years, and each one is extremely precious. Is this true?” Su Yiling asked.

“Of course, it’s true. This enlightened tea tree is in the hands of that monster.” Luo Liuyan explained.

“Master, look at the Young Master. He seems to have picked dozens of enlightened tea leaves just now!” Su Yiling said.

“What? Dozens of enlightened teas?” Luo Liuyan’s mind trembled, and after thinking about it carefully, it was indeed just as Su Yiling said.

Like a handful, the Young Master grabbed the enlightened tea leaves, at least dozens of pieces.

“Young Master … who is he? Too … incredible!” Luo Liuyan’s heart was rippling, and she couldn’t calm down.

Not to mention anything else, just drinking Enlightenment Tea has already broken Luo Liuyan’s views.

The two women looked astonished and were clearly captured by Sun Hao.

My own tea ceremony has reached the supreme realm.

Even if you are a cultivator and do not eat and drink like a mortal, as long as you drink it, your heart will be captured by my tea ceremony.

“The two misses, don’t be embarrassed, drink!” Sun Hao said quietly.

“Yes … yes, Young Master.” The two women nodded, taking the cup and sipping it.

After a few mouthfuls.

“Hum …”

Luo Liuyan sat on the spot, closed her eyes, feeling quietly. As if in the whole world, she was the only one left.

This moment. She achieved the unity of nature and man. Heaven and earth, as if in her control.

“Woosh …”

The force of the starry sky, like a silk thread, fell into her body. She stared at Sun Hao, watched him put down his teacup, and was stunned.

This action was full of rhyme and nature itself.

Luo Liuyan stared at this scene blankly, motionless.

A kind of immortal skill, floating in her mind, quickly condensed and formed.

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